Small Bass: D'Antoni stable and the Lakers may be the eighth of the playoffs and then win the championship

January 11 [Fri], 2013, 15:48

Lakers were bad, the son of the team owner, the actual power figures small Bass blame. But in a recent interview with ESPN interview, the small Bath insisted that the Lakers have not to panic when even by western 8 into the playoffs, but also can be put on the black eight championship legend. In addition, the small Bath said D'Antoni to dump solid believe the coach hundred percent.

Lakers start to the season 15 wins and 20 losses, playoff became a problem. But for the team struggling small Bath all the reasons due to injury, completely not to mention the responsibility of the management. "We have been encountered injuries." Small Bass said, "You know, in this case, the team is difficult to produce a chemical reaction." For the team defense, small Somerset Take the injuries as a reason. "Unless all the players can play, otherwise you not playing the strongest defense. Now is this." Little Bass said.

Lakers current record and the state, and their situation in the western playoff spot at stake. The Little Bass still very calm, confident in the team. "We do not need to panic, do not panic." Small Bass said the team did not need to do the transaction, "how can you not believe the team. Lakers to victory and build, which is branch team of the future so we do not need to adjust the lineup. "

In small Bath, the Lakers not only to make the playoffs, and even be able to put on the black eight championship legend. "If we can play with, and behave like the past two games, as have the vitality, then we will be able to enter the playoffs." Little Bass said, "As you know, last year, the Los Angeles Kings (National Hockey League), although only the western section 8, but in the playoffs, they state amazing, through the trials won the championship and I think the Lakers can do this. "

Since the the small Bath helm of the Cheap Los Angeles Lakers Jerseys, the most criticized Xuanshuai. After the dismissal of Mike - Brown, Lakers this opportunity to invite a Zen master coming, but in the end they choose since D'Antoni. But the reality is that the tactics of the German commander does not comply with the Lakers lineup configuration. This D'Antoni, small Bass is still one hundred percent. "I really like D'Antoni, his hundred percent, I believe." Little Bass said, "I am not his coaching problem."

Team two inside small Bath the Lakers record improves, Howard will stay in Los Angeles. As for Gasol, he believes that the Spaniards for more low chance, his power will re-emerge.
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