July 16 [Fri], 2010, 21:25

they are my favorite dogs in school

they are waiting for breakfast

Bell & Nana

Hina...seems she says "Ahhh...HOT!!!"

Fujiko & Tsuru

Tsuru is taking care of Bell's ear

dogs pics by FXcam

June 26 [Sat], 2010, 10:22
im having fun with the app "FXCamera" by my phone!!!
it lets you take many different types picture!!!
and i usually use Polaroid is really fun!!!

i wish i could put some comments in the white space though!

A Crabby Mystery!

March 29 [Mon], 2010, 13:09
So... I have two crabs. One of them is younger than the 2nd one.
Look at his face, isn't he cute?!
His blue and red legs mean he's young

So, I come home from my parent's house tonight and I turn on my fish tank light.
I see him... sitting and looking at me through the class. Calm, still... and one eye!?


"What happened?! Are you ok!?", I said. So I took a stick and I poked his body... he didn't move.
"Are you dead!?" , I screamed! His body... fell over.... "Oh no... he's dead..."

"But why did he die so young? ", I asked myself. "What's wrong with your new home to make you die? And... Why is one eye clear?!"

Actually, his color seemed very different... he seemed so light! Did he die so quickly? Did the other crab eat him a bit?

But wait!!

I found something!!

A secret door!?

There's nobody inside! He escaped his skin!! Somewhere, in my tank.... I have a hiding naked crab!!

What an impostor!! What a terrible trick!

I put him in the toilet. Good-bye.

But where is my naked, tricky, crab?!

He's hiding under a rock with is new Adult skin.
Good job, crab! You made it! DON'T DO IT AGAIN!

Thanks you and goodnight!

Original Memories!

March 29 [Mon], 2010, 13:02
I found these places on google maps...
I am really glad i have you in my life

Here is our Red Robbin. We had our first food together here! You wouldn't let me see you take any bite! lol

Here is where I waited for you to finish your boat ride. This was a really amazing day for me! It was our 2nd day!

Here is where you left your boots... Your poor boots! lol

I always love you darling!!!!

spring has come?

March 21 [Sun], 2010, 10:31
it is getting warmer and warmer in tokyo! soon we will have beautiful cherry bloosams!!

i wached all laundries yesterday and cleaned my room, especially in closet. then i found many momories!
like some press clippings and some stikers i used to it was fun to take a look back in my past.
thats why i cant through them away forever. and whoile i was working, my bedclothes were on the veranda to get sunlight and dry^^ so my bedlothes got clean and sunlight smell last night. and it made me so happy and comfortable then^_^<3

today i missed careday. instead, iwas going to stay home until work. but i changed my plan. i will leave here before lunch time to find a good gift for Shima. we're gonna see and have dinner with my ex coworkers on 23rd.
then i wanna give her something good as a gift for her graduation of uni. and beck's and for her new stage from april^^

it is windy today, but also sunny day. so i will walk to the station! i dont know why, but i feel really good today!
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