tadaima (・ω・)/ 

July 06 [Sun], 2008, 4:24
I was in Helsinki, 2 MYV gigs were love !
I'm still too tired to write anything 'bout those four days..... but I got his autograph and now I'm pretty much like "wtf" DDDD:
Mom talked with kavki boiz and we decided that they will be our next best friends. (・ω・)/ Okay, actually that was her idea. lol @ us

I'm kinda confused right now. Dunno what to do or say, feeling like I want to cry a lot.

c u

I still don't understand ! 

June 26 [Thu], 2008, 2:41
Watched the rest of the Super Junior Full Houses. ....and teared. ;O;

I had a call while ago.....:
"Can u come to work at 10am tomorrow? kthanxgbye"

my reaction: "....? k, more suju to understand the world better ! (^-^)"

I was supposed to go to work..... at 21st July.
I'm not really that happy to go work tomorrow....
'cause of the physical pain that I accidentaly have atm (;´Д`)

But ! Thinkin' the skullcandy-headphones that I'm going to buy with my salary ~
It's not that bad to feel pain for cool skullcandy ! (`3`)/

doing my best !

still awake. (T___T) 

June 25 [Wed], 2008, 12:11
I was thinking........
will ORV upper secondary school appreciate that I mailed to them at.......
5:30am ?


dog ? (;´Д`) 

June 25 [Wed], 2008, 8:48

In May our class was in Germany ( Bremen is love )
I just lolled there when I saw that wall ! U know, actually those red ones are arrows, but u can't say that they don't look like number ones. (・ω・)

12101 >my head turns it to> 12012 ! (´w´)/

I watch Super Junior Full Houses and.... they're so adorable and hilarious

Kiyo doesn't believe that I really suck @ msnroleplaying (;´Д`)

nice to meet you ! 

June 25 [Wed], 2008, 5:05
I finally did it, a new blog for spamming in english !
Now I can be pretty proud of myself, 'cause I regonize only few hiraganas and katakanas. After mistakes this blog is working now ( or I think so )

I'm readin' Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. (・ω・)/
I have mission for this summer to read all the Potter-books ! Wish me luck~
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Good morning. Or Good evening. It depends.

I'm a student girl from Finland [フィンランド], and I'd like to make friends and maybe learn some japanese at the same time.
宜しく !
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