that is the sin jiuzu invited.

May 20 [Mon], 2013, 11:42
Have those wonderful things, can become the master of the world. {. such remarks regardless of any age, in the eyes of the ruling class, it is taboo, because he is the supreme imperial power and the rights of the serious provocation. No wonder will be emperors ban, the buried history, the Taoist criticism really very practical, can say to have seriously to touch the core interests of the ruling class, in the feudal dynasty period, that is the sin jiuzu invited. Regardless of this criticism is also exaggeration, but it is often the claim, but can stimulate y ù potential person look, crazy for it, because it is behind the supreme right, status...... And so on, this is the most fatal temptation. Consort is how know that Taoist priest scolded, the scene of the crowd, in addition to Gan dry outside, no one will know, and they have no mind to want those who. The presence of one part person into a silence, but breathing is very heavy,Nike Air Jordan Womens UK Sale, it is clear that the comments also hit their nerve,Nike Jordan 12 Sale, the temptation for their formation. Especially to Carney, the old man eyes J ī ng mount sudden sh è, this is a right y ù is heavy, he how can withstand a fatal temptation to dominate the world, is not to become masters of the world, then become the king of Southeast Asia, it is enough to make him satisfied. Those who face looked to a family member, summer summer and Gan Si mouth, yet a bit unclear meaning smile. Of course, is not a people on the scene, but also those who face as starting, it is full of contempt. Think he Xu boss has a super technology systems to the world for his. But he has also been a low-key life, in establishing business empire, he is a clever man,Jordan UK sale, he clearly has the ambition and Y ù pay people to action, often die very quickly, will be dead. However, this does not prevent the boss Xu on the behind the stone door was opened. What will happen when the mystery, as it would have tremendous power and curious. Buzz! At this time, the basin of the shock of the strong. Will those people back to reality from fantasy. The two ancient pyramid construction is now up to the state, and Xu Linyuan sent the robot team to explore on the magic sea jade state similarity. The difference is Xu Linyuan sent robot team is in the cave filled with seawater of the great deep pressure state exploration work, but these people are in the island floating princess. The water is discharged after, so that the bottom of the basin, there are different changes. The most obvious is that several special columns, they are not in the water, changed color s è, tiny be suffused with a pale green, their position and is no longer a ladder type original arrangement, it is a triangle, the stone guard in the triangle of the golden section line. Coax Carney saw the inside stone and the triangular placing pillars, nature is not see what clues. His eyes focused on the ritual tools above the pillars rear not ponder, whispered: "how the display here thousands of edge Jinding >
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