vast warehouse space after sweeping

July 25 [Thu], 2013, 12:50
"Fufeng, how is all here in the presence of spiritual goods grain? And I see here yao stored material to treasure the quality is very general, and here and did not find even one more precious material to treasure prematurely or baby? "Atom concept of God in this vast warehouse space after sweeping across asked. With the Atom the issues raised, many half-step weeks prematurely are God's eyes, but also look to the three Dianzhu Fufeng. Although the past three Dianzhu Fufeng Atom has now become a servant, but no one despise three Dianzhu Fufeng meaning. Because of the presence of God, who is half-step week yao know, be able to say Atom as 'lord' existence, are now extremely close Atom existence of the relationship with Atom than of them, more intimate, how they dare casual contempt? Atom hear the question, three Dianzhu Fufeng's sake, King ran accidental revealing a hint of complacency sè, and then washed Atom bend replied: "Back to the Lord, the reason is very simple, because the warehouse space Storage is all waste, all we want to use Star Lo temple, but could not bear to throw away garbage! "Yuehua Jian, three Dianzhu Fufeng face emerged nameless pride. But three Dianzhu Fufeng, then let Atom, Bo Baixuan other income, including a half-step weeks prematurely is God who all look uproar. VF soul crystal is garbage? That they, being a half-step weeks prematurely God is all grown up eating junk do? No doubt to say that they, being a half-step weeks prematurely god, almost all in, in the repair stop at the border Xing Jun before the late soul crystal used in practice, almost spiritual goods mostly in the crystal. Musha consume with the spirit extremely large grain cultivation, even such top yao Wu Gong large forces, only to die prematurely before some of his disciples were the door crash when building the base, will spend part of the top grade crystal spirit, the other into the practice, use of all Crystal is the spiritual goods even low-grade crystal spirit. As for the best soul crystal, it is in strategic level of the baby, perhaps several pieces Need Lingjing in some critical moment, we can save the life of a warrior. Because the best of all spiritual soul crystal grain impurities least, almost directly absorbed into the Gang Qi Ling Jing. Like the spiritual goods crystals varying spiritual crystal, etc., Warrior absorb its practice, we need to run power law, with the inside of the tender to the impurity strength together absorbed into refining excreted. Otherwise, absorb too many impurities, ranging from blocking the meridians,Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses, heavy make practitioners obsessions, was seriously injured. As for the top grade crystal spirit better practice more, but most of the time, the top grade soul crystal is used as a high value transaction currency used. Lot baby, you use the same amount of top grade crystal spirit can buy,Christian Louboutin Evening Outlet, but in the spirit of crystal products, into the home do not. So, this medium-grade crystal spirit, but Dragon Warrior profession practicing primary products, to be used in almost every entry. But now in the original Star Lo temple three Dianzhu mouth, race course is garbage waste, how to prevent them excited. "Lord, the spiritual goods stored here in the crystal with the tender material to treasure, mostly under the influence of our star Luo Temple tribute up the various sects, because of little use to us, so all stored here." Three Dianzhu Fufeng looked puzzled Atom revealing God sè, added the sentence. "Those who die prematurely valuable material to treasure, or is it the top grade crystal spirit?" Atom asked. "Look on the Lord!" Yan Bi, the three Dianzhu Fufeng chest shining through a mass of yellowish brown sè dazzling brilliance, Atom concept of God to go through when a roughly about two meters in length and breadth of the space Yousui , appeared in Atom's eyes. Space, the accumulation of a large number of top grade crystal spirit, a variety of refining precious materials, and even to die prematurely refining the materials are part of the Horcrux. Atom roughly figured, only the number of top grade crystal spirit there is one million. Looked at the items, Atom concept of God through the walls of this mysterious space, the collision of the moment, this mysterious space walls Atom concept of God will severely bounced back, the four walls of the mysterious space , but it is heavy exception. Atom concept of God is bounced back, three Dianzhu Fufeng dismayed voice sounded: "Lord on indulgences, which is the divine space to maintain a stable natural response" "No harm, no none of your business." Atom play the waving, scared and said: "This is the divine space!" "Yes, lord! Every Warrior breakthrough become weeks prematurely after being God, can on its own cohesion that point when God crystal divine origin constitute a sturdy divine space do not look under the scope of this divine space currently only two hundred meters or so, than some of the best of heaven and earth ring space even smaller, but the size of this divine space will be the owner of the repair as growth and growth, such as subordinates, early cemented this divine space, only one hundred meters size range, since revised to achieve weeks prematurely after God in order, but it is growing out of thin air to two hundred meters size range. "three Dianzhu Fufeng to Atom explained. "This" Atom