We do not sigh for the lost happiness

September 13 [Fri], 2013, 15:23
Love, silent, beautiful there is a distance, when the more far away, you never go together; There is a love, not every day talks about, but buried in the deepest heart, frozen, condensation, melting, evaporation, moisten things . miss as miss, love is better relative concept, love is better not to love, meet as encounter, meet as friend, as to understand, so tolerant, because love too, so compassionate, because of love, so I chose to give up, he gave each one more blue sky. long long time if the two conditions, a blessing in the day and night, should the situation to the must-sharing, within the foreseeable future degree miserable, as twenty-two known in the arena, not because they do not love, but can no longer love, love has do, adjourned without result. Sometimes life is the need to wait, wait for a gust of wind blowing, wait a flower in full bloom, waiting for the arrival of Iraqis dream, waiting for life outbreak forte. The mind is the need to wait in the stick,new balance mens stick to the moon, no wind, the silence of falling stick, stick emotional blank, stick to ordinary life. With waiting with stick, will invincible, we can breeze, laughing flowers, love waves rippling, life without regret. And sometimes, life is not able to wait, because life is short, the moment that is over.

We do not sigh for the lost happiness, and do not the things of the unknown and panic, too many things not in our hands, the past is over, we think the future is not necessarily among the beautiful, life is full of too many frustration, and surprise, and only live in the moment, so now every second of every minute of it actually is in our hands to be meaningful. years like a river, left bank is unable to forget the memories, grasp the right bank is worthy of their youth, the middle of fast flowing, the young faint of heart in sadness and pain. Fate has come to an end at the time, we both did not make myself look back, even any time to pay homage before the tears and everything, even the tears shed to run out of time, we are also stubborn did not give each other leave room, even if it is beyond redemption, carnal love road blocked, this chasm, we do not intend to give up the struggle over in this troubled world where love can only expired stranded, stay in the icy deep. there is a convention called forever, there is a kind of memory called unforgettable. There is a yearning called for ages, there is a love called till the end. There is a well known forever, there is a have called do not want nothing. There is a remote call ends of the earth, there is a yearning called Ganchangcunduan, there is a romance called speechless. mens new balance 574 Time will slowly dilute all sweet, no longer love you, no matter how much time is superfluous, no amount of eachother seemed powerless.
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