mobile phone to call Sun Wenwen

October 15 [Mon], 2012, 15:33
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.. ... Zhou Xiao completely speechless ,he really did not know how to soothe the sixteen seven year old girl ,is only a quick twice ,to change the subject : today is really good .
.. ... Oh ,right, you call me, there is nothing right young Sun Wenwen ,was not week Xiao opponents UGG Tasmina Clearance Sale,just he to moved ,honestly replied : last month, I tried to call you, want to invite you to dinner to express my gratitude you said no ,then pushed this month .
I just want to ask you ,are you free this weekend before Zhou Xiaochuan open reply ,she first said: week brother ,you didn tell me ,you are still not available ,should continue to push back .
As far as I know ,you love dandle home Shende stores had been opened 10 days ,there should be no things need you busy . Say ,this girl in the call to invite Zhou Xiaochuan before ,was done to look ! Play ,.
.. In the face of Sun Wenwen invitation ,Zhou Xiao really feel shy and refuse or evade ,but is quite helpless replied : this weekend is no problem ,you give me the address . road just Vista community ,after you get to call this a phone call to me ,I will come to meet you .
In an address to tell Zhou Xiaochuan ,Sun Wenwen also does not forget to urge the two week : brother ,you must come to ,can not eat your words . Zhou Xiao ,smiled and replied : rest assured ,I have to .
Time flies ,the twinkling of an eye to the weekend .The day before ,Sun Wenwen also specially made another call to remind Zhou Xiaochuan ,let him do be sure to .So in the afternoon, the pet house things over to Huang Xiaowan, Zhou Xiao went to the bus station ,take bus to the road ,knife water of wisdom Vista community .
He wants to let Zhang Aijia go with yourself ,after all, in the treatment of Sun Wenwen things inside ,Zhang Aijia is also a great effort .Unfortunately ,Zhang Aijia Zaitou day went to the Provincial Academy of music ,is said to have something to do ,to now have not come back ,do not know what is in the busy what .
In desperation ,Zhou Xiaochuan is only one person to the sun for an appointment .In bloom went down the bus ,Zhou Xiao and go two blocks, this amounted to just before Vista community .
He wanted out of mobile phone to call Sun Wenwen ,to tell her that he had arrived .But on second thoughts ,he be left with nothing whatsoever to the others inside the home to eat ,somewhat inappropriate .
Then he went to Ming Rui Vista community outside the supermarket ,bought several kilograms of dry fruits like apple ,son ,this is called Sun Wenwen .Heard that Zhou Xiao has come to the entrance area, Sun Bianwen was pleased ,even when J ī actuatingsaid: week brother you can be here, if not come again, I will let my father to pick you up .
You at the gate of the residential area is now wait a moment ,I come to pick you up . Even the phone forget to hang ,so hurriedly rushed out of the house .Speak up ,since the last treatment of Sun Wenwen, Zhou Xiaochuan was never seen this girl to export when Sun Wenwen because the incidence of delirium ,has been in stunning m í status portso that ,when the vibrant vitality ,full of Sun Wenwen appeared in front of him when, it is to let him amazing a .
This kind of experience ,not because Sun Wenwen looks more beautiful, but because of the vibrant vitality of youth movement ,full of temperament . Week brother ,I can be considered to see you .
Far sighted the Zhou Xiaochuan ,Sun Wenwen L ù out asmile .Zhou Xiao Okay ,beside a few out buy food hikikomori man ,is the smile to her this was completely blinded eye, mouth and even muttering under his breath says : !Pure beautiful vitality !I have not read it, in the three dimension of the world which had such a pure beautiful vitality ! Sun Wenwen ignored the otaku man exists, a pair of pretty eyes staring at Zhou Xiao .
Last time in the hospital ,just wake up Sun Wenwen although seen Zhou xiao . But do not know he is my Savior ,so just glanced at did not pay attention to .From this point of view ,it is the first time Sun Wenwen met Zhou Xiaochuan ,.
.. Well ,strictly speaking North Face Gore Tex Sale,should be the first to see Zhou xiao .Because early in the heart of the week took Xiao ,also has the life-saving grace plus, so at the moment when Sun Wenwen met Zhou Xiaochuan Northface Women's GTX Sale,he could not live in the heart secretly muttered : although the week brother appearance is not outstanding, but there is a special maturity gas quality and charm .
