People escape the village overnight

October 26 [Wed], 2016, 22:46
People escape the village overnight, came to a reed marshes, due to fog separated.
Giuseppe Zanotti Hommes London Python Print Zip Sneakers Han Chinese killer who took the opportunity to launch an attack on the hands when Chan. Zhang Auxiliary aware of the same, the Han killer slaughtering exhausted, but found them to stay in hand - when the close of the white Joe followers Chan Chan is also a killer. Zhang adjutant, Qi Tiezui finally found when pregnant Chan, is caught when the White Joe Choi followers to start with her. Critical moment, February red out from the reed marshals, rescued when pregnant Chan, but soon wounded hematemesis. The original February red worry about them, regardless of the injury healed, specially came, the result of injury plus injury. Huo San Niang
Women's Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Wedge Sneakers In Taupe arrived, Qi mouth to see this, so she left with the February red, self-cultivation. Zhang aide, Qi
Women's Giuseppe Zanotti Shearling Lined Zip High Top Sneakers In Black mouth is to stay with Huai Chan continue to move forward. When Huai Chan on February red at first sight, inquire about his situation. Zhang and other aides finally came to the white tree of the sacred tree, Zhang aide, Qi Tiezui defuse the heavy organs, the world child successfully buried. Zhang aide and other return, only to meet in February red, Huo Sanniang dispute, February Red Heart read girl, always refused to accept Huo San Niang, do not want to Huo Sanniang deeper and deeper, because to help themselves, with the family for the enemy, so Cruel to drive her away. Qi Tiezui see this helpless. Zhang Auxuan grateful Huo Sanniang, Huo Sanniang mouth fooled, Zhang aide to persuade Huo Sanniang not with the Lord Buddha. Huo Sanniang
Giuseppe Zanotti Women London Leather Studded Sneakers In Gold returned to Changsha City. When Huai-Chan saw February red sick, took out the white Joe Sheng medicine to heal. When Huai Chan and other back to Joe Walled, but found that law enforcement has seized power. Qi Tiezui trying to help when the power of Chan Chan re-power. When the Huai Chan Chan Qi Tiezui grateful, Zhang aide to help Zhang Qishan where the address will tell the two. When Wai-chan farewell February red, reluctant to February red, proposed to keep him in the Qiaozhai cultivation, Qi Tiezui agreed. Qi Tiezui, Zhang aides rushed to the
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Shearling Lined Zip High Top Sneakers In Black location of Zhang Qishan. Zhang Qishan is like a madness, unkempt distributed squatting in the house painting. Unexpectedly, Qi Tiezui, Zhang aide, she tried every means for Zhang Qishan treatment, have no effect, but in desperation, Yin Crescent had to go back to Peking to find a doctor to save Zhang Qishan. Qi Tiezui remembered when the holy drug can save Huai Chan February red, and perhaps she will have a way to treat Zhang Qishan, so with Zhang Qishan to find when Huai Chan help. When Huai Chan told everyone to save Zhang Qishan, February red medicine in the hands of black Joe, but the white Joe, black Joe has always been different. Zhang aide, Qi Tiezui determined to help when Huai Chan hit Joe. Qi Tiezui to resolve the offensive of the black Joe, Zhang took the opportunity to sneak into the black Joe Joe back to the holy medicine. Huo San Niang back to Changsha, Chen leather asked Huo Sanniang is not her help in February from red storm. Huo Sanniang refused to admit, one insisted that he is out of the city to find Tomb master. Chenpi helpless. Zhang Qishan medication treatment, and gradually improved. Qi Tiezui and others to help when Huai Chan Baekyong settle within the chaos, arrest spies, the situation of white Joe gradually stabilized. Black Joe leader Blackrock in disarray to escape, when Huai Chan commanded the hunt, but for a while there is no
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