sitting in rocking chairs on the breakdown of the little tears touched

September 13 [Fri], 2013, 15:33
do not know about the nature of mind, more and more like something with Zen, like the kind of quiet, kind of cool earth, the kind of deep. The general feeling, it is a see through vast, deep understanding Chongrubujing; That is an experience too much life experience, great wisdom of the open-minded; it is a fate not, Man with the outer Yunjuanyunshu of mind. will no longer sentence and order and human fierce arguments, and then not to gamble breath while doing conceited, and then not for a casual commitment and wish health ecstatic. Or fleeting, less those who broke into laughter, replaced by a gentle smile. Leisure, listening Yudabajiao, playing the zheng lengthy rhyme book tempting thoughts, often a melody, a sincerity, a pupil of the eye touched by the scene, but in unexpected inspiration, the fingertips out of any willowy flowers. like the phrase, "Oh that life secure, years of quiet good," gazing in contemplation of the smiling; like the phrase "Do you see or not see, I'll be there," the taste of infatuation in a gloomy; Like in the days of clear sky, clear sky write some text, exhibition roll heart valves, blossoming I, scholarly, put a gentle, soft, quietly placed in the mind tranquil. like a touch of everything, the subtle wind, light rain, light clouds, light sweet text. hint of wind, a touch call. Life, this is the dust, perhaps, everyone is destined to experience a lot of joy and sorrow, life join together, solo sky, the desire for a better, they will be the long-awaited interpretation of the earthly. light rain, a touch of sadness. Yudabajiao, storm, who escaped hit Bumpy Road? Who can get clear interpretation of life twists and turn? Do not want wasted years, they will be accustomed to: a smile, all the way to sadness, singing all the way. faint clouds,new balance 574 women carrying my faint dream. Huakaihuaxie dream, dream Yunjuanyunshu, broken beauty, broken ideals, can not hold the moment busy, of course, there are always countless amazing, so dream, drunk unconscious. (Short Literature Network faint text, faint fragrance's heart. Heart of flowers, love is a leaf, referring too fragrant, Iraqis soliloquy, not "compete crossing, crossing dispute", only for the startled soul, "the gulls," will portray a historical scenery.

Oh, that one day grow old, sitting in rocking chairs on the breakdown of the little tears touched. fact, not without injury, is not without pain, perhaps too much experience, heart, only gradually learned to be strong. Not forgetting to put all the time to forget, everything can not be removed to the wind to soothe, just so happy a little more, just want to let good bit strong ...... often do not consciously think of this life every person who happened to them, is not somewhere already doomed?Originally, there are many hardships in life, but there is nothing worthy of our life to bear the pain, cried, and only know how to smile more brilliant; lost, it is more to understand what treasure. life, this is a journey, everyone is on the way, everyone unknowingly passing the scenery along the balance uk Many times, life is like, stone off, the waves; many times, if the dream of life, back office, dream too sweet. Perhaps, life itself is a miracle, a flower a world, a Bodhi leaf, it's a miracle there are too many ups and downs; perhaps, life itself is a legend, joys and sorrows, everyone scenery. lives in us, like a spring wind, run warm; like the summer sun, fiery; like autumn fruit, fruitful; like winter reveries, all the time accumulated profound ...... very aware of this world, go the most urgent, is always the most beautiful scenery; deepest pain, always vicissitudes of the heart. Life is a pot of moonlight, drunk joy, but also sadness drunk; life is suffering is dry on the branches become stronger. Red three thousand, not Road melancholy, do not ask bloom dash, just ask smile Enron, one shabby homes, also mind freely; pot of weak tea, still tranquil aroma chemicals, smile for years, we need to do: is to take A casual, front row. life if song, ups and downs, the sound from the sound off, each of us are singers; flashy earthly life such as tea, or dark or light, or bitter or sweet, we need carefully to taste. Remembered, forget the forgotten, changeable, and accept the unacceptable, perhaps, we can not grasp the future, but we can at least about now, is not it? believe: sunny with, is joy; happy with, that is OK. grateful to life, let us learn to forget; thanks to life, so we have learned to grow; thanks to the vicissitudes of life, let us learn to be strong. Book a Qingyuan, a pregnant surplus warm sun, a finger vast place, faint fleeting incense.
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