few quiet autumn rain completion worry

September 13 [Fri], 2013, 15:36
Perform light touch of melancholy, asked autumn dash cool cloud twilight leaves, chilling weeping, hibiscus flowers fade, fall, Qingchou faint hint of penetration of the season! just a blink of an eye, summer has been scattered in the lotus incense vanishing remnant but, gazing at, exposed thick clothing cold, lotus tired Liu, slim and a dash of deep faint Qiuchou, perform light shallow depression, back in the clear autumn on the road, he was melancholy in the leaf scattered flowers in pain stretches soaring. Cream facial features, watching this a flourishing flowers and eventually blows the smoke scattered into a cool place, sigh a touching pathos thoughts eventually carded between heaven and earth like freehand tragic desolation! Dan Yiqu Autumn Song, new balance 991 mens Qing Yun long, desolate sound all the way from the south and the mountains shrouded to Saibei sand desert. replacement of the cycle of seasons, no one in the years to come will face a long sigh of sadness Kuji? Breakdown of those who in the depths of fleeting faded elegance of desolation? Who will describe heart-breaking season of melancholy desolation into every word of the poem? few quiet autumn wind into the wound, doors to outside, leaves in a lonely magnificent gesture in the air flying rotation, the rustling wind blows, how many verdant youth, how cool earth affection, glide up this season's Dan Dan time, mind faint, melancholy sadness, along with thousands of thoughts will gradually drift Piaoyuan autumn, sky diffuse ground were numerous poetic sadness diffuse into the scene, it seems that all the years of the condensation of the relentless fall helpless moment, a lonely place.

few quiet autumn rain completion worry, dark windows, autumn in a lonely way to sway in the quiet night flying, rain fine, twist Qin bone window, in the dark silence of the night, the rain set aside quiet wan touched a chord with those rain hit banana feelings, those Indus Shuyu feeling of sadness, sleep in the night is as faint sound of silence swan song, drops are quivering desolate Meng, stirring sensitive soul, those sad that Qingchou in fine rain quietly spread, eventually scattered broken pieces into a place of sadness ...... shallow light touch of melancholy in autumn autumn portrait of dancing in sadness, feelings with petals scattered patches, read like a fly, a sink deeply ups and downs in the bleak poetry. autumn, a curtain autumn, dying season bustling; a window of autumn, basking under a feeling of anxiety; faction Shusei, buried fallen woman. autumn, from the bustling life to the interpretation of the bleak, locked the youth season, new balance 999 womens just writing lust for the next picture, season meddle in the vicissitudes of life, waiting only for the autumn dream curtain! years of constant reincarnation, separated only by the cool autumn season spring as the distance, autumn lonely wither it's only after the earlier reminder to open a new round of winter warmth! At the moment few quiet sadness, only for new growth ......
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