Malic TV will appear on the market the earliest in April fruit pink says 10 thousand much too cheap

February 24 [Fri], 2012, 12:29

Can the apple that leaves Qiaobusi still conquer the world? Solve this one problem " touchstone " will appear very quickly. Recently, the gucci outlet media outside the condition reports, the malic TV with long already talk will be in the earliest in April put on sale, producing model beforehand is 42 inches mainstream dimension, use OLED face plate, system of deepness conformity IOS, ministry of supportive Siri knead dough identifies software.

The apple is confused people had begun to discuss having a flowery malic gucci outlet store TV will be how the thing of cruel. Nevertheless, also have Lv of popular feeling impeach, be in the United States, apple because " factory of sweat and toil " the adjudgement stage of the Xiang Daode that be pushed, whether can this throttle a few customer to the apple discounted gucci bags adore?

Will appear on the market the earliest in April the territory that Qiaobusi thinks to overturn most

Never cut truly so about the message of malic TV.

The message gucci handbags outlet says, before this year May, malic company will roll out original gucci bags ITV of its TV product, use OLED face plate, appearance fine Bao Liangli, can regard a remote controller as IPhone, discounted gucci bagsIPad, price comes in 2000 dollars 3000 dollars.

IOS intelligence system had gained huge success on IPhone, IPad, be taken use on TV product, the end that means an apple leather gucci bags is to develop a meeting " think " television, the user can experience the software application of IPhone gucci bags outlet on the television.

The report of Taiwan media says, the chip that SamSung and summerly general quicken manufacturing ITV place to need for malic company respectively and indication screen, the partial part supplier that at the same time the semiconductor of Taiwan makes the enterprise such as company and day moon also become ITV. Group of Fuji Kang Ji also obtained malic company's biggest order.

So far, malic supplier people maintained be tight-mouthed always. "Pertinent information, we want to be released through headquarters ability. " when the staff member of a supplier accepts a reporter to interview, express. But the outside thinks generally, TV is the territory that Qiaobusi thinks to overturn most, and this supplier list has been his what new product keeps consistent is designer gucci bags high quality offerred assure.

10 thousand much too cheap apple is confused do not care moral adjudgement

Nevertheless, this, the market of malic TV behaves a likelihood and depend on not just product itself. Recently, the apple is tremendous profit backstage Fuji health factory by American media sarcastic for " horrible factory " , public opinion is besieged continuously, gucci bags 2012 even appeal consumer is adopted " turn over an apple " the action.

When secretary-general bilks this world to accept a reporter to interview yesterday, society of Beijing business economy expresses, the media outside the condition to Fuji health " factory of sweat and toil " the description is exaggerate actually, "The person of clear industry pattern can not suffer an effect, but the misdirect sex that its deliver the information that give to be able to comparative in the generation in consumer, this need apple and its supplier information is further transparent, increase public understanding. Increase public understanding..

The CEO laborious case of website thinks, most person does not care malic factory to whether abide by social responsibility in producing a course. "Upgrade no longer when malic product only replacement, or bring new move to the person no longer, the attention of people just can be transferred. " gucci outlet his argument is, recently, in on video website YouTube one paragraph video had attracted imperscriptible IPhone 5 concept more than 47 million times to click.

To a few faithful vermicelli made from bean starch, negative news of the apple also was regarded as apparently cloud drift. "Malic TV wants to buy of course. 42 inches are advocate make model, applicable rate is high; The apple manufactures, belong to high-quality goods surely; Big TV of before a few years is 10 thousand much, now 10 thousand buy a malic product more, too cheap. " a malic confusing tells a reporter.

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Malic bad news

● is pointed to impute supplier

At the beginning of January, malic company issues the audit report that is aimed at main supplier, say to discover a few suppliers exist to violate compasses act louis vuitton outlet in great quantities, if employ child labour and on firewood fulfil, welfare and environmental problem violate compasses behavior to wait. This action of Dan Ping fruit is censured supplier of responsibility impute to.

● " greedy gigantic animal " compress worker

This month 25 days, " new York Times " print article discloses an apple to be in China Kang Ji of one of suppliers, Fuji is round " compress worker " a lot of detail, criticise malic company is right this pay no attention to. Media of mainstream of much home United States also opens fire to the apple subsequently, let this once expensive became 10 thousand people to beat for the company of American innovation surveyor's pole " broken beat " , the aureola on the head also by " greedy gigantic animal " seal date to replace.

● is approved to murder American obtain employment

Besides indulgent " factory of sweat and toil " , media is right of the apple censure still include, this company goes to move of opportunity of major obtain employment China, let an apple be carried on the back " obtain employment of killing United States " accusation. Liu Ying is beautiful