The first sunrise of a new year 

2007年01月05日(金) 22時21分

The first sunrise of a new year is beautiful.

Not a thing to be able to always watch, it is only 1st.

Both time and number of days are different by a country, but will be beautiful where even if they look.

But it is a miracle all over the world that watch the same sun.

What kind of sunrise did the all of you watch?

New Year 

2007年01月04日(木) 0時12分

When it is the New Year in Japan, I go to a Shinto shrine for a New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine.

I resemble a festival.
I pray in a Shinto shrine and promise an ambition of the New Year.

The age that all of you are good for.

Thank you this year.

Japanese Christmas house 

2006年12月28日(木) 13時33分

I attach a decoration to a house on Christmas.
There is the place that I do not do by an area.

A person comes to a house decorating neatly for a visit.

How about a place of all of you?


2006年12月23日(土) 0時28分
Online play is possible if I use WI - FI.

Play is possible with people in the world.
I will try to enjoy it together.

New Year 

2006年12月20日(水) 14時11分

There is an event of New Year holidays in Japan.
I spend it in whole family for New Year holidays.
A child gets a New Year's present.


2006年12月19日(火) 11時43分

It is a music festival performed in Japan.
An appearance artist.......


It is the music festival that a lot of overseas artists participate in.
And a lot of visitors from foreign countries come, too.

All of you please try to participate once, too.


2006年12月18日(月) 12時07分

A Japanese loves sushi.

There is delivery of sushi in Japan.

A photograph is a motorcycle and a container of sushi to use for delivery.


2006年12月15日(金) 12時12分

There is a big bridge in Japan.
I connect an island and an island.

There is a whirling current under a bridge.
This is one sightseeing spot.

There is not loss even if I try to go once.

Coin laundry 

2006年11月29日(水) 14時00分

Japan can wash clothes in one coin.

When I do not have a washing machine, I washing here.

Please try to use once.

play TVgame 

2006年11月21日(火) 11時28分
There is a game measuring brain age.
My brain was 44 years old.

My age is 21 years old.
A brain declines so much.

All of you please try to measure brain age once, too.
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