tuesday with morrie 

2006年02月03日(金) 20時26分
i've been reading 'tuesday with morrie' .
i heard that the book is kind of spirtul book.
i did'nt know that...

but i really enjoy it.
there is a lot of discorvery for me.
i like morrie's way of thinkig very much.
it is so lovley.
the simple thing is very difficult thing.

i wonder if i could love peoples as he did..

i really think of it in these days..

see you then,

according to bridget jone's diary,,, 

2006年01月08日(日) 21時55分

i 'd been trying read bridget jone's diary in english.
it is so difficult to read for me.....

i do not really think it is funny though i think my english skill is lack
to read them.

however, i am going to have new year's resolutions as bridget does.

at first,

compose new songs !
improve guitar& piano playing!
do voice trainning!
read some books in english!
learn spanish!
learn french more!
find something new to feel a lot of things!
be kind to the others!


see you then..

happy new year!! 

2006年01月02日(月) 2時06分
may you have a just happy in this year!!

if you ever have a chance to watch some dvd,
i recommeds you 'motercycle diaries'.

it was really nice.

see you then..



2005年12月18日(日) 22時38分
it is really cold ,,,
i can not stand such a cold like these days..

are you kidding?

i am always say this words against tempreture,not against somebody.
my home town which locates at kyu-shu never bring that.

i have no idea but singing songs.

a lovely day 

2005年12月10日(土) 14時26分
it's a sunny day,isn't it?

i wonder you enjoy your own days...

somebody comes,somebody goes..

i need to know about more myself.

anyway, feel somthing lovely!

cause today is such a lovely sunny day!

something new... 

2005年11月30日(水) 19時24分
almost of my friends can speak english well.
as soon as i know that they improve thier english skill,
i am just feel one thing at moment.
' they have a lot of time to something to try '

i think this view is definetely wrong.that is only excuse for me..
am i such a nonsense?

any way ,
i went to kichi-joji to see my friends' band to refresh my mood last night.
that was really nice.
i think they will be a popular band among the young peole.
the reason why i can say that,
the vocalist who is my friend has really good atmosphere.

i also have to do my own job in my life.

lost some,found some..

but,time goes
people goes ..

night night.


2005年11月27日(日) 1時04分
i found 'the commitments community'in mixi.

it is lovely,isn't it?

this is one of my favorite and it really is recommendable to you..

please watch this if you are a music fan.



2005年11月22日(火) 23時59分
i ' ve forgotten tha i have to let you know a important thing .

my mixi member is 22 ,now.

everybody has sweet personality and they always cheer me up .

its not important for you at all...


have a good holiday!



2005年11月22日(火) 23時49分
i have nothig to write in here today...

but i have many thing that i have to do in these days.


mixi life 

2005年11月20日(日) 11時49分
i am beloging to mixi comunity site that have 1,350,000 members in japan.

my mixi mate is 16 people.

it is not many. but i am very enjoy to cominicate with them.

i almost alway see this sight to check their diary when i touch my pc.

today,a new friend joined to my mixi mate.

welcome,and enjoy our mixi life.

and ceize the days...

thank you
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