Smart car, the human child charming

March 02 [Sat], 2013, 16:12
Every day, a small total walk in the Xiling Qiao River overlooking Lian Lian Bibo little waterfowl, she can not help but poetry and sing, pour out the emotion in mind. West Lake was beautiful, but also without the development of artificial mountain road roundabout tour hard work, she produced a compact and handy oil wall Xiangche. Sitting in this car, you can go the distance.

Smart car, the human child charming, walk through the clouds between, seems like a down to earth goddess. Along pedestrian talking about, amazed, guess she is what figure. Su Xiaoxiao no one else, all the way to the line all the way broke into Yin Road:

Yan cited Orioles Dr. Liu folder passers chapter directly to the West Lake.

Chunhuaqiuyue such visit, live in the the Xiling concubine surnamed Su.

Little of the original friends through verse, cross the a few fond landscape confidant, did not want the visitors some embroidered pillow rotten straw - dapper fools, in all likelihood she ridiculed out. Qiantang city wealthy money Wancai door several times, and willing to take the daughter to marry a little concubine, was a little refused. Money Wancai lose face, angry and said: "You have beauty and talent, I Choi potential, annoyed me to be careful!" Pimps advised her: "may wish to look for a silver spoon, lifelong also have to rely on." Little Road: acquaintance, expensive flat intimate. ye in the fiscal outlook?! Moreover, I love the West Lake, would not from a narrow view, if the body into Kanaya! "

Winter to spring, the birds are flying long grass. One day, Su Xiaoxiao encountered in play when one looks handsome, the son - Ruanyu literarily, the two first sight. That Ruanyu but when the son of dynasty prime minister Nguyen Road, were ordered to to eastern Zhejiang act, give a lift to tour the West Lake. Riding a blue Cong Ma see sitting Xiangche little being, like a fairy, a moment she stared, his horse and small car almost rear-end. Until a little drive away Ruanyu to collect myself, and quickly asking passers small origins residence.

Ruanyu way to look for to Su Xiaoxiao called on by the courtesy of the beauty, both poetry and singing and piano Shang Hua, sympathetic, Brief Encounter, the evening will be the same bed and sleep, boarding Wushan. Inseparable the Su Xiaoxiao from this and Ruanyu daily common sightseeing tour finally Sidingzhongshen. Of small writing poetry as a sop:

Concubine multiply oil wall cars, Lang riding a blue Cong Ma

Where to tie the knot? Xiling pine and cypress.

Later, this poem was included into the Bureau Poetry "and handed down.

But, Ruanyu father heard his day with a prostitute in the Qiantang mix, very angry, put his force back to the capital Jiankang (Nanjing), and he was placed under house arrest. Su Xiaoxiao all day without leaving home, only to poetry and to relieve the heaviness. Look forward to every day, but there is no lover returned, she finally fell ill, "every night and leave behind the moon shines, Zhao Zhao endure Baiyun mill."

"My heart is clean"

March 02 [Sat], 2013, 16:11
West Lake, a poem, a natural picture, a beautiful story. Lived here for many years, whether citizens or travelers passing by dumping all for this unparalleled in the world of beauty.

Spring in March, fame. The white two dike, Taoliugaan. Both sides of the water waves glittering cruise little bit; distant kept empty mountains, with Tsui Qingdai. Walk in Hudi, you will be amazed by the scene, even enchanted rapture, doubt whether to enter the world outside Wonderland.

Thus, for some Youyuan legendary floated ...

The Su Xiaoxiao home bloods who have the Eastern Jin Dynasty official, from the south of Suzhou (Suzhou) living on the Qiantang by patrimony operations, become more honest local businessman. Her parents she was the only one daughter, doting;, so called because of her long petite little. This girl not only looks delicate features, but also intelligent and extraordinary. The father read poems to recite the text, she with the will, relatives and friends praise her grow up will become a talented woman.

The Su Xiaoxiao 6-year-old death of his father, mother died at age 15. (To make a living, his mother had insults as prostitutes. Deathbed, the mother said: "My heart is clean, I hope Little Mo negative I!") To sell their assets so moved to the west of the city with a wet nurse Jia aunt Xiling Bridge River.

They live in a small building in songbailin per day savings, enjoy the landscape between. Su Xiaoxiao looks exquisitely beautiful, artistically very many suave juvenile in her car. The parents of restraint, Su Xiaoxiao also happy to mingle and literati are often small building her friends through verse, her door is always car to drive to. Su Xiaoxiao become the Qiantang along the famous poem prostitutes, but only entertainer does not pick up.

Little childhood love for reading, though not had to learn from a teacher by the school, was known book knowledge ceremony, especially fine poetry, letter vomit resigned, are as Quotes. Little also fond of West Lake, she will own housing furnished elegant chic, Ying Lake opened a round window, Title "mirror Court" on both sides the couplet, wrote: "Closed Court possession crescent windows put wild cloud." She Although most unfortunate, and my body is a weak woman, very valued talent and also loyal love.

Monroe 18 points and 16 boards Owen depressed state

February 02 [Sat], 2013, 15:37
2012-13 season, the NBA regular season continues on February 2, Cleveland Cavaliers 99-117 loss to the Detroit Pistons, the Cavaliers a two-game losing streak, while the Pistons ended a two-game losing streak.

