Novartis will work together to launch Google can measure blood sugar Contacts

July 24 [Thu], 2014, 11:30

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis announced on the 15th, from the U.S. company Google Contacts glucose values ​​measured at acceptable technology new gucci sunglasses 2014 licensing. The company wants to carry out research and development work of the commercially available to help treat diabetes.

The technology can be detected using the sensor contact lens on the blood glucose level in tears, then sends the data to the mobile phone, to help ray ban sunglasses for kids the user to improve eating habits.Novartis's Alcon will be responsible for research and investment in commercial real work. U.S. media said it expects sales in 2015.

In addition to the main Google web search business, the autopilot was still broad areas of automotive research, contact lenses is one of them. January the company has disclosed the samples, looking for the realization cheap oakley sunglasses of the practical application of cooperative enterprise.

Shenyang in the second quarter of glasses fitted with a pass rate of 69%

July 24 [Thu], 2014, 11:29

Quality supervision departments to purchase a sample without prior notice enterprise the way to 100, more than 300 enterprises in Shenyang glasses store for random sampling, sampling rate of 1/3 of the total number of enterprises. Supervision glasses equipped with 100 batches of products, on examination, 69 batches of qualified, a pass rate of 69%. Substandard, the spherical vertex (degrees) Deviation 35.5% proportion of unqualified; cylinder vertex (astigmatism) Deviation 25.8% proportion of unqualified; cylinder gucci square wrap sunglasses axial deviation of the ratio of project failure 58.1%; optical center of the horizontal deviation of the ratio of the project failed 32.3%; optical center of each level the proportion of poor project failed 48.4%.

The results for the passing rate, Shenyang Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau released the first product quality and safety glasses equipped with risk monitoring briefing. Shenyang Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau reminds consumers optometry examination after wearing 15-30 minutes, if not timely, please adjust the lens ray ban sunglasses for kids optometry staff, and according to his own face and parameters to select the right eyeglass frames and glasses, the selection of the product should there factory inspection certificate. Meanwhile, consumers should pay attention to the inspection taking lens factory inspection certificate. Finally, consumers want to save the good glasses prescriptions and receipts, etc., in order to have the evidence to make a complaint or inspection departments when quality problems occur.

Ophthalmologists practicing "Beautiful responsibility" calls attention to the wearer's eye health

July 24 [Thu], 2014, 11:27

Recently, the Japanese National Life Center released entitled "color contact lenses safe," the report, for many in Japan and Asia Pacific sales of popular color contact lenses quality and safety questioned. Peking University Health Science Center Professor Xie Peiying Optometry, Eye and ENT Hospital, Fudan University, Professor Qu Xiaomei, Professor Yang Xiaofu Zhongshan Medical University, Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, deputy director of Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital and the Hospital ophthalmologist Steven Green oakley hatchet wire sunglasses ophthalmologist authority of the country's top four gathered Shanghai, to carry out "Beautiful responsibilities" color contact lenses health and safety expert advisor seminars on color contact lenses from a professional point of safety and called attention to the wearer's eye health, buy and wear a truly healthy, safe colored contact lenses .

"Cosmetic color contact lenses are not State Food and Drug Administration has long been clear to colored contact lenses as Class III medical gucci square wrap sunglasses devices, the wearer must go for highly qualified optical shop to buy big brands, regular colored contact lenses." experts have stressed at the seminar.

Shaoxing help doctors Yuanjiang County People's Hospital of Awati formation is completed

July 24 [Thu], 2014, 11:25

You can also force Pa Almond wood is Tamu Township Awati Rostock Mubarak a squad of eight brigade villagers, 62-year-old housewife, was found to have diabetes for six years, visual acuity decreased from a year ago appeared in recent days Awat County People's Hospital for treatment, Dr. Huang Jinou by Shaoxing Yuanjiang ray ban sunglasses for men check visual acuity index only the immediate diagnosis of diabetic cataract, after preoperative preparation on July 11th row right eye cataract extraction and intraocular lens implantation into surgery, surgery went very smoothly, visual acuity to 4.7.

Before Awat County People's Hospital due to lack of professionally qualified medical personnel and necessary equipment, has been in a blank state ophthalmology, ophthalmic patient here basically to Urumqi to Aksu and even treatment. In March this year, Shaoxing Yuanjiang doctors 黄金鸥 to the hospital after the first learned here gucci square wrap sunglasses due to the strong ultraviolet radiation, high sand and other reasons cataracts, pterygium and other eye diseases incidence of pathogenic conditions for local physicians to develop ophthalmic yellow construction plans, positive efforts in the hospital, as well as the support of caring people, the purchase of much needed ophthalmic equipment, and gradually build ophthalmology. This marks the successful completion of cataract surgery Awat County People's Hospital has officially completed the cheap oakley sunglasses formation, the hospital now can take include ophthalmic diagnostic cataracts, pterygium, glaucoma and other eye common disease, treatment and surgery, as bright Awati people's escort.

