Nike Air Max brand to a new level. 361? official flagship store on-line, and had authorized the United States

November 10 [Thu], 2011, 22:06
January 15, 2010, after a thorough pre-market testing and e-commerce market research, brand well-known professional sports Air Max 2010 in the major e-commerce platform formally launched the flagship store, 361? official on-line flagship store beckons 361? e-commerce development to enhance the Nike Air Max brand to a new level. 361? official flagship store on-line, and had authorized the United States rather store 361? 361? Ding Cheng stores, 361? another wheat stores and other stores, and several 361? 10 franchise stores authorized to work together to build brand the 361? sound network marketing system. After a pre-market testing E-commerce industry research, 361? brand developed "based on the brand-oriented, focusing on large e-commerce future, "

the e-business development ideas. Based on this development ideas, 361? E to brand building and maintaining brand image as the center, through the enhancement of brand image, enhance the 361? brand sales channels in the future network and market influence in the discourse. Flagship store from opening within 361? 361? abandoned the previous major brand it as "killer" promotional discount opening mode, but 361? by integrating the brand marketing resources, an occasion to January 16, 2010 at the 361? Golden Gate Marathon, launched the "flagship celebrate the official opening of 361? 361? Kinmen Marathon cheering slogans Campaign" to win the Taiwan outings.

Expectations of online and offline Air Max 2009 marketing resources through the integration of the brand marketing resources injected into the e-business marketing communications in the past, on the one hand through the integration of brand marketing resources, promote the development of 361? E, on the other hand the development of services through electronic commerce the layout of the brand's future strategy, promote the sustainable development of the brand. In 2010, 361? E to the development of the integration of the Asian Games, college basketball league, seven or eight Chinese bicycles Guo Zihao brand marketing resources for the development of electronic commerce into the factors that support a strong brand, and create Air Max 2009 e-commerce The 361? development.