I still think about you. 

2011年07月01日(金) 17時07分
I update this very rarely and to be honest, I do it for you. In hopes that one day you'll contact me and we can have a reunion. I'm really sorry that I cannot do what you wanted, to forget you. However, I just cannot forget you that easily, it's not that simple. My promise of always being there for you is still there and always will be. Ahhh, I still remember you telling me in an email on how close we were, closer than your friends you've known longer than me. I don't remember if I told you, but you are the only one I have ever talked to the way I did with you. You are the only one I ever poured my heart out to without a thought. I never had a thought of "oh I shouldn't really talk about this" or "they probably aren't interested." You were and still are, my best friend.

You still hold a very special place in my heart and it's been what, 2 to 3 years since I last heard from you?
I hope things are well, Yumi.


2010年11月30日(火) 6時42分
I'm at University of Colorado at Boulder and there was some huge meet with some people, people who seemed to be very important. The "assembly" went on and on and then got to this point where they announced my brother's death. My dad was somehow in the crowd....At first I did not know it was my dad, he fell down due to the news and some people around him helped him up. The whole time I watched him get up and as he slowly turned his head, his face was revealed more and more. I saw my dad. My dad was only a couple feet from me. I'm not sure what it was, fear or shock, but whatever it was, it made me try to get as far away from him as possible. Suddenly, the people in front started calling my name, telling me to come up there and say a few words...I just kept trying to get away and somehow people around me knew they were calling me up, so they stopped me and forced me to turn around. I yelled some things, I'm not sure what I said, but once I was done I ran off into some classroom. All I could think of while I hid in a corner in the classroom was, "He saw me. He saw me. He fucking saw me." I then figured, the best place to be at the moment was to leave the classroom. As I opened the classroom door, there he stood.

Now, I wonder what did my dream mean....does my dad even know?


2010年08月11日(水) 7時42分
is filled with stress.
From the countless things that need to be done, you still have friends to attend to before leaving...and when you don't, they get hurt.

Y'Know, once I'm gone, it won't matter...that I'm hurting.

How about HIM? 

2009年03月05日(木) 16時48分
Today, I went to apply with insurance. When the reception desk woman was asking my mother who was applying for insurance, she points at me and asks "How about HIM?" My brother leans back since he was on the other side of my mother and goes "did you hear that? HIM." Every single time I get mistaken for a male I really get upset. Like come on, I'm not aiming to look like a male. I just look better with shorter hair and I feel most comfortable in not so tight clothing.pissed me off.Anyways, waited there for an half hour before my mother and I got to meet with a worker.
THEN waited an hour and a half to get applied for the insurance. My freaking shrimp chips, my ass hurt like no other. They can at least get better chairs that don't hurt your damn ass while waiting for them to finish.

I officially hate insurance companies when first applying for medicare.
This is Nhi
and please don't question my sex...
Because it's good!

Check it out.


2009年02月23日(月) 9時08分
I talked to a friend, that I haven't really had the chance to really...talk. If you know what I mean. Like those deep and heart felt talks AND just talking in general. hah.
Been wondering how he was doing. Since the girl he likes loves is dating someone new now. And now he's feeling upset and about it, acting mean towards her. But he's not doing that anymore. I worry about him sometimes, he's too kind.Anyways I fell asleep reading for US History. That stuff is way too boring and I have no idea how to stay awake and it's so difficult to remember everything I read.today I also talked with a friend who just separated from someone she's dating with for a little over two years. Feel a little sorry for her since I knew it was going to happen. I have no idea what to do for her then again, that sort of thing is a one man army type of thing.

I should really be doing my homework. Well it's more like assigned reading, I hate reading this crap. But yay for procrastination! I'll get on it after I finish this blog. I noticed my blogs are quite boring. But you know what? It's something that helps me get things off my chest.


