Chromebook software user reviews

October 24 [Thu], 2013, 12:28
Have a lot of Chromebooks to play with.I really do envy you ,which i haven't been able to get one to play, about the HP 11 design and screen as well as acer's guts. Should I wait a little longer til they have a baby or are chrome books not being developed as fast as androidphones.

Sandy Bridge dual core processor and GPU in the old "C7" should be able to handle the job, the Acer c7, with my Windows 8 PC and my galaxy S3 play store won't stream in anything but SD. I bought the HD version, Figured the Chromebook would.

Think Toshiba may roll out a chromeboo pixel revamped version,which has lower price and better battery life ,cuz pixel is already nearly perfect ,except the battery life,they don't have to make much change to it.Actually I think Chrome Os is already pretty good ,and they plan to roll out NACL functionality,which will be amazing ,given the fact that you can run native app on Chrome Os.I'm looking forward to it becoming more and more powerful.

Acer definitely stepped it up with power and battery but I think that style will keep me happy for a long time. I am fully vested in Google world. I appreciate the feedback. I just wanted to make sure I am not missing any reviews, inputs and facts. I understand everyone had their opinion and that is cool. I like to hear all sides and draw my own conclusion. Based on my reviews and feedback I need to wait a little longer. 

Chromebook sports with Intel haswell CPU,which drastically improve the performance and the battery life meanwhile .And I believe Chrome OS team has done a lot optimization to make it work better with Haswell chipset.

I am a heavy Google Docs user. I have converted my company to get on board. I have spreadsheets with some very complex formulas plus as a bonus I taught myself how to script for full automation. Spreadsheets is definitely very powerful. I created forms for my employees that pull into time sheets. Then when I run the payroll at the end of the pay period it gathers all the time sheets from my staff and creates a payroll journal. Fully automated. 

Would advise trying to use Google sheets if you have a need for collaboration or to embed data tables into Sites, etc. Most of the functionality is there in Sheets, it is just in formulas, not menus. For instance, the simplest case of =Trend has to be done for trend line graphs. Further, if the trend is of an uncertain length, you need to use filter nested in trend. Google Sheets has more functionality than one would think. It just isn't obvious and that is frustrating.

You can also try the MS Office Web App. Also, Zoho Sheets has more functionality than Google Sheets or the Office Web App, and it can save to your Google Drives another option, you can install Linux on your Chromebook and use one of the several free office suites for Linux and OpenOffice are both feature rich. Otherwise, I would recommend just using a computer with Excel on it. Ime, Excel web app is just not there yet. For example, you can view but not create pivot tables.
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