Zao seize the opportunity prince party hopeless situation

October 20 [Thu], 2016, 23:43
Liu Jishe in Dongchang forces, let the sun dry Shen Lixing escorted to the Board of Punishments prison. Here, the king persuaded the Soviet Union not to act rashly clear overflow, underflow while allowing the Soviet Union to the Sili Jian Qing Zao invite attendance palace the next day North Korea will discuss matters.
Su Yi-Ching arrived Sili
Giuseppe Zanotti Femmes London Leather Studded Sneakers Noir Jian, crafty Zao reluctant goodbye to the king, original, Zao has not yet figured out the meaning of the emperor through before things clear he wants to play it safe, reluctant to disclose confidential letter to the king of the emperor. Sharp saw the situation a few times, the emperor is not worried about the king an opportunity to explain himself, but to rely on their own royal blood and Liu Ji, who fight in the end.
Here, the words also led six doors cop winter, all the way to follow Sun dried escort Shen exercise of the van. Prison door, Sun dried deliberately kicked kicked Shen exercise. Shen also well advised to exercise winter Do not get excited, seize the time to find the perpetrators of the killing Cao Yuan.
The next day morning sessions,
Giuseppe Zanotti Hommes Metallic High Top Sneakers Blanc Noir the emperor recovered from Qiangdajingshen visit Chodo, the ministers and to discuss things stand crown prince. Faced with throws of whether the emperor Prince can play a major role in the issue, Liu Ji a full party support, the ministers have echoed. Zhu Yi-king see table loyal, but to agree. Emperor out too hospital to feel the pulse of Prince pulse case that the young prince emaciation of his body. Zao seize the time the wind blows a confidential letter and handed the emperor, the emperor and his face became pale, announced Tuizhao. In the inner court, that the Emperor Prince patronage of Prince let Zao identify other acts, as well as the Queen and Liu Ji action.
After that the next king towards crafty Zao capricious, they must be able to rely on the Shanghai Lixing rescued, he asked Su Yi-Ching help identify six doors Cao Yuan's death, the prince in the end find something to hide secrets. The king believed the only way to make yourself safe forever. Liu Ji confidential letter here for endless worries, he thought Cao Yuan Fuchu snoop message. He knew Cao Yuan uncorrupted, and his loyalty, but Cao Yuan Liu Ji afraid people around unreliable, he went to Cao Yuan Fuchu snoop message.
Liu Ji, who came to offer condolences House Cao Cao Yuan. Guancai Pu Cao boss despite being home funeral, the coffin led a group of people to ask for money and so on, took the opportunity to make trouble. Cao Cao Yuan Yi En daughter pretend father had to come up with pocket money, accusing Guancai Pu boss impersonal. Guancai Pu boss angry, the rate of people fight, the people Guancai Pu Liu Ji Cao boss blasted the government. Cao Yuan before the coffin, Liu Ji Yuan Cao hypocritically To get even, and he promised to take good care of adults birthplaces of the ministers Cao Cao. Liu Ji Zhefan hypocritical performances Cao Yi won the trust of grace, her father's best friends believed Liu Shen uncle mouth exercise is to kill his father's murderer Cao Yuan. Cao Yi En heart of Shanghai Lixing aroused and was behind the king's resentment, this simple girl has been completely obey Liu Ji arrangements.
Shen Zi wood that devoting efforts to rescue the imprisoned son of reoccurrence, heartbroken, let the word also came to visit Tongzhou winter to comfort the old man lost his daughter Gong. Gong kindly old man winter is also made to retrieve the dead bodies Gong Xi Rui, let her rest in peace.
Cao Yuan emperor began to question the relationship between the dead and the prince, Zao Wou-ki told the emperor, after Cao Yuan Chun Quarters, in Liu Ji Ha Ji Bai, Liu Ji become disciples, especially after becoming a teacher prince, grown arrogant, arrogant, patronage, as Liu Ji forces grow. Emperor was furious that the prince was to make certain commander abetting, Zao opportunity for the applicant to exercise his
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Leather Metal-Detail Ankle Boots In Black son to complain. The emperor ordered the release of his son Shen Lixing, Shen forces sealed conduct six doors deputy Tongdai apprehend Liu Jin, Liu Ji and the Board of Punishments Book Xu Wei retention view to watch for. While allowing Zao tell the king, let him entry into the next audience.