he can not send a large number of people to

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Autumn Seamless hand touched his neck, does not suffer any injury, how will suddenly feel pain? But now he's too busy these, over three days non-human life, to see his brother, the hearts of joy is simply indescribable, smiled and walked over and patted the belly of the boar: "how?" Wang let me take to protect you in this neighborhood! "wild boar also very glad hand shoot autumn Seamless shoulder, has not been photographed autumn Seamless shoulders autumn Seamless will be feeling a pain in the shoulder, involuntary Akira a little shoulder, escaped the hands of the wild boar. Wild boar suddenly stunned, his strange than autumn Seamless why not to shoot him, but in the end how to circumvent their own hands, as if ... as if conscious action purely out, how is this possible? Is not wrong? Autumn Seamless also surprised a moment, Then he remembered the words of the old man Xue: doubling the body's sensitivity to external stimuli, and even the wind has a feeling Men's Air Max Tn Sale, you just obviously feel the boar palm shoot down with the wind, so will subconsciously to go to avoid injury! Xue old man's words are really good, no wonder that just out of the neck will feel some pain, it should be driven by the wind in wild boar speak! Think of autumn Seamless heart a joy, this future even really on those famous killer do not be afraid! Boar stare at the smiling autumn Seamless, Qi said: "autumn brother, you ...... you just ......" Autumn Seamless proud authentic: "Yes, brother is now a master Fubu Fu?" Cut! "wild boar killed not believe autumn incognito in such a short period of time to become master face contempt of like:" how about your disease? governance Xue old man here three days can be good it? "disease?" Autumn Seamless surprised a moment, and then clear understanding, himself into drugs cylinder before SIT old man had told do not tell it to others, so the old man certainly SIT in medical treatment as an excuse to tell other people . "I rely on, you pretend to be!" Wild boar glanced autumn Seamless one, and carefully looked around, low voice: "I say autumn brother, you can not be careful it? Now the disease is too prevalent , you can not put on a raincoat battle? "raincoat?" autumn Seamless stunned, Can Xue said the old man a cold? "Do not covet a moment of fun, but then again the autumn brother you have always Shoushenruyu to, this is how it will be successful?" Wretched boar face expression: "not see the beauty can not stand? Introduce another day to see autumn incognito to feel the boar getting more and more outrageous, not help scolded: "I did it! are you talking about?" "You really would pretend ah!" wild boar stared: "Do not pretend, wretched old man told me, you've got syphilis ... "XXXX ...." autumn Seamless handicap spot rushed to find Xue old man to your life, not say what disease ah, said syphilis, operation! Wild boar or a look of wretched: "This time I have fallen in love with it, but do not worry, it will not spread out of me so enough loyalty, you can not be stingy now introduce you, in the end is which? Another day I'll see ...... Autumn Seamless snappily stare at him: "I have a bad stomach, what syphilis, Xue old man, then you also will you believe?" letter! You can not trust how? "the boar one o'clock I do not know repentance, the autumn no trace watched his wretched countenance one, do not want to get entangled in this matter for too long, Chen Sheng said: Yancheng how will send you to protect me? this Zan site, not safe? "After listening to this, wild boar face a dark, whispered:" autumn brother, Let this are really not very safe Canada Goose Constable. those three days you were not road ten steps and easy Yan dance that both men from time to time to let's here to make trouble about , Fortunately the Jagged and leaves Zhiqiu, and that both men writhed can not afford what Big Wave Sun Zhaoqiang but followed the city martial law in the city and arrested thousands of small fry doors of our brothers have been arrested more than a hundred, Fergus side caught nearly 200 people, and even seven is no exception, which makes the city law and order greatly good night even a quarrel. the bastard three out the gun can not be sure as we Mito broke, only able to send seven men killer came to make trouble, coupled the road ten steps with Yi Yan dance, Jagged with leaf Zhiqiu you can not stop a few days hurt dozens of brothers, even the Panthers are easy Yan dance seriously injured, is still hospital tubes sticking out! without Shame brother would like to send someone to help to protect his safety, but Xiao He, The Sun Zhaojiang in the campaign, he can not send a large number of people to, so we basically equal in bitter propped! "Seamless autumn furrowed brow:" the Panthers now how? Why not find Xue old man? "out of danger, and wanted to find Xue old man, but you treat there ..." Speaking of governance disease, wild boar and wretched up and down saw autumn Seamless two whispered then said: "So they go to the city hospital Panthers, but do not worry, Sun Zhaojiang personally sent the cronies police guarding there, no one would dare crime against the wind! "He then come back!" Autumn Seamless finish, turned and went straight into the main building. Main building only one person, it is Wang Yancheng, he was sitting gloomily at the table, suddenly see the autumn Seamless came in, could not help a hi, suddenly stood up: "Autumn brother, you come back!" Then and embarrassing looked no trace in the lower part of the autumn, and whispered: "You ... you sick okay?" "I did it!" Autumn Seamless angrily scolded loudly: "I will reiterate it again, I just stomach not good, not what syphilis! "is the stomach is not good!" and The boar was busy in the next to make fun of, but also to Wang Yancheng winked. Both identified autumn Seamless syphilis bad stomach need to close the treatment three days? Autumn Seamless if you know what they think, I am afraid that Mingzhi spot to die, you know, the poor no trace of autumn was a virgin one it, he was so spoil the reputation! Autumn Seamless sat back on the sofa, and looked up at Wang Yancheng: "others?" Last night Qianlong wounded lying on the bed, and now other people are out on patrol, so as not to be a surprise attack! " Autumn Seamless nodded and was silent for a moment, whispered: "Ribeiro it?" Wang Yancheng and wild boar on the visual one, whispered: "sentenced to twenty-eight years!" Although long expected such results, but listening to Wang Yancheng, so say it, autumn or some can not afford no trace, mind the moment are confused, vertigo feeling kind of want to just slowly to awake after a long time off: "Where?" old town the felons prison ...... "Wang Yancheng paused, and whispered:" In addition to the lawyers, most people can not visit him. however Shame brother has safely up and down relationship, Ribeiro will not have any trouble inside Canada Goose Men Langford! "Nevertheless said, but he was very clear to jail twenty-eight years, the youth and the prime of life all fall into the trap, Ribeiro also equal completely scrap it! "Smack!" Autumn Seamless heavy blow hit the table next, suddenly looked up at Wang Yancheng: "I am accountable to you to do the things going?" "I checked, but can not find out!" Wang Yancheng whispered: "Chenzai Qiang Zhang sky special arrangements to N City nursing his son to school, where southern tyrant sits before the sky did not dare do anything illegal trading here, so Chen Ziqiang very clean from do not handle any underworld business. Zhang sky financially strong support him, this person is not short of money, simply do not accept bribes, want to catch his handle is difficult to handle this kind of thing needs to find it? "Autumn Seamless dissatisfaction glared Wang Yancheng one: not handle manufacturing handle began to take effect, we are not the judges, not what should speak stresses evidence without a stain on him, you will not give him a few blemishes you? "www.bxwxbook.com] div align = center> - read surface-page chapters tail advertising ->
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