Cope with the impact of the French eyewear brand Chinese manufacturers compete please do the spokesperson Hollande

July 24 [Thu], 2014, 11:57

Hollande recently for a pair of new Danish brand with a dark frame glasses, which caused discontent in France Loire-Atlantique company fendi marchon 2014 sunglasses called Roussilhe eyewear manufacturer, this company on the 9th to the President sent a pair of "made in France "own brand glasses, along with a letter, I urge the president to personally" Recommend "French local production glasses.

Agence France-Presse reported that the two companies Ludovic Brochard and Maxime Rolandeau shareholders in the letter that the French ray ban sunglasses for kids eyewear industry is facing competition from major international opticians, especially from Asian companies.

They also mention Road in the letter, "Mr. President, you are an important medium to convey the image of France to the international community, and you choose the eyeglass frame foreign brands will mistakenly believe that no one outside France, local businesses can meet your needs, so we send you a pair of similar style and that you now wear glasses, but it is 100% made ​​in France, and we rarely have a "French origin" mark one of the enterprises. wear a piece of glasses, you become the spokesperson of the oakley sport sunglasses for men best French eyewear industry at home and abroad to prove Roussilhe dynamic development of enterprises, which for us is the development of SMEs as the most powerful support, to demonstrate outside the national technology and brand. "

Refuse left behind! Big winter sportsman essential single product

July 17 [Thu], 2014, 11:42

The face of the roaring winter, wrap a thick coat is inevitable, however, to learn about street shooting star of the picture, you will feel, whether summer or winter they still have a very clear superstar Fan! Yes, look closely you will find wholesale ray ban sunglasses free shipping that they fashion a single product is indispensable Dress up weapons. For example on winter season with a stylish hat, scarf or sunglasses can highlight the different STYLE, fashion is derived from the details.

Today, Xiao Bian gave you a sportsman who introduced wild winter fashion items - Porsche glasses. 09 autumn and winter latest sunglasses and optical glasses, the world-renowned brand on his face, it's most eye-catching highlight cheap sunglasses wholesale china your rebellious personality, so you do not fall behind in fashion this fall and winter! Come and enjoy yourself!

A Bathing Ape 09 years of the new glasses!

July 17 [Thu], 2014, 11:42

A Bathing Ape breath launched a variety of sunglasses for friends outside in strong sun block, you can also take into account the style. Firstly introduces the next pattern inlaid Bape sta style, in addition to the side of the pattern, the internal temples also partly bordered "R" word logo. workmanship is very fine, as well as gold and silver powder transparent style, under the cool transparent material, mixed with a very versace sunglasses cheap ornate gold and silver powder materials. thin frame style glasses series then launched a tortoiseshell styles to choose from, while the blue camouflage cover glasses are also very prominent. Recommend to favorite Bape friends.

Winter fashion irresistible big style

July 17 [Thu], 2014, 11:41

Designers to grasp the current trends to become a style, an international brand logo represents a cultural pairwise identity and cooperation wholesale fashion sunglasses and thus become the embodiment of taste. Those people who look up international big, always leading the fashion this season from the T stage, cold shoulder from those elegant catwalk model's face, turned into a counter, a trend to dominate.

Four Seasons at an incredible rate shifts, unseen Kazamaki clouds moving yesterday to see the autumn leaves still falling lightly, suddenly realized today, already is the winter. The passage of time always makes it easier versace sunglasses cheap to sigh, but turned around to see a woman dressed fine, all the same range as the star child, can not help but feel good. Such qualities, such a big big style, if less that sunglasses will much less flavor.

This year the most popular white box frame, distinctive styling recipe shaped frame, angular and more with a sense of style. Popular cheap Oakley Sunglasses minimalist design, only in the mirror arm prada logo is printed to show identity and showcase the brand.

Dior sunglasses winter - female luxury model

July 17 [Thu], 2014, 11:39

Dior name "dior" in French is a combination of "God" and "gold". With his brand name christian dior (referred cd), since its inception in 1947, has been synonymous with gorgeous and elegant. Whether fashion, cosmetics or cheap ray ban sunglasses other products, cd has been ranked top in the fashion hall.

Dior has been synonymous with beautiful women. Large v-neck Cammalleri Evening dress, multi-level and free of fur, are from the hand of genius designer at Dior, its elegant narrow skirt, never able to make the wearer comfortable cheap sunglasses online free shipping walking embodies the elegant combined with practical perfection.

Dior brand is also reflected in the commitment to the revolutionary fashion intelligibility; selection of high-end fabrics such as silk, traditional coat it, worsted wool, taffeta, gorgeous embroidery. And work more in order to fine new style sunglasses for women reflexes. For decades, Dior constantly for people to create a "new opportunities, new love story." Paris in the postwar reconstruction of the world fashion center, Dior made ​​an indelible contribution.

This summer essential fashions canvas shoes

July 01 [Tue], 2014, 11:34

Canvas shoes popular country should be the United States, with the Americans always seem to "casual comfortable" for the purpose, it is the perfect canvas shoes single product for them to be able to mix and match a person's mad love in the eastern United States converse, while the western people interested in vans. But they are willing to wear casual good cheap canvas shoes pay.

In fact, when it comes to China, has a long history of canvas shoes in China. Liberation from shoes to wear 60s and then back through the inevitable after 80 white mesh shoes, canvas shoes for its lightweight, durable, inexpensive and widely welcomed, whether traveling or doing sports, will be the best choose one.

Canvas shoes during World War I was born in 1917. Fighting depression formed, made ​​of leather riding boots, saddle and strip, wool, woolen made ​​quartermaster, City trail only cheap canvas and rubber, because people just need to reorganize into prolonged wear and lightweight canvas shoes . It is said that how to make the perfect canvas and rubber bonding, the inventors have tried various ways to lose one hundred read their lines, angrily picked up the canvas and rubber do not do water furnace, wanted nothing to give up actually make rubber "vulcanized "Post and canvas bonding together, I did not expect this coupling, let go from a century canvas shoes spread Rongchong situation.

Latest trend with blast wave patch installed uninhibited attitude

July 01 [Tue], 2014, 11:23

Very cool embroidered patches tide strong return, it varied pattern individuation, multiple pieced together is a very flashy decor, the most common in jeans, today we take a look at the patch installed on fashion match.

Today's day a look and share with the blast wave patch installed, look in the influx of people to see recommended mix is not cool range of children, but to give everyone a good show of wild patch installed, like wide leg pants and high heels patch denim jacket piercing generous mix of not only a woman's taste and personality shows uninhibited attitude, this is the charm of the patch installed.

Usually we have chosen with this patch installed neutral cool a single product, but in fact the patch installed wild nature should play more of the association, with a more innovative combinations like sweet dresses, stylish profile shape wear, sexy high heels, etc., wear your own style, a combination of the most special match.
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