The end?

February 24 [Mon], 2014, 13:50
I ended my relationship on January the 14.

I was broken inside. I believed that that pain will last forever.

I was wrong. It didn't last that long, but still hurts.

He became my best friend, and he would not be there for me now. That killed me.


June 26 [Wed], 2013, 21:54
Deja tranquila la puta herida. Creí que el tiempo de las hemorragias no volvería, que los goteos continuos y las manchas que encontré en mi ropa no aparecerían más después de lavarla. Qué ingenuidad, qué dolor.


June 26 [Wed], 2013, 13:34
Inconscientemente revelar la tortuosa verdad. Egoísta. Querer convencerse de cómo debería ser. No poder borrarlo, volver a reproducirlo.

Am I?

June 25 [Tue], 2013, 21:08
Maybe I'm confusing love with need. Maybe I need love. Maybe I need to feel loved.

I found the one who stops my tears, the one who calms my anger.

Am I in love? Am I?

If it feels like this...


June 08 [Sat], 2013, 0:09
Le dije que me era imposible verlo, porque si lo veía lo miraría con los mismos ojos, con esos que transmiten lo más puro y sincero. Le dije que me era imposible verlo porque no podría evitar tocarlo, tocarlo y sentir esa piel que tanto me gustaba acariciar. Se lo dije, se lo dije a ver si al escucharlo mi cerebro empezaba a entender el significado de la aceptación y el olvido. La angustia volvió a dominarme, y yo se lo permití.


June 05 [Wed], 2013, 23:43
Entonces comprendí que era yo la que estaba siendo egoísta, y me dolió, me dolió darme cuenta de que yo también era capaz de crear sufrimiento. Errores, desilusión y represalia era lo que buscaba.

Starting over

August 17 [Fri], 2012, 11:46
Seems like I write here once in a year or something.
My life has been a roller coaster. I've been terrible, but I've been good too.
This is like my dairy so I'm gonna be honest and tell what has been happening.

The last year was bullshit, it was the worst time of my entire life. On February I finally went to a psychiatrist and he gave me antidepressants and anxiolytics and now I'm emotionally stable.. I think. I started also karate classes, I'm practicing since March 13th and is pretty cool, it has helped me a lot to be in a good mood and to lose weight.

This year I'm not in the same shitty school anymore, now I'm in an institute and is the best thing ever, I met new people, my grades are pretty awesome and the best is the schedule. I don't have to be in the classroom for almost the entire day, I only go on mornings and that's it.

I also made a new friend, a girl friend, and is the best thing that could have ever happened to me, cause my best friend lives in another city and in this city I only have my other best friend that is a boy. I needed a girl to hang out and to talk with about topics that a girl can talk just with another girl.

So as you can see this year has been really good, I'm pretty happy
If I feel like I need to release something, I will do it here as always~


August 21 [Sat], 2010, 22:14
Finally, tomorrow is Sunday!

Today was awful, the only good thing it was that I ate sushi
Carrot, cream cheese and chives, wrapped in avocado

I'm hungry again..


August 19 [Thu], 2010, 17:03
On September the gurus will come here and I'm so excited!

On September 1st will be Janmastami!

I can not be happier


July 01 [Thu], 2010, 17:49
I'm so tired, I came back from school and immediately went for a walk with my dog, so I'm more tired!

Saturday come to me!
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