Liangcheng deserted, devoid of eternal life

September 11 [Wed], 2013, 12:27
paragraph of text, some emotions. Always opinionated think that they will give an account of himself, but not have thought that would sink to the bottom. Can not find an excuse to float up, in fact, there is a city gates have been opened for me, there is an embankment has been around, but I pretended not see. Apathy or in revenge, I thought I would learn to hate a person, found that there is no abuse of those emotions. start looking for a place to put their own buried, weeds desolately, the ways of the world can not see those dead empty. Only occasionally over the birds of the sky visible traces, I think it would be kind of look quite different. Bright. Sadness. Forbear. Drew a city for himself, liangcheng deserted. Shows no sign of life atmosphere, lit a brilliant city, let the dream to be a completely translucent. Then leaving behind a ground ruins, once, now, or the future, only Tumi. profound long time, through the four seasons, in those years Qiongqiong Jie Li, who time desolate state. Finally unrecognizable, perhaps not my best, but also not my can not. Only once in a period of time to find the happiness of those self-righteous, original, happiness, and never with me are the opposite. You as the end point to this end, painted on his face paint, multi-faceted interpretation of the wonderful people. No one will see that the face behind the glossy paint exactly what is the big look. life, a huge stage, a long script, a deduction to sleep to the end of the show, I was actor, played for someone else to make those pleasures, watching others for their own speech to make sad. Sit and look new balance 999 womens in the mirror goes face painting paint to cover up the original face all the emotions, the subject of ridicule all in one head. I say, the Soviet Union cold raw, raw famine cool, years boundless. And the song and you want the line, destined only a wishful thinking. Light at the end, you'll never see those views. suddenly want to grow old so suddenly, do not need to go through after a long life in the so-called joys and sorrows.

This is true sleep, I want this life no Qianpan, without disturbing the others, is itself a great deal of trouble, and always let others worry. Should they die, after years of farewell. I'm not difficult for anyone to bear the burden. Want life secure but only smoke and mirrors, squaring the circle, and finally across so far in the distance. often feel that they came to this world is redundant, can not tolerate too many, too many fit. I always thought that I can be proud to live, when the light was shelved, the original Pride those already dead, just as my city, Montreal mess, ruins. Overgrown with weeds. I want not sad not happy life, at least not so sad, is not unbearable. Love is a sin, a chronic disease. Itself criticized, no longer escape. spend vast desired this life, but I eventually doomed, after years of one another, I have to bear, and you give affection, my life is not clear. But I eventually bear all, Zhesha those moments of beauty. As I said, today one another throughout the year is not met. In fact, I am very timid, very weak, lifetime Should the territories, that is, the brave will win, I'm not that brave. All options after years of one another, final is not met. do not know when it started to write this incoherent, so annoying chatters. In fact, this text is like a patchwork and on, just like me in this life, everything is just a patchwork, can not reach the other side, I fly, but the patch of sea. Or have become accustomed to indulge the meantime, all the emotions are a little bit with the text in the description of the infiltration. Portray moments, crossing dispute is not before. Wistfully years, who became who robbed. I indulged in this, not words, for fear of a move would be endless torment and tear. I was a selfish person, in their own world Bong himself a king, I am not new balance 991 mens a qualified king. It will be so uninterrupted, all the emotions will begin to accumulate together, when you want to release, wounding hurt yourself know those emotions have been so rampant. I began to fear the dark, fear of sleep, afraid to do those nightmares, constantly being awakened. Will panic a little trouble, I think I began to arrive the brink of collapse, liangcheng empty, across the night wind, direct access to the heart.
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