nodded, and looked Tude a move, suddenly thought of another question, "Yes, put your baby divine memory space is not much, the other baby do?" "Back to the lord, star Lo shrine of inventory by our four brothers shared storage, but more than half of the stock, all in the Big Brother stored there, we just kept the other three brothers and another part. "Fufeng replied. Wen Yan Ling tempted in surprise, "all stored in their white spoon divine space?" This issue an export Atom I knew I had to ask all the nonsense. "Yes, generally for safety and convenience, the real treasure deposited in the divine space, the lord." Fufeng bend replied. This time, however Atom depressed, divine space he has about 12 cases, unless it is the stream of the same force, or else, basically do not open into the divine space. The Basilica of the main West Hao, two major temple hung, four Dianzhu Boozer has perverted all off into three, that is, if no accident that three divine power into space baby, Atom is basically not handle. A Mindful of this, Atom's face sè could not help but become extremely ugly, and rushed three Dianzhu Fufeng illness and asked: "Can you open their white spoon divine space? By the way, you have no Gods Star Lo temple stone,Christian Louboutin Flats Factory, there is then stored there? "The problem, is most concerned about Atom. You know, the Atom is now half a step, but received more than a dozen No. weeks prematurely is God o A, count Shanghai old Atom tender received in the hands of half-step week is God, a total of eighteen, half a step stone basic needs Gods Zhou Yao is God, we must seventeen. In the battle with Star Lo temple in the three killed, that is, there are fourteen weeks prematurely are God needs a half step Gods stone. The Atom side, wooden iron needs a, Atom themselves have to stay a turtle was a thousand hills, Langkawi Baonei highest repair war home four brothers and view the stars for the time being is not, which requires seventeen letters rock god. The Atom's hands fully prepared to have nine Gods stone, and the gap is even worse eight yet. If the former, better said, they can slowly dragged Atom, but after a battle with Star Lo temple, his men are these two half-step weeks prematurely god, almost all out of one's strength. Among other things, the five seriously injured half a step weeks prematurely is God, absolutely out of one's strength. Atom had promised to them, but under the sea, and now eight Gods stone gap, let Atom Shangna Zhao go? Of course, if the cheek dragging Atom to Atom's position today, who did not dare to force the Atom, to the time the law for several life element to the deadline, things will be solved, but the circumstances, Atom but usually do not. Into the enemy, Atom by any means can not hesitate to use, but on their own in, it is with Atom Atom own bottom line. Atom hear such a question, a number of half-step weeks prematurely are God's eyes, all gathered again to three Dianzhu Fufeng face. Not for anything else, because this relationship, but Stone Gods after their fate. They, into not asleep, are aware of. Although promised Atom understand them, give them Gods stone, but Gods, but a limited number of stone, to whom not to whom, who later give to whom, this difference out. They white spoon this knowledge, but they battle with Star Lo temple in the cause of one's strength. Like Wu Sheng, suffered death in their home Ukrainian amulet, I saw a piece of paper Atom symbol warrant immediate compliance with Atom symbol so regardless of family safety, rotary support Atom, itself has this aspects. This is also the reason now Atom can not do anything. Atom hear the question, three Dianzhu Fufeng almost without any consideration on the red Atom bend replied: "Back to the lord, Star Lo Gods Stone Temple there." Three Dianzhu Fufeng affirmative answer, not only for Ling move joy, but also to the many half-step week listening to God, all of them being prematurely ecstatic. There are like, they have stripped on behalf of the competition, more of a chance. "Where?" "Back to the Lord, and that Gods stone, usually by the person in charge of Big Brother, we do not hand if subordinate was right, then the Gods rock, should be stored in Big Brother's divine space . "to hear the answer, Atom has some crazy look, but also the god damn space. Something divine in that space, would not have waited no? Let see and eat into vain? Paused, three Dianzhu Fufeng and said: "Lord, the brother of the divine space but even there the Gods rock, but the number is not much, according to subordinate knowledge, it should be three down, at least not more than five block! "Today three Dianzhu Fufeng, then how can I listen in Atom, depressed mind all falls divine space, the concept of God a move, they move with the gods Yin Ling Kang contacted," old devil, is not that divine space, really no solution, and so luck run into a divine origin of the existence of exactly the same, only a little space open that divine might? "Wan Star of the House of the mountain Yin Kang eyes are doubled, red Ling move scolded: "Who said that?" It was at the same time, two voices in the inner ear Atom rang. "Lord, the data under the knowledge that her older brother had given out some time ago had a Gods rock!" Three Dianzhu Fufeng said again. "Newspaper lord, subordinate should have been captured alive Kun!" Door, hands held loosely at an incoming Kim Jin Kim strode into slavery.
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