Four score (the knight former) :16-24 ,31-30 ,21-31 ,31-32. Cavaliers Owen had 14 points and 5 assists, Tristan - Thompson 19 points and nine rebounds, Speights 17 points and eight rebounds; Pistons Knight 20 points and 10 assists, six rebounds, Singh, 20, Monroe 18 points and 16 rebounds assists, Stuckey 14 points, Villanueva 10 points and 4 blocked shots, Will - Bynum 11 points and eight assists.

Owen single 11 points dumunanzhi

The start of the game, Brandon - Knight even send three assists, followed by the break layup scored 2 points, helping the Pistons 8-2 start. Cavaliers side only Kerry - Owen state well, despite this section of his Hurricane teams 11 points, but unfortunately teammates were weak; Pistons contributed 8 points and 5 assists Knight led, 24-16 8 points ahead of the Cavaliers to the end of the first section.

The nil Mao Taixia Jones popped

II competition, Knight substitute backcourt Myers Livingston gotta play chopped 11 points, but "No Mao Taixia" Villanueva excellent state of half section of the game contributed 7 points and 2 blocked shots to help the Pistons, has maintained a leading. The Knights trailed by 13 points, and good in the last one minute Thompson and the Speights series gotta play, Speights more rare Hit pointer by the Cavaliers Cavaliers halftime catch 47-54.

Starkey unstoppable chopped 10 points

Into the second half, the Cavaliers rookie West find the feeling series scored in the cast, but Owen to face the opponent's attack of defense trouble the Cavaliers offensive encountered a lot of trouble. Knight, Singh, Pistons series Jiangong, Stuckey scored 10 points terrorist manifestations the Pistons third section points difference widened ,85-68-leading 17 points.

Pistons end two-game losing streak

Distal game, the Cavaliers Speights opening chopped 8 points, and Myers scored 2 points ,78-89 free throws catch up just 11 points.Will Bynum Singh and continuous outside line to get angry, the piston once will expand the advantage to 17 points, Ellington scored five points, Myers-thirds succeeded, the Cavaliers 90-99 short of 9 minutes. Critical moment, Villanueva storm inside the free throw 2 1 Singh breakthrough succeeded, Monroe insider chopped 5 points, the Pistons last minute has the advantage expanded to 16 points, eventually narrowly defeated Cavaliers end a two-game losing streak.

Bryant 7 +6 +4 the almighty soldiers Lakers 37-24 Timberwolves

February 02 [Sat], 2013, 15:33
February 2, NBA regular season to continue, the Lakers went to Minnesota to start competing with the Timberwolves, the Lakers leading 37-24 after the first section of the athletic field after Timberwolves. Bryant, the first section 7 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, and Pau Gasol 13 points, 3 rebounds, 2 blocked shots, Nash 5 assists. Timberwolves center Pekovic 6 points, 2 rebounds, Kirilenko and Derrick - Williams is 4 points.

Bryant single section 7 +6 +4 show Almighty

Williams outset Timberwolves scored first, however, Clark and Gasol performance is very good, the two work together to play the lead 13-2 wave of attacks quickly. Kirilenko Peicovici Timberwolves score, but Ci Shiping and Bryant consecutive goals, with Nash hit third again, the Lakers play 12-4 offensive tide Timberwolves 15 points, leading 27-12. After Timberwolves have scored, but Bryant and Blake third consecutive hit, She Weide and Barea Timberwolves fire, but Gasol's offensive momentum very fierce and continuous score. The first ZhanBa Lakers to 37-24 leading the Timberwolves. Bryant single section 7 points and 6 rebounds 4 assists

The two sides starting lineup:

Lakers: Ci Shiping, Clark, Gasol, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash

Timberwolves: Kirilenko, Derek - Williams, Pekovic, Ridnour, Rubio

"Mrs. subsidies": a realistic portrayal of the businessman Mei Officer

January 29 [Tue], 2013, 16:12
Economically underdeveloped city's mayor ideology is not liberation, so the mayor went to invigorate the economy and sending exchange. Home against? Ten thousand yuan monthly subsidy to the mayor's wife!

Group discussion on the morning of the 25th CPPCC Guangdong Province, Guangdong Development Bank, chairman of Dong Jianyue recommendations of Mrs. subsidies ", make Liu Zhigeng vice governor dumbfounding, the scene of many members understand the mood", but "not in favor".

To the harsh conditions of the local mayor, dissenting more than just his wife, children, the elderly will be unhappy. Accordance with the logic of Directors members, but also to the officials issued a "child allowance" the "filial subsidies, so the square to allow officials to work without distraction.

"12 million" money come from? The Dong members said "this expenditure Guangdong fully bear got" the meaning is clear, and that is to use taxpayer money to the mayor's wife issued subsidies, the Board members did not intend to dig their own pockets.

From the point of view of human nature, separated in two places at the expense of their grandchildren in order to work, does need some sort of compensation, but the two separated not only officials. Of migrant workers, who for many years drifting away Qierlaoxiao situation of bleak home is far better than the mayor's wife, and the wife of migrant workers should be "Mrs. subsidies?

The subsidies of recommendations to the Mayor and his wife is not worth refuting such a proposal to get the local two sessions are bound to be a joke. But this does not mean that the Directors Members are very naive, very ignorant, and certainly will not be able to do the bank and board member of the IQ average person.