Food for Post-exercise

December 22 [Wed], 2010, 15:44
Many people are fond of doing exercises nowadays. Go!! Coolest acekard 2i Are Launched Awesome r4 sdhc revolution" title="acekard 2">acekard 2 , the Wearing that Makes all Fairy Crazy! Some of them work out in order to lose weight; some others do sports for shaping a beautiful and strong body. Anyway, these are all good signs to show people are paying attention to their bodies and health. One question is; do people pay attention to the matters that are not during the exercises? We often see a lot of people gorge themselves with fish, meat or eggs after working out. They think this would help them supplement nutrition for the body. However, they are not aware of the fact that eating so much food won’t help them recover from fatigue, but has side effect. Now let’s talk about what we should eat after exercising.

When we are doing exercises, we are consuming energy in the form of glycogen. Such substance is stored in the muscle and liver cells. Therefore we need to replenish energy in order to prevent the muscle tissue from loosing. And our metabolism won’t slow down. So eat something after exercising, but remember do not eat too much.

Water is the source of life. Before we eat anything, we should drink some water. If you have done a hard training and sweat a lot, you can have some sports drinks too. Generally speaking, human body needs protein and carbohydrate after a working out. Protein is for repairing the “ripped” muscle issue so it can increase in density and strength. As for carbohydrates, they can help get the protein into muscle cells. For the first fifteen minutes after the exercise, we recommend fruit (or fruit salad) or juice. They can help restore glycogen and replenish the water lost during the exercises. Then you can try cereal, toast, brown rice and the like. As for whether one can have chicken or fish, let us tell you the truth. Fish, chicken and eggs are of course good stuff. It is fine to eat them daily. But when it comes to post-exercise, those foods are not the ideal things to eat, even though they are rich in protein. This is because they belong to acidic food. Acidic materials will stimulate the organs in the body, making muscles and joints acid and swollen. People would feel more tired. In this case, vegetables and fruits are better supplements.

There’s another choice – low-fat chocolate milk. We’re not kidding. This is a new study from James Madison University presented at the American College of Sports Medicine annual meeting. It is said that low-fat chocolate milk can provide equal or possibly superior muscle recovery. Anyway, you can make it as your post-exercise recovery drink.

To put it simply and brief, what to eat and how much to eat depends on one’s training intensity and duration. Doing exercises is important, but do not forget the equally important thing – choosing the right time, the right food and the right way to refuel your body after a hard working out. Spring’s New r4 sdhc upgrade revolution ShapeThe Incorrect Ideas of ndstt You Should Know
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