December 23 [Fri], 2016, 19:06


November 03 [Thu], 2016, 0:26
Today has been great

My date (;

November 18 [Tue], 2014, 16:48

Okay, so today was my date with
him. ^ -^

We went to the book store.
And he was looking at art supplies.
Honestly, I had to try and tell him
he already had a drawing pad.
He seems to be like me and overspend
sometimes in things he likes.
Kehehe, Unless convinced otherwise
he has one already or something.
He was going to buy something to drink,
but I don't think he did. haha

I had a good time with him.

It was very short. But it was still nice .
He was trying to also do some Christmas shopping
for his siblings.

I bought head phones and it made me happy !!

I made this and it made me super happy

They're Bluetooth head set and it plays music so clear
and nice. It can be used to talk on too. My phone
won't work with that feature. But, it works for what
I want

That's all


why do people ...do this to me? and others?

October 25 [Sat], 2014, 14:53

you know that feeling of ...feeling like,

the people you love....are just people

who don't really care about you?

but you still try to be a light
and smile~☆

at the same time. ...
you feel shattered and so unloved by everyone
because they all seem to be breaking you down

with their actions that seem so unloving?

That's the kind of hurt that can make a person
turn so hateful....

is people who don't show or give love and care
to others.

So, try to not be that person ,kii, try to live
a life that's more positive than those people who
give off negative energy to others.

I'm back haha

September 18 [Thu], 2014, 21:08

I've been fairly busy ,
shoooo, I've barely enough time to just stop and think
for myself
It's crazy exhausting, man. I'm telling ya. Haha

To start off my work day,
we went hiking!
It was a very nice hoooot day!
It took maybe 3 hours in getting to a site, hike a mile
and a half then get home.

It was a good hike, other than the fact my client
was super wreckless and frustration hell out
of all of us girls.

When we got home, my client was being rude as ever
and it was kind of my fault, because I caused
some controversy over an issue.
But, my client took it out of the water .

So, my client got scolded and then I was told
by one sister she wouldn't blame me if I just
dropped and quit. Sense my client is SO

We all love her, but she's work alright, haha

Then we watched the reunion of this show
we've been watching together, "Married at First Sight"
It's a social experiment show of 3 couples who literally
marry at first sight , they don't even know the others name.

It was a good show.

My shift was done and I was OUT, che.
I MEAN, really, my client was back talking,
arguing and getting mad at me, just before I was about
to leave and I was like, "bye"
Said my farewells to the sisters and was out the door
I was DONE for the day and tired of her treating me
like that.....when no one else is around.

Of course I spent time with my love~~♡♡

And we had a nice time , but Skype and our
connection with the Internet has been poop haha
so it frustrates me more than him I think.

He's been having blood pressure issues more, lately, and
it concerns me ;^;

I just pray and hope he will no be okay ♡

He was talking to me, just now, but I think
he's doing something haha


August 22 [Fri], 2014, 10:44

I am on this site a lot! (:Many pictures there of me. c:

It's what I can seem to do anymore ^^

Keene got me attached . Since I'm so very
much into diaries and photography.
it's perfect!


August 08 [Fri], 2014, 0:51

1. I don't understand......
how I could have been loved then....
and not now.

2. I really have changed for the worse.
but why??????

3. I miss.... how I used to be...
I used to be so bubbly, friendly and

4. I liked how people were drawn to me.

5. I don't understand why I changed....and
why I'm a worse version of me now.

6. I want so desperately to love myself...

7. I don't like how pessimistic I am now.
I used to be called "miss optimistic"

8. I what to love myself as you do, Papa and
how you've given Keen a heart for loving me

9. Help me Papa....I need walls broken down
for me to forgive myself...love and
be caring....about me. But, also not to be

10. In learning to love me....please help me to
care and love AND think of others.

11. I want to focus on happier times, memories and
things in general. Not the trash! Because that's waste.

12. Unwanted to be healthier and to teach myself
self control.

13. I want to be a better role model....and treat
myself how I'd want my lil one to see me treat myself
and be an example of treating myself right.

14.I want to control my feelings in a more reasonable

15. Gain my sense of humor back and laugh more. I miss laughing

16. I want to work harder.

17. Not please people or to impress, but just be me.

18. Be polite.

19.Be honest

communicate better.

21. Last,but not least. I want to be more thankful,
content and better with the gift of time given time me.


August 08 [Fri], 2014, 0:35
Today, I've been really down

I've been crying two hours straight
my eyes hurt and my head too.

I really hate myself.

It hurts being stuck with someone you
don't like so much ALL THE TIME!!!!

My heart hurts. And ,No one is
understanding my emotions.

No one...understands why I'm being like

they may know some reasons.

But, really. My heart takes words
directly to it.....it can break
or make me.

I can either smile at it or it instantly
can cause pain to my heart.

You think,I enjoy being hurt?

I get some sick satisfaction from
being hurt????
Why would I? why? why, would I, enjoy
felling hurt?


My mind is stubborn and a lot of things
hurt me. I'm so damn. sensitive to ANYTHING

I..... HATE IT.....

I'm as fragile as glass...
I'm as touchy as a touch screen....
My heart takes a blow to the heart of
feelings like a fat kid takes candy.
Very easily and in a flash.

I've hated that about myself....I wish
I could learn to love mhself...WITH that...
quality.............it makes me cry and
shake out of frustruation.......

because I don't like being so sensitive...
I mean I must be thus way for a reason....not
everyone is sensitive.

I WAS doing good at loving. myself......
but I've snapped instantly back into "hate-mode"
to the Max.

The funny thing is....I dislike negative
people....and I'm being one right now.

See why I hate me?




I EVEN think of all the reasons...
he does...and those make me happy..

but then I set in beat myself up.

I am so much better when I'm......

not left to think alone.....

I don't know.

.I think I just need sleep.....

I don't want to live....

sleep is best sounding right now.

picture of the day

August 06 [Wed], 2014, 23:11


August 06 [Wed], 2014, 21:30

I don't really like today.
Sais still in her... bleh mood.

It's super irritating!

She's been criticizing
what I do though.

Even the little things.

For instance..

That had a hoodie
I had it over my head when I went
out because when I put it on...
the short I mean.
It was up on my head.

She said, "what's with the hat???" her
tone of voice was really rude.

I think it's her age, but I get Sick
of her rudeness to me!!!!!

I didnt do anything!!

I'm so peeved right now.

In addition to getting crap from her...
my emotions get beat up at work.

I'm just ready to sleep

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