That light green onion then fresh green mustard

October 10 [Thu], 2013, 11:08
cold, walked in the footsteps of winter sonorous, suddenly came to march, Tasui us warm space, all-pervasive. Wind, I stood at the window, can not help but admire the yellow tree a piece that different green. Cold shrink buildings warm in my corner, that green, like life colorful banner, with its indomitable fighting spirit alert me: nature of freedom strongest vitality! leaned forward, looking down, afar, I am more surprised: the district where the green is still growing things in the mainstream. Property Management relax because this year, that small piece of a small piece of different levels of green areas are mostly the people who were planted vegetables. That light green onion, then fresh green mustard, that leafy carrot cherry, then dark green eggplant leaves, dark green to Guayang ----- that is also open during some of defying the cold flowers, plants and trees in the other brown lace inlaid in extraordinarily eye-catching. They bring people not only delicious fragrance, more of a green mood, green hope. Although vegetation a fall, but they have gone through every vein road, are also lunar calendar from spring through china jerseys autumn, bitter fight natural disasters, trials and hardships gone through a difficult process of growth. Just think, they are also the seeds from a vision to come out from a fantasy buds come out, the first achievement is the dream of a leaf! a green leaf, in the desire to enjoy the spring breeze caresses had, in expectation of suffering Summer kisses, in delight in the delicious taste of autumn sun, warm yet bright grow as individuals, and then with all of the same family siblings a large green leaf base.

this group power is unparalleled. patch of green leaves, even in the days of no rain ushered in after the open sunshine, although they have competed to come forward to show veins, eager suffered the warmth of the sun bath, but a tree on a green grass never oppress each other They each have their own position, and work together for common prosperity of the subject's life! which clusters, patches of green mountains and plains gives us hope that even more amazing, even created a miracle of humanity. when holding kind of flap green shoots of spring knocking Overture, when the lush green leaves of summer bright dress up, when that gentleman's green achievements as a mature grace, gradually change color in Autumn in the hideaway, you will see from what? you can get from spring to autumn, to observe a farmer's eyes: he looked kind of leaf lobes unearthed a surprise, he saw heading of corn, peanuts flowering branches under the joy, he saw fruitful branches covered with happiness when the light ------ you will understand: Green is not just plant life, but also the lives of farmers, it is human life! just a green growth is a leaf, robust Kore, is ripe fruit. It allows seed wings, so long branches became pillars, allowing the fruit to get the fullness, but also allow the farmers to harvest year cheap nhl jerseys after year for generations of well-being! Today, social progress, more people have begun to improve the comprehensive quality of life. Green on, he flew a healthy angel's identity to millions of households. this oily green Yeah, healthy color, is the color of life, it is the survival of human society, all the color of life! let this piece of land stationed hearts, flying hearts green, rooted, pumping branches, laying leaf veins ------ exhibition window the moment I like this piece of green, spring through autumn still and cold lunar calendar operations, attached to adhere to green homes, let settle for Love incomparably tougher, stronger and more robust!
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