Professional commercial speech model fun culture media

July 24 [Thu], 2014, 11:23

Fun for culture media in the field of activity after years of corporate brand, integrity, professional service and the strength of many enterprises to establish cooperation, adhere to high quality male and female models, the Taiwan model, etiquette models, entertainers and other enterprises and institutions to provide professional gucci sunglasses for women 2014 and thoughtful, business advertising services, continue to help enterprises enhance brand image campaign and effect.

Fun for Culture Media Co., Ltd. is currently operational cooperation in the automotive, real estate, FMCG, luxury goods, media, fashion and entertainment industry, sports brands, travel agencies, IT Internet, e-commerce, advertising, public relations, media publications, fashion magazines and other industry organizations and fendi sunglasses havana costco government agencies, nonprofit organizations, etc., and with a number of television and radio stations, the major exhibition of video media sites and advertising public relations company has a good working relationship.

Fun for culture media publicity in media planning, artist management, music production and concert execution, model training and activities such as commercial speech has many years of industry experience, and has given the frequent oakley hatchet wire sunglasses cross-strait exchanges, the mainland talent, the company also hopes to explore more multi-potential talent and personal qualities of the newcomers, welcome you to join potential.

Ray-Ban 2014 series glasses grand debut new colors

July 17 [Thu], 2014, 10:39

Since 1937, Ray-Ban is the world's pioneer in sunglasses and optical glasses, it represents has not only a brand. It is freedom, innovation, I really synonymous - and these are precisely embodies the core values ​​of Ray-Ban ideas. Retroactive past, Ray-Ban glasses initially designed for the U.S. Air Force pilots during World War II design, with its iconic ultra-light frame, unique green lenses, and ultraviolet and infrared cheap sunglasses online free shipping absorption won numerous accolades. These legendary eyewear design, in the past has been wearing a lot of legends, today is still enduring classic.

PANDORA latest fashion sunglasses lady personality

July 17 [Thu], 2014, 10:38

Have "design kingdom," said the Danish, produced a lot of famous brands, want to introduce this, it is committed to creating a timeless design PANDORA for women. Brand jewelry in its expansion in the series, the latest addition to the elegant and stylish sunglasses. Sunglasses entire series has a total of 6 different cheap sunglasses online free shipping designs, adhering to the philosophy of the brand focuses on more than the quality of the product, but also filled with a unique personality. In the elaborate details of the deal to build the next, showing simple fashion style. Products are expected in June shelves.

Zegna centenary commemorative models sunglasses

July 17 [Thu], 2014, 10:35

Italy's oldest fashion empire ushered Ermenegildo Zegna centenary. To celebrate this enduring celebration, the brand launched a grand centennial cheap ray ban sunglasses models aviator sunglasses, ultra-light texture, flexible and comfortable; Frame inlaid metal edge by double Hengjia perfect convergence, and draw inspiration from the classic brand fabric. To celebrate this enduring celebration, the brand launched a grand centennial models aviator sunglasses (Model: SZ3194), inherited the glorious tradition Zegna, carries a passion cheap Oakley Sunglasses for the pursuit of perfect quality, the brand will be the perfect combination of modern and innovative, the most gorgeous collision spark.

Ultra-light texture, flexible and comfortable; Frame inlaid metal edge by double Hengjia perfect convergence, and draw inspiration from the classic brand fabric. Frame edge engraved with 'Ermenegildo Zegna 1910-2010' words, to commemorate versace sunglasses cheap the centenary of the brilliant history. Frame feet from a unique material made of acetate tortoiseshell color, and with a stylized arrow-shaped design in the frame at the foot plate, creating the ultimate precise nuances and totally natural design elements.

Cartier sunglasses Mother's Day Zhen election funds

July 17 [Thu], 2014, 10:34

In celebration of the festive atmosphere, with Cartier to celebrate the coming of spring, choose Cartier designed specifically for mothers gift it! Because the mother Cartier to create a comprehensive quality of life atmosphere, with the cheap ray ban sunglasses advent of summer, a good mother to protect her beautiful eyes, choose a Cartier double C logo sunglasses, square frame, white and coral red color composite resin , palladium finish, gray gradient lens sunglasses will be the best gift given to the mother.

Christopher Waltz interpretation Winter 2013 Men Prada glasses commercials

July 11 [Fri], 2014, 11:30

Winter 2013 Men Prada glasses commercials by Oscar 82nd and 85th best male winner Christopher Waltz with interpretation, fashion photographer David Sims Zhang Jing. Friends believe the report on Christopher Waltz in the movie "Inglourious Basterds" in shaping the image of the German colonel deep memory, the original is new style sunglasses for women always smiling executioner also gentle side ah! Black and white plaid shirt with coffee-colored suit with black-rimmed glasses to wear so that Oscar winner exudes wisdom capable of breath.