Views for an OL to Protect Hair 

August 24 [Tue], 2010, 15:44

Are you a typical OFFICE LADY?You handle every thing in a well-ordered way, but you neglect the care of the hair due to being busy.There is an easy and quick method of hair care which takes you only 15 minutes, if you stick to it your hair will look as if it has taken a SPA.Hilary Swank’s monster energy hats , Take a Look and Make a Comment

After a busy day, you can have some light music before washing your hair, and put all troubles you've got in the day away, and then wash your hair while listening to the music.Before shampooing, straighten your hair with a wide-tooth comb. Remember, do not pull your hair impatiently.And the top of the comb should not be too sharp, thus you'll feel soft while combing, and hair tangles can be easily combed through without pulling it.On the aspect of material, the boar bristle has been identified as the best and softest hairbrush material since time immemorial.As long as it is mane, it will not produce static.If you can use a 100% pig bristles comb, your hair will be particularly bright.The Most Eye-Catching monster energy hats in the Year Of 2010: 10 Amazing Extras

Wet your hair thoroughly with warm water which is controlled at about 38℃; pour shampoo into your palm and rub it with your palms until it produces foam.Then massage your scalp gently with your fingers, from top of your head to the temple and then massage the whole head from left to right, from the neck to the shoulders. Finally swing around your head and relax your neck.While cleaning, soaked your hair into water and gently caress your hair from top to bottom.It is important not to rub your hair forcefully, for the friction does damage to hair easily.Neither should you pull your hair harshly, the water temperature of 43 degree will be appropriate, and wet your hair, then the dirt attached to your hair can also be washed down.Hold water with your hands, cleaning up the foam at the root of your hair and the shampoo on your head.

Some people think that the hairdryer may hurt hair, so be accustomed to the natural air-dry, but usually when the outer hair was dry, the scalp is still damp.On doing this, the scalp can easily be contaminated and gets hurt.So set the hairdryer to an appropriate temperature and dry your hair from the root to the tip after washing and massaging.