Perhaps such a man ,is the real man !South Korea the handsome ,although look very nice ,but too mother ,a little mature temperament and charm are not, where can and week brother more than ,besides, week brother not only skill excellent ,but also play the piano well ,simply Wenwushuangquan ,internal and external preparation ,handsome to the dregs .
.. ... .I said ,looking for a boyfriend ,still have to find a week brother such .Oh ,die die ,what am I make blind and disorderly conjectures about what the sixteen seven years of age ,this is the girl Huaichun season .
Zhou Xiaochuan liked Sun Wen Wen will make blind and disorderly conjectures ,also be not at all surprising .However ,it is because of this make blind and disorderly conjectures ,let her face with a young woman, for her vibrant ,full of vitality on temperament of added a bit shy charm ,this charm moment jumped several grades ,so that this had been blinded eyes otaku man ,was an instant seckill off .
Were it not for the house too long ,do not know how to chat up the locals ,afraid they would have flocked to the Sun Wen Wen rushed for a variety of contact ... ... .Perhaps it is because many see various types of beauty ,and perhaps to underage girls have no interest ,Zhou Xiao performance than the next few alive outstanding man many ,in the up and down after Sun Wenwen ,he smiled and nodded: see you like this ,should be restored t ng ì Ji ,I will rest assured .
As the saying goes UGG Jimmy Choo Sora,all things as long as a comparison, will have their advantages and disadvantages have .Now ,in see week dawn and next to that several otaku males of different performance ,Sun Wenwen ,he again on a higher level : week brother is indeed the week brother ,always able to maintain and grace ,where like these guys .
.. ... Even so ,her mind was also a bit small loss .Because Zhou Xiao performance ,too cool some .It is not explained ,her charm is not enough to attract Zhou Xiaochuan Mody in her heart ,and did not look forward to Zhou Xiao looks at her, to L ù abe amazing to things look like it .
What to lead the way ,the total can not let me speak to you in this area at the station for a long time . Zhou Xiaochuan smiled and opened the joke ,that Sun Wenwen gave him a brother and sister feeling ,let him not unfamiliar, feel close to .
Only Sun Wenwen had answered a God to come ,spit ,some feel shy to say: ah ,of ,on ,week brother ,come with me ,I will lead you to the mu . Her tongue posture ,cute to the extreme ,so that several just breath to otaku man ,moment and choking .
Watched Zhou Xiaochuan backs away ,the dead man inside house ,full of envy hate couldn whispered : no matter from which, I than this guy good .Why this pure beautiful woman was his strength to recognize it unfair ,really was so unfair ! Only one laugh very proud ,and even waved off inside the digital camera ,he said: happened to take the pure beautiful woman smiling vitality of the photo, you guys didn hikikomori ,admire worship me ! What your luck too good the asshole ! Eating alone is to be punished !Send me a copy .
Asshole ! I need it ! Ming sunset Vista community ,were in a dreadful mess .In fact ,confusion is not only just Vista community outside the door ,in the next few days ,it is a confusion network .
The reason is very simple ,do not know is that several dead house men in which one ,actually will Sun Wen Wen laugh the most splendid photos uploaded to the network ,the title for the three dimensional world ,wild pure beautiful vitality Niang ,photos ,immediately seckill a large group of otaku ,and after a long time ago to maintain a high popularity .
.. ... UGGs Gaviota Sale.When Zhou Xiao into the sun when, just discover this evening meal that there seems to be something wrong .Because it in the living room of people ,really a lot .And see, all is same as Sun Wenwen ,sixteen seven year old girl .
At the same time ,Zhou Xiaochuan also found ,in the living room of a glass table ,there are also several beautifully packaged gift .Have a look at those gifts of glass coffee table ,and then have a look own hands holding the two bags of fruit ,Zhou Xiaochuan is a little confused .
This ... ... What the hell is going on in the sensory hair mist when Zhou Xiaochuan ,an original nest on the sofa chatting girl stood up ,smiled and gave Sun Wenwen a big hug ,and a beautifully packaged gift boxes into her hand : Wen Wen ,you just where my to have time to see you .
Well, this is a gift for you . I went up week brother . Sun Wenwen smiled and took the box ,said thanks to one side, then pointed to the girls room Zhou Xiao said : quiet ,gave me quiet .
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