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June 29 [Sat], 2013, 12:49
"Say you can, you can, but you also OK; say you can not, you're not, OK is not OK." Hu Li Yuan understanding of this sentence now deep layer. Before taking office, Hu Li Yuan Jia often worried about their situation for the unfamiliar, the work does not catch up, the Han court secretary encouraged him, said: "grasp the work style of cadres, comrades standing united, multi-reporting, you row!" Now when he rate constant Ka four team meet at the junction of the Han court clerk, the Zhong Hanting blandly, and he shook hands, eyes clear with a "you can not" sè color. Instead, go to the contingent leaves in front, holding his hand and said a lot of things. "Little Ye Shuji, I heard you were in Chiayi will carry out the work style of cadres to the countryside and other grass-roots level, led southward sz inspected, the results very prominent ah!" "Han court secretary, work style of cadres activities are deployed secretary Li Yuan I just jīng God according to the instructions in the county to work, achievements thanks to the county. "Zhong Hanting smile and nod. Look is still very small Ye Shuji know propriety thing! You Hu Li Yuan also hard to suppress him? Hu Li Yuan wronged ah! This leaves surnamed Cao in his announcement of the contingent of cadres style building temporary close, continue to engage in a big way in depth, whether it is in support of his work or the demolition of his legs of the table? Zhong Hanting and Yan Yue sè to ask: "I heard you and Zhao Group Chairman of the Board Mr. Zhao Lao good relationship?" "Misinformation, misrepresentation." Ye then laughed: "Where is enough to get my level Zhaolao climb on and friendship? I know, however, and his granddaughter. "Ye then half-truths to answer. Then hear the opening leaf recognition and understanding Zhaolao granddaughter. Hu Li Yuan, Zhang Shunqiang others different expressions. Zhong Hanting joked: "Little Ye Shuji young, handsome, and his granddaughter down reasonable understanding." Ye then laughed: "Han court clerk fun of me, to say personable, where the presence of the leaders in the , was there any more than you dare? "How can a man not narcissistic own style? Zhong Hanting hold back a smile, shaking his head said: "I am old and die, if the young like you, maybe you can, and you fight a fight limelight." Ye then kept saying: "beats, beats me." Spared no effort . A pedestrian drove back often Kerry County. In the county large conference room, listening to Wu Li Zhong Hanting yuan, Zhang Shunqiang work report, named, said: "Little Ye Shuji, I also examine the afternoon horse Stone Town Economic Community and Chiayi Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., and you talk about the situation of these two companies a talk. "leaves the other end then reported, Zhong Hanting said:" Comrades, I have listened to Li Yuan secretary, county and small Yeshu Ji Shun strong reporting, summed up in two words. great achievements. "to Chang Before Kerry, Zhong Hanting has set the tone in the heart. Hu Li Yuan, or to hold him, if he can stand firm and comprehensive grasp of Kerry's work often, it is the last down; right lobe of the contingent. Will have to win, at least let him remain neutral, so that even Hu Jia Li Yuan,Oakley Oil Rig Sale, Chang suffered a crushing defeat, you can also take advantage of the contingent leaves the bridge. The right to speak. At this point, Zhang Zhong Hanting looking conference room a smiling face, he feels that he is sinking like rì prescription sun, under the cadres dolphin to rì nightshade, his gaze swept to go, Where it just to go to rì Kwai. "Municipal Committee of Kerry's work is often satisfactory. Pairs of normally cadres Kerry is satisfactory overall, especially the county party secretary, Comrade Hu Li Yuan, Chang Jia to work for a short time, but he was soon caught most often Kerry Development important issue is the problem of cadres in economic reform, also made out sè results. Municipal Committee Li Yuan secretary working very satisfied, hope often Kerry County County zhèngfǔ leaders can unite around Comrade Li Yuan , to bring the building will often boost Kerry. "Zhong Hanting face sè serious. Said: "I would like to talk about mínzhǔ centralism and the principle of what is the focus? Who concentrate? Chang Ka in the county,Christian Louboutin Cheap, Li Yuan secretary is the core of the issue in general, have the final green light right, I hope Kerry often leading cadres to maintain a strong sense of organization, be sure to consider the greater good, to help Li Yuan Chia Chang secretary grasp the work. "Ye contingent heart sigh, the Han court secretary's speech is indeed very high level, leadership is a university asked ah. He continued: "I also hope that Li Yuan secretary can unite around Comrade Chang Shun strong grasp county Kerry's work together, especially to unite the contingent leaves such a good prime of life, the courage to explore the young cadres. Leaves of contingent Comrade Party xìng strong and capable, in the normally Kerry enjoys a high reputation among the masses, for such cadres, party is very caring and highly valued. "Fu Bin Ye looked up and looking natural one, see Ye However, it is swept to the line of sight, they both can not detect micro nod. Zhong Hanting after the end of his speech, Hu Li Yuan boosted confidence gushed send a pile full of flattering words of praise for the care of party secretary for gratitude drops zero like, finally, strutting as Zhong Hanting face, hand, and Ye then shook, which means that comprehend the party secretary's speech jīng God, and then to the boat and leaves. Provoked much discontent Jing language, resorted Butterfly legs under the table and then kicked the foot leaves. Ye then eat pain, facial muscles a pumping, Hu Li Yuan also thought it was laughed at him, raising his hand down very shit pressure of the pressure, indicating he accepted the contingent leaves the goodwill can sit down. Afternoon, Zhong Hanting Hu Li Yuan, Zhang Shunjiang, Ye, who then accompanied, depending on the RCP Stone Town Economic Community and Taitung Technology Investment Enterprises - Chiayi Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.. In Chiayi Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Xu Zhong Hanting describe in detail the state of self-sufficiency Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Oakley XX META Sunglasses, Ltd. put into operation the basic situation. In the led chip manufacturing plant, Zhong Hanting see shop floor, workbench strict anti-static measures, all workers wearing masks, wearing anti-static overalls, as the rows of meticulously cāo new machinery and equipment, with satisfaction on the entourage said: "Kerry often work to attract foreign capital to go ahead in the city, Chiayi Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, led light-emitting device applications prospects are very good, the future lighting, landscape, city lighting aspects irreplaceable product. ye Multi introduction Taitung technology such international xìng large enterprises, often help the development of Kerry. "in many states since the kind invitation, Zhong Hanting and Kerry county county zhèngfǔ leaders often went to Lookout Mountain restaurant dining. Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Yan, director of the Office of the contingent leaves frequently up to toast, Hu Li Yuan Wang Yan did not know the origins of heart secretly whispered the little woman a little low brow high eye does not recognize it when he was party secretary, party secretary provoke unhappy would not let him follow suffers? This happens very shallow ignorant little woman, Leng Shimo see him doing the action to Zhong Shuji schematically toast. Let Hu Li Yuan little depressed for a while.
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