The Causes In The Body Of The Children  

July 12 [Mon], 2010, 14:49

Parents are most concerned about the problem of the child's growth and development. How to Preserve Right Links of London in In Autumn and Winter This Year All parents want their children can be able to grow relatively tall. links of london charms , Bring You A Smashing Life So how can a child grow higher then? Which are the main factors affecting the children's height? What is acquired factors that can promote the growth and development of the child? There are many factors having effect on human height, which can be approximately divided into two classes, the inborn factors and the environmental factors.

Genetics is a very important internal factors. The characteristics of child growth and development, growth potential are subject to the parents, race, stature, appearance and other genetic characteristics studied. Gender also influences the speed and feature of growth and development which exemplifies the differences between boys and girls, especially after adolescence. Normal secretory function is a factor that ensures the growth of children. The function of thyroid and pituitary thymus is very obvious.

In children, pituitary dysfunction, growth hormone deficiency will result in short stature. Such factors as nutrition condition, health condition, the environment during pregnancy and the parents' height also have an essential effect on the growth and development of fetus. If the newborn baby has a low birth weight, it will have a negative impact on his or her childhood growth and even the future health. Therefore, genetic factors are the very internal factors that decide the height. Postnatal environment, such as nutrition, disease, exercise and a reasonable living is to determine the potential of this growth whether it is able to get into full play.

Among these environmental factors, nutrition play a leading role in the growth. The younger of children, the more it may influenced, especially before two years old. Illness can also make an obvious influence of the growth of children. Acute infection often makes weight lose. Repeated infections or chronic diseases also affect the height growth. The effect of environment on child development can not be neglected. Fine living environment plays an important role in promoting the child development.

The child health calls for adequate sunlight, fresh air, regular living rules, and proper sports and so on. Therefore, the main task of parents is to create a better living environment for children. Providing the enough but not too much food, a balanced nutrition for children with the adequate sports and sleep. As well as ensure the children grow up happily and healthily with the pleasant physical and mentality,helping them prevent and treat the various diseases.

In this way, we can fully develop the potential of growth inborn, and achieve the ideal height of each kid.