2009年02月22日(日) 17時38分
Are delicious. NOMNOMNOM. Anyways, I met my sister's girlfriend. Quite interesting girl. haha. Her name is Misty, reminded me of pokemon. I can't really say what kind of person she is though, haven't talked to her enough. Though she seems cool. Wayyyy better than my sister's last girlfriend. Also, she reminded me of my sister when she was younger. Very tomboyish with the hats, ponytails and huge sweaters. Other than doing that today I played games. Yayyy for latale. Finally level 40. The new skills that I got are awesome. Anyways, that's pretty much my day. My life is wayyyyyyy to unfilling for my satisfaction of living my life.


2009年02月21日(土) 15時54分
Ahhh. Topic on my mind. Liars.
great one is it not?
first off, I would like to share a photo.
It's hilarious. Reminds me of a couple people that I know. Anyways.

I doubt anyone reads my blogs, but how are you? How is your life? How do you deal with those liars that you trusted oh so much?
Ahhh. I'm so tired of it.
Sorry. I'm messing around with the page setting stuff. Quite entertaining I must say.

Excuse me for the language. On to liars.
What drives liars to lie? The mind set of saving face? Or the fact they can't believe anyone will accept them for who they really are or accept the things they enjoy doing. I just can't grasp a reason to why people need to lie. Okay, lying to parents about something minor, is acceptable. To me. Lying to hurt someone or just to lie to seem cool or fun, is unreasonable. Why know people a fake side of you? They don't know you, they know your lies. More so than you. How about...lying about being extremely ill or deathly sick? Would you accept that? Would you like the worry and fear? How would you feel when you find out that it was all just a scheme.
Bullcrap, worthless time
Is what liars are
and extremely pathetic.

And I'm deciding to write everyday on my blog. If I'm not to busy with school, memories sake
I guess.


2009年02月16日(月) 15時35分
私の日本語は良いですか? たぶんじゃない! 
Haha. That probably made no sense, but that's okay because I highly doubt there are people reading my blog. Thank god!

Anyways, it's been a hell of a long time. I guess I needed a place to express myself and well I thought to myself, where can I do that without being asked questions.

Ahhh man, I miss someone who is still very dear to me. And it's been what...over a year? There's not a day you don't come to mind, you know that? Even though I haven't spoken to you or heard from you for over a year, I still remember. Remember what? How you were, how sweet you were, how innocent. I still can't find someone as great as you were. No one can do the things you ever did for me. Sure, they can do nice and sweet things. Their actions just never compare to yours. Harsh of me to say, right? I can't help it, when I miss you so.

Least you could of done was let me say good bye. 

2008年01月19日(土) 10時32分
I'm sorry Yumi. I'm probably the reason to why all that has happened to you in the last few months. I understand, but asking me to forget everything about you was too much. Too harsh. You can't even let me keep my memories of you?

I'm sorry, I'm being selfish...If it's what you want, it's what I'll give you.
Good bye.

つきもと ゆみこ 

2008年01月06日(日) 5時37分
I don't know how to write your name in kanji, I wish I did. I miss you so much. This might make you feel sad...but I cried for you. I hope you didn't cry too much. A friend of your's told me that you wrote an essay about me. How come you never told me that you did? He even said it was a good paper, I'd like to read it. When I found out you wrote an essay about me, it made me feel how much you love and care for me. I really am like a little sister to huh? Now, I feel like I never told you how much I loved you. I remember you always telling me "I love you Nhi" with a little smiley face, but I don't recall ever telling you "I love you too." or "I love you Yumi." But I want you to know I love you more than anyone on this earth. I was watching this live action of an anime and they said two lines that really touched me and made me think about you.
"Life is a journey in which it's all about finding a partner to travel with" To me, I feel like I already found my partner, but still yet to tell you I love you in all the languages I know!
"I won't say goodbye. Japan and America... are on the same planet. If we want to meet up, we can still meet whenever we want." First person I thought of and was the only one I thought of. I will find you Yumi!
I love you.
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