His hand began to break out

May 29 [Wed], 2013, 17:03
Lin non smoking a cigarette stepped in front of Xiao Jun's car Lexus ls600h. He is standing in front of the fashion shop at the entrance of Xiao Jun wink. And then suddenly the right hand into the air inlet grille on the car, after the harsh sound of metal tearing, the car's engine cover is living to lift up, thrown into the side. "Wow......" Some people be struck dumb to call out, they didn't expect the Youko Toshiro young man is so strong. Look at the white ruo-yun, stood in the car,Oakley Fast Jacket Sale, eyes wide open, a hand over Tan, she can't believe there's a. Xiao Jun is the breath, looking at the ground deformation of engine cover, his heart began to have some regret, regret he underestimated the strength of Lin Fei. He is in any case also think impassability, thick steel plate in the forest not hand so cannot withstand a single blow. After a moment, Xiao Jun still stand in situ, by daring low growl: "dare not fight me to throw in the towel, but why did you destroy my car?" His hand began to break out in a cold sweat. Lin non also ignored him, bowed his head put a pipeline apart, a pungent smell of gas emitted. He quickly put the power line battery butt, "pa" out of electric spark a blue s è, pipeline leakage of a sudden spark ignition gasoline...... "Boom......" A loud noise, instantaneous rising smoke fire surrounded the car. The most unbelievable is, at this time Lin Fei had stood behind Xiao Jun, in her mouth was a lit cigarette. Watched the car value two million Lexus ls600h gutted by flames, horror of Xiao Jun's face suddenly filled with fear, he has felt Lin Fei stood behind him, and his back was Lin non rapid place a few times, want to do not move, his arms hanging on both sides of the body. "You......" Xiao Jun's legs are like nails on the ground, and shivered slightly. "Lubber, I won't leave you, just want to tell you, do not think that there are a few money began playing B. In your eyes, this is a two million car, in my eyes it is an ordinary lighter. Also, in my wife Bai Ruoyun before, don't mention the money, the two million for her,Air Jordan After Game Sale, don't make money!" Forest not come swaggeringly to leave fashion shop, watching the scrap car back to Xiao Jun with a smile: "if you are going to let me get a car you can always go to me. Yes, you can move half an hour later......" In all the strange eyes, Lin not walk to Bai Ruoyun's in front, "wife, I have not hurt him?" Bai Ruoyun gazed at Lin non, shook his head, "no......" "Come on, get on the bus." Not even with her forest around the woman to the car. The car left the urban area of Jiangcheng, on the road leading to the city's gallop. There has been no what facial expression white ruo-yun said at last, and her thin said: "husband, you are not human?" Forest than a snort of laughter, "wife, I'm not human? What am I? You touch......" He grabbed the woman's hand, "this is the nose, ears,Nike Jordan 2 Shoes, here, the stomach? And this......" "You bad!......" White ruo-yun Meng >
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