What Parkour stream

April 11 [Thu], 2013, 10:57
Parkour stream monks [equipped]:

What Parkour stream? It simply means that long-range strike + ring the bell. Range raid to provide ultra-high mobility, The Queensway provide sufficient output to maximize the efficiency of the brush map. What BD's dps magnification are not interested, because the monks occupational skills determine the characteristics of any BD ponley breeze outside in large part by the impact of actual combat, so it is more important person gaming experience .

1. Weapons:

Want unlimited raid, naturally want to slow down the attack speed, we need a two-handed weapon, agility steal Adams Cowen is preferred. White on storm damage can choose according to their affordability.

Generally speaking purely from dps income is concerned, a violent injury = 2 and white = 4 Agility, be sure to take advantage of dps calculator but will vary from person to person is slightly different selection of weapons.

As for the theft, of course, the higher the better, 6% may be more expensive, but the private think that should be at least 5%, or met anti-injury comparison eggs pain.

Bleed damage and DPH upper and lower limits are two relatively minor factor, the higher the better bleed damage DPH upper and lower the closer the better.
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