with Ai Ying Xu Hongqi affectionate

July 11 [Thu], 2013, 10:42
Damage easily, construction difficult. Why should oppose safflower fat once and one hundred million trade unions, not because he despise Ai Ying represents fame, despise one hundred million trade unions have success, but he was not content with Ai Ying Xu Hongqi affectionate look, Even though there is absolutely no Ai Ying responsibility. So, as long as Ai Ying Qi refused affectionate with red, fat can follow the original plan was immediately commenced and one hundred million trade union cooperation. Because if not Ai Ying's responsibility, but as long as Ai Ying Qi refused affectionate with red, red Qi affectionate instead of letting myself have had ways of making red fat from happy affectionate Ai Ying Qi grown to loathe affectionate Ai Ying. I did not expect was just fat, Ai Ying and one hundred million union actually did not consider this point, it seems is to let the red affectionate Ai Ying Qi deliberately to take the opportunity to take advantage of the same. Such a thing is not never happened before, after all, known as the age, experience Kyo, sometimes you want to take liberties with red Qi men. Just Ai Ying Qi not only not the kind of worth to take liberties with the red is too high rich handsome, fat or SOD company had never thought could even change a person's identity is so big, a little bit directly on the achievement by the gamers and institutional change Parliament had all sorts of insider friendship top players. So, who do not want to believe it's not fat, but could not believe, even disdain to believe. Institutional context itself because unless people who simply do not believe that fat who can conjure up out of thin air and institutional relationships Parliament. Special To investigate Ai Ying perhaps some difficulty, but it is not difficult to want to investigate one hundred million trade union. Sung Park for these companies has been abandoned, and only work hard in the game, the players, how fat once and SOD companies will not care too much about each other. They also said that one hundred million union really have institutional context, how can companies be abandoned Sung Park, and so on. Especially in the bilateral relationship has been crumbling condition, fat has only stick to their stance in order to ensure their own and SOD in the company's interests so Zhu Malacea despite hype, fat has been on a look of disdain and said: "Well! Do not say, If you talk about the agency can make the management team took over safflower, and you just do ah! I see how you got agency team. "" Humph! shots can you do such a thing? Hung Qi lady, why do not we change places talk about it! Do not talk to these people after stir together. "FML, do not tell these people mix together, sister you OK, that's like red Qi was originally one hundred million players, like trade unions, but the words sounded really pleasing to the ear. But Ai Ying Tai-lok, the follow Zhu Malacea discourse, fat has to triumphantly said: "how do I not, I'm stationed in safflower SOD company plenipotentiary." "Plenipotentiary, you can guarantee that as long as we help red Ms. Qi got agency team, you will be able to give up the company in charge of safflower SOD, and will safflower matters of cooperation with one hundred million trade union organization team is responsible for all by it? "" ...... I can guarantee! "Although Zhu Malacea of proposed and can not say aggressive, but hesitation, or did not do too much fat was considered and too much hesitation. After all, as the red Qi SOD company is mainly in the real economy companies to help take care of the red Qi economic affairs, if not red Qi said in a personal capacity to enter the game,Christian Louboutin Slingbacks Factory, SOD companies also have their own SOD unions would not allow Xu Hongqi What safflower established themselves. Just say red Qi establishment safflower deliberately did not notice SOD company afterwards found safflower establishment, SOD company was delegated fat was in the game to help the red Qi operating safflower and so on. So this is not the fat had to Zhu Malacea face, but in the face to the agency parliament. Because fat has to know, as long as there is a real trade union organizations,Louis Vuitton Epi Briefcases And Work Clearance, institutions are willing to help the team to take care of safflower red Qi, a pair of red Qi and safflower is certainly only advantages and no disadvantages, and even said that the company only beneficial for SOD, no harm. So do not believe that one hundred million union really conjure up out of thin air an agency team of the situation, but not necessarily in fat has long line to catch big fish. But one this, Zhu Malacea immediately, looking a Song, Song then nodded flashed one hundred million union union panel said: "Red Qi Miss, you see this is our one hundred million union list of players we are all one hundred million players union institutional members, so we one hundred million trade union organization itself is a union. "" So in the SOD company to abandon all safflower management powers of the situation, you see, is directly managed by our one hundred million union safflower or directly by our one hundred million trade union Management safflower. "" What? full members are institutions? one hundred million trade union organization itself is a union? "Hear Song discourse, is not the first to react red Qi, fat once, but has been quietly on the side Momo looked at the two sides clash zero. But with the point of view of the two pounced, zero Momo on extremely shocked and said: "Home, actually really union organizations, and are full members of QU Agency Agency, are you affiliated trade union organizations are QU?" "No affiliate unions, but the same level trade unions. "did not think things will go in the direction of the most wonderful, Ai Ying immediately cheerfully said:" We just say one hundred million fewer unions,Top Handles Sale, are looking for ways to expand, so first I would ask you not to directly affiliated unions do our one hundred million trade union, after all, trade unions and the general trade union organizations of the resources are totally different. "" This ...... "Think of the original words, Huang Huang squad took the lead speechless. Indeed, after a start Ai Ying said so, but they could not agree to it. Loess hills on the look has been liberalized Ai Ying, and also began to see one hundred million trade union panel red Qi said: "Boss you see this thing ......" "Oh! Ha ha ha ha ha, fat once you how to say ......" silent for a while, looking at the fat red Qi immediately had laughed. And although not previously came over and saw the red Qi et al react with a kind of fat has also had to bite the bullet could not believe the expression: "The Red Qi Miss, you give me a look at this thing again." "Look now! Behold! "Laughing waved his hand, red Qi on the re-embraced Ai and Ai Ying Ying's face suddenly a kiss and said:" giggle! ...... original Ai Ying you are still a member organization, then you have no way to get sister and small organizations to become members of New York ah! "" This is no problem, as long as you meet the employment standards agency staff, and I can help you become QU authority of that member of the loess hills as they are. "" But if it is safflower other players, and that they must make a sufficient contribution to one hundred million trade unions have a chance to become a member of QU Agency Agency about the specific situation in which, to be followed by the president come up with a specific provision Song, and is directly affiliated union as a welfare policy to distribute to each a safflower players know. "not for safflower contribute, but for one hundred million trade unions contribute to the welfare and affiliated unions to become QU Agency Agency also includes the qualifications. After listening to Ai Ying discourse, fat had to completely shocked. Because this is it? This is out of control, completely out of control ah! Who would have thought one hundred million trade union organization was actually a trade union, who would have thought Ai Ying much as this power. While this is not no good for safflower, but had its own fat and SOD Company can not tell what benefits, especially on behalf of the fat had previously pretend SOD company's attitude, it is even more worse despicably bad.
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