2005年10月01日(土) 2時55分
I did chat with claudia today.

She is very cute.And she remenbed Japanese "cho kawaii"!!

I was very surprised it.And that made me happy!!

By the way,she has a nephew.She is only 16 or 17 tears old.

But she said her brother is 30 years old.

It's interesting.I am 22 years old.And my brothe is 25 years old yet.

But she also said she has another brother 15 years old.

Hummm.....It's still strange...


2005年09月16日(金) 14時29分
Till a few days ago I couldn't talk with customers.

But I talked with them a lot nowadays.

I got out of a alump!!

Yesterday I got a E-mail adress from a customer.

I don't send an E-mail yet.

What should I do??

Is it better for me to send an E-mail??

I don't know.Anyone tell me please


2005年09月14日(水) 3時21分
Today I did chat with claudia

She is very a good girl and friendly.

I like her

I wanna go to Italiy as soon as possible.

Anyway I bought an Italian text book.

But I couldn't study it very much...

How can I know how to speak it??

Have a diet.. 

2005年09月09日(金) 15時08分
I wanna have a diet.

I wanna be thin.

How can I be that??

Umm...How much can I spend a money for my diet??

But now I keep a money,so I don't spend money so much.

If I go abroad,before going I wanna be thin!!

Ummmm....It's dificult for me..


2005年09月08日(木) 4時24分
I have been with my boy friend a long time.But I had never thought such a thing.

Nowadays I really feel I like him.I need him.I wanna be with him forevere...

But I have to go soon.


2005年09月06日(火) 3時34分
My period is a few days late.It's big serious problem for me.

Because my period is always coming same days.

I am afraid of that.I am pregnant??No kidding!!

I cannnot be that....I have a dream...

I don't wanna have a baby now....

I hope my period come soon...


2005年09月04日(日) 4時33分
I don't know meaning of slump.What is slump??

Actually,I know it very well.Because I've been going with it ever since I can remember.

It was always same.I can do anything faster&better than another people.But it doesn't continue.Suddenly I cannot do better than before.

Why??I don't know.

I don't want to know that meaning "SLUMP".

By the way,I have to get up 7 the morning.

Bcause I'll going to watch my boy friend's baseball game.

And before game,we are going to go driving.

This morning,my boy friend pick me up.

But it's about

I don't think I'll ready till 7a.m.

Sorry darling


2005年09月02日(金) 20時30分
I cannot beleave it!!I got tickets of ORANGE RANGE

Yeah!!I'm lucky

I look forward to going

By the way,I tidyed up my room today.

Because my parents are going to come here to see my house.

I cannot keep it darty.

But It have not finished yet.

When did it start darty??I cannot remember

I'll try to continue tidying up tonight.


2005年09月01日(木) 12時57分
I watched a broadway musical CHICAGO!!

It was very fun!!And I was excited!!

The ticket was 10000yen,but the seat was not so good.

Because the 3th floor the seet was.Ummm.

People acting in this drama was a little bit small.

I thought I wanna watch the first floor next time.

I had a TOEFL today. 

2005年08月31日(水) 23時42分
Today,I had an exam of TOEFL.

It was bettr than before.Because previouslly TOEFL I'm sleeping during the exam.

But this time I don't sleep very much.

So I could solve questions good condision!!

But it wasn't the best.So I'll try to do my best next time!!
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