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October 10 [Wed], 2012, 15:27

> Jambudvipa one is called Emei mountain. wwW, QUaNBEN, cOm hill, there is a White Snake. The White Snake, in a few hundred years ago, won the kindness of a shepherd boy, going to practice some years down the mountain to report the man shepherd boy's kindness. Only her mistress's name Bai, the name is quite simple and elegant, her mistress is also the chance to see a scholar's book, see, I felt this is a really nice name, he gave it as their own name. Jambudvipa monster and not more like Bai Such are the strength is still good. And now, Bai screams. Stop rolling stop screaming, this time of insanity disaster, specifically to deal with the mana is not that much stronger Yaozu. Bai also can be attributed to the the Mana strong Yaozu which go natural poison disaster troubled now struggled in vain. Not just her mistress the Southern possible on Chau Emei Mountain, three Ministry Chau, everywhere this plight have occurred, patient and strong and some are still endure, and the patient is weak, have gone to heaven at the registration intend to cast kao heaven. Haotian God divergence blast Ministry insanity blast triggered insanity plague of disaster, Yaozu facing great danger. For blast Ministry Yaozu to destroy the future. Yaozu, now facing a great challenge. Yaozu facing the situation this time, or does not want to come to more than 1.5 million years ago, well. Quite sinister. Castles in the air. The troubles it Kongxuan who are, after all Kongxuan now Yaozu little ground sage Yaozu the future Kongxuan of natural to worry about. This time blast Ministry get angry, Kongxuan the first time to find, but searched three realms, exhaustive impossible to find blue sky Death plague seven. Will be in this situation, Kongxuan hear news of Lin wake white visiting. Kongxuan For Lin wake white very important, so also since met with Lin woke up white. In this castle in the air. Castles in the air, are lined with fluffy white clouds. Clouds Miao Miao. Kongxuan and Lin wake white sitting. Calm extremely Kong Xuangang the look immediately disappear containing mouth ground tea are almost spit it out: White repeated. Lin wake white Kongxuan know not unfounded will say that the generation down the spirit: one thousand small the thousand world. look good too. Yue Lu column plague India this magic weapon is a magic weapon, and, in my background that thousands of the world, there are abandoned fairy Kongxuan shaking his head you said, to be quite likely. thousands of the world: Yue Lu and you are the same small thousands of the world was born. Original provisions and now the forest wake up white does not also die. Lin wake white shrugged and said: time Yaozu life and death amulet, if you are successful, I can put them the same color colored SG SG in your mouth. Kongxuan smiled and said: the people, so they do not pass, between heaven and earth, the only one who will be colored SG, but this time you can save Yaozu amulet to life and death, so I put them the same color colored SG SG in your mouth Lin woke up the white moment shook his head: color SG I too suffer. Vision and Lin woke up white while laughing. Kongxuan and Lin woke white fly fast. The Dongsheng Shenjhou. The Dongsheng God continents, thousands of the world. This small thousands of the world, a total of one thousand, each with a barrier When Cultivation soar Sanxian, With soaring when heaven and earth forces, to break through the barrier, but once again go to the small thousands of the world, can not so easy, if it really easy, I'm afraid thousands of the world has long been chaotic. However, now there Kongxuan in. The quasi St. Kongxuan rule - space. The a move saw Kongxuan hand stuck his slender fingers, readily several thousand world facing the following program, which readily several programs, small thousand world is draw a the swarthy channel to. The forest wake white is no longer delay the moment flying into small thousand world. The small thousands of the world, that is, that little Lin wake white background thousand world. Lin wake white by the Kongxuan break open ground space channel into here, because itself is small thousands of the world's origin. So by the The Hung are custom rule resistance to quasi-holy Seventh Heaven itself into a small thousand world, and because of the small Kongxuan broke open space to move, nobody noticed Lin woke white into the small among thousands of the world. Lin wake white by the air,UGG Neema Sneakers, and threw from the sky, into the small thousand world. Lin wake white fell to a small city which, straightforward into the teahouse, teahouse here storytellers Mr., population movement is too fast, the fastest way to snoop messages. Lin wake white into a teahouse, storyteller Mr. directly to: Talking all the time, Lin woke up from scratch a move, a readily move. In the hands of Lin wake white edged quality is quite slag Feijian, Lin wake white hands, of course, do not have much of the very dregs Feijian Zhebing the Feijian is just direct condensation in the atmosphere which the five elements of gold, to pole to short time Tempered. Of course, in the in Lin wake supercilious slag was can Feijian. The eyes of Mr. storyteller but good incredibly the thousand world in general storytellers President is also Xiuxian people, but some low mana Bale. Storyteller Mr.'s eyes are not quite right has seen a Zhebing Feijian, greedy ah. door eight denominations seven factions eight have been confrontation, As for the seven sects eight denominations. seven faction eight, specifically, is the Fearless, the whole truth, Qingcheng, azure, Emei, Kunlun, Wudang, overcast Kuei, flowers, evil extremely off situation, true mass magic phase, the cover on, evil sword. no more, no less, exactly eleven hundred years. Eleven hundred years shake like a dream. Eleven hundred years ago, he is the Cultivation of the people. One hundred years later, a thousand, but is already a quasi-holy, and this time flies, or really big ah, everything changes in a short period of time eleven hundred centuries. Course, Lin woke white not to sigh too