Magic Lakers given the green light for the Howard deal again nothing

September 06 [Fri], 2013, 18:24
As the host of All-Star weekend in Orlando, Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard remained on various occasions habitual smile, but in the past the hobby Funny big clown compared to today's Howard apparently quiet a lot. The transfer deadline in sight, the Orlando Magic do not see any title hopes for a career in its seventh year of Howard, the Orlando, the city he loved, but because of the pursuit of the championship and had chosen to leave the Magic green light for trading

Prior to the opening encounter downtime due season's sake, the NBA this season's transfer deadline was postponed to March 15. Howard has a contract after the end of the season out of the contract, the option to become a free agent, in order to avoid to get the job when the bamboo basket to fetch water, transaction Howard became the Magic only option Howard trade rumors have lasted half the season, and now the distance transfer deadline is just two weeks time, the Magic significantly accelerated the pace of negotiations. According to U.S. media reports, the Magic have allowed the Warcraft Howard's agent Fagan to make contact with other teams and negotiations, but are limited to the New Jersey Nets, Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks Howard's dominance in the paint and his market appeal of the Magic's appetite in the transaction will not be small relative to the Nets and the Lakers have a good post player, Dallas Mavericks bargaining chip it can provide relatively limited, so the Nets and the Lakers could snare Howard a greater Lakers are once again nothing?

Earlier this season, the Los Angeles Lakers in the process of being chased Paul NBA commissioner David Stern, tease a lot, but eventually perfected rivals the Los Angeles Clippers, now trading deadline approaching, the Lakers own that is difficult to restrain live satellites, restless heart Gasol is the Lakers bear the brunt of cleaning objects in the playoffs last season, nike solarsoft moccasin mens Gasol's performance has been so weak, the Lakers lost the confidence of his senior. Last week, Bryant has said publicly that the club in the transfer market, not as impatient, while the Lakers this season also proved their current line-up for the lack of adequate championship competitiveness lies in whether the snare Howard Lakers willingness to give up Bynum, as the Western Conference All-Star Game starting center Andrew Bynum significant progress in recent years, but the constant injuries and instability makes it difficult for him to play as the team's backbone. If the Lakers are willing to participate in the twin towers inside the Howard deal, it will be difficult to resist the temptation of Magic, otherwise Lakers Howard difficult to gain the upper hand in the competition. Recently been retired Rasheed Wallace said he was looking forward big comeback, his first choice would be the Los Angeles Lakers, which could become the Los Angeles Lakers insider restructuring prelude Howard joined the Lakers' Kobe Bryant Another obstacle is between Howard and indifference relationship, which lasted half a season transfer rumors, Howard has never expressed favor for the Lakers, largely because he lacks the ability to coexist with Bryant confidence. But as long as the Lakers in the negotiations show enough sincerity, the final decision still rests in the hands of the Magic, after the NBA's trading never transferred to the player's willingness to Basket site at the crossroads

The next two weeks time, in terms of the New Jersey Nets for the next few years is to decide the fate of the moment. If successful amnesty Howard, his All-Star point guard Deron Williams has together can form a powerful team nike free run 3 sale championship, otherwise, the Nets are likely to lose this summer Williams, who also has become at the end of the season free agent contract option Objectively speaking, the Nets in Howard's contention always an advantage. On the one hand they will be relocated to New York next season Brooklyn's new arena, the New York market is that all NBA players are extremely desirable; the other hand, very good personal relationship with Howard Williams, Howard has been claimed to favor their own Nets team, and Howard Williams also looking forward to fighting side by side; Third, the Nets have enough bargaining chip, young center Lopez has shown the potential to become the all-star players, this year's rookie of the potential for Brooks is widely optimistic, while the Turkish center Mehmet Okur expiring big contract has considerable appeal, however, Deron Williams was never sure he will continue to stay in New Jersey, he left the premise that the team must have a competitive edge Once in the transfer before the trading deadline Howard fails, the Nets are likely to encounter Jifeidanda doom. For the Nets, the Williams teamed up with Howard, but not in Brooklyn, will be their greatest tragedy.