much, put the tools and try to the Feijian throw a storyteller, Mr., this quality to Feijian, Lin woke white can readily create a handle to 1,000, so it could not care less about these Feijian. Lin wake the white left this teahouse into electrical escape direct flights to the days of Castle Peak. Wake forest white then sent the body is azure door Azure Lin wake white electric escape direct flights in the Three Realms them are not Lin wake white electric escape how many people can find out in the end fled where this little thousand world more slag,UGG Lo Pro Button, did no one see the forest wake white electricity escape. Days Aoyama, still that day Aoyama, beautiful towering. Lin wake white off the foot of the days Aoyama, hands held behind leisurely in a few steps. With eleven hundred years ago, the day Castle Peak is basically not much change, eleven hundred years ago that he is, in the days Aoyama soaring into the San Xian. Lin wake white hearts if thinking, however, Lin woke up white feel slightly wrong. Whatever the outcome,Air Max 91 Outlet, the Azure Gate is seven Masamichi martial one, how their own lifted by electric escape state, in the days Aoyama shopping for so long, no one is coming to ask yourself, you know, every martial art has its own defense system If we allow outsiders to day Aoyama trampled on that green door I'm afraid it can be considered plummeted to her grandmother's home. Lin wake white hearts feel wrong, when the start of a move, Sword and fly, fly fast in the days Aoyama nonstop some days Aoyama, discovered that many fall day Castle Peak, it seems that the above azure The disciples also much less. Year land azure door before Lin wake white no soaring, had a dim small thousands of the world's largest martial art to the taste, so azure door, no one dared to anti, how now, but over the past eleven hundred centuries. defeat in such a way. Strange. Lin wake white heart feel strange. Lin wake white present the concept of God swept Lin wake white the quasi St. ability. The concept of God swept over the whole day is not easy to Castle Peak, is the year the for Lin wake white for complex can be days the Castle Peak protecting Alexander array for Lin woke white, is simply silent. Let us now turn to the forest wake white to the concept of God swept quickly swept into the soul of a familiar forest wake white moment nonstop The azure mountains wake up white very familiar to the familiar soul. Immediately go away days Castle Peak on the azure hall. Azure faction Although considerable decline, but whatever the outcome is seven decent one. Azure hall azure door of the most important, here is how may not have the protection of people, appear Lin wake of white non-stop from the captain of the temple immediately shouted: Lin woke White stopped: Want to say the Ma Bingwei is whom azure door to thousands of the world's first door, but it was all kao Lin wake white one man, the before the dynasties head of then-generation Zhiqiu Exalted can also, after generation head of the process but not on some slag. So what. Lin wake white was seriously pass a descendant of that is Mabing Wei, although there is no official closing Mabing Wei as a disciple, but there is no doubt that this Mabing Wei,UGG Mens Butte Boots, but Lin wake white hand tuning out. Head, Ma Bingwei now is the head of the forest wake up white too lazy to speak, flying directly into the azure hall. Into an azure hall, I saw the azure hall on a couch, the couch on top of a soft the kao ground sickly woman, this woman figure is quite good, even under the shade of the blanket, it can also be found. This sickly woman suddenly see someone come in and could not help surprised: lou underneath face. This Mabing Wei Yi Zheng: The Lin wake up white single-handedly taught, but after all, no mentoring the official nominal So, Ma Bingwei, shouting the forest wake white or shout Master. Lin wake white smile: suddenly appeared in the sky, which handle hundreds of reincarnation sword pill to the This reincarnation jianwang is Lin woke to White alone this one, no semicolon sign, Ma Bingwei moment struggling with ill and down bow down, and cried: forest Shishu actually back azure door saved Lin woke White also know azure door encountered a large change in the situation, The moment called Ma Bingwei to 11 say, at a time, protecting the people of the house also ran in Ma Bingwei a walk away: Be all out, Ma Bingwei state slowly. Eleven hundred years ago, Lin woke up after the soaring white, azure door or the world first door, but after all, azure door strength or badly, quickly became Kunlun, azure, overcast capric divided into three factions Bureau of confrontation, know the Kunlun abandoned fairy ginger white, as well as the current year and the forest wake white Sarkozy name ginger shock waves, while Yin Guipai woke up white and Lin Qi white name Xianer. The three factions Dingzuerli this situation continues for a long time. Gradually, the year Zhiqiu Exalted etc. veteran continued to grow old, they are after all just Cultivation people, not immortal, not immortal, you can not escape life, as the years went on this death is also very normal . Then, the Ma Bingwei the day the Green Door head of ground the era, Ma Bingwei is the celestial globe Jade earth physique, extremely talented, soon to god realm is even higher than that of God throughout discrete cents but a step, you know in the small thousands of the world, the gods environment is basically the highest level. At this point, White Xianer soaring. Azure, Kunlun, overcast, capric three factions continue to fight the three pillars. But one hundred years ago, Ma Bingwei was a stranger to intercept, was seriously wounded, while the azure doors generation master many people died in the stranger the hands. Azure door all master serious injuries serious injury or death to death, and immediately began azure door to the decline of the passers. Lin wake up white now see this ruin azure door. Ma Bingwei them one by one, while the forest wake white mused: stranger? Azure door a group of strangers decline? ! ~! . . <

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