May 15 [Sun], 2005, 0:41

Thank you for visiting my Blog! I decided to take a little bit of break from my Blog...
I will come back, so see you then!


May 02 [Mon], 2005, 20:57
There was a celebration party of my cousin on the 1st of May
He was the eldest among our cousins, Yacchan His lovely wife is
sooooooooooooooooooo beautiful and like a princess
Wish their Eternal happiness

HitcH again・・・♪ 

May 01 [Sun], 2005, 23:25
何日か前にHitchをついに見たよぉ〜 ほんと、ちょ〜良かった 面白いし、内容もほんと良かったんだよねぇ ところで、日本にはまだこの映画は来てないのか・・・それとも来ないのか・・・ でも是非是非お勧めの一作です!男の子も女の子にも良い映画だと思うなぁ 一回見た後に、すぐ続けて2回目を半分くらい見てしまったくらいだよぉぉぉ

I finally watched "HitcH" the other day It was sooo gooood It was so funny and good story BTW, I was just wondering if this movies came to Japan already or... it will never come??? Well anyways, this is a really good movie that I want you all to watch!! It's good for both girls and guys Study everybody!! haha.. Actually I watched it once and I watched it again till the half of it right after... hahaha


April 29 [Fri], 2005, 11:19
ジュリーは海が大好き  Julie loves the oceans 砂遊びも大好き  She also loves to play with the sand ジュリーが大好き! I love her sooooooooo much


April 27 [Wed], 2005, 1:19
Ohhhh Hitch Hitch Hitch・・・

☆ Bathing ☆ 

April 24 [Sun], 2005, 20:36
きゃああああああああ、ちょ〜可愛いぃぃぃぃぃ さっきお風呂に入ってたジュリーを見たらほんといつものことなのにほんとに可愛くって写真撮っちゃいました ジュリーはアンパンマンのおもちゃも大好きだよ

OMG, she's sooooooooooooooo aborableeeeee I was looking at her taking a bath a while ago and I know that she's always lovely, but I took a picture She loves the Anpanman toy so much


April 23 [Sat], 2005, 23:58

Today, for my dinner, I made grilled chiken with tomato sauce and cheese on top I made it without the recipe, but it was gooood But then, I thought...something was missing・・・and I still don't know what was missing Tell mE if anybody has any idea Here is how I made : 1. Put some salt & pepper and paste garlic on the chiken that's cut into the size its easy to eat(????weird explanation...) 2. Put the chiken into the micro-wave till it's almost cooked. 3. Mince some tomatoes and green onion then mix it with some lemon juice and salt & pepper. 4. Put #3 on top of the chiken and put them on a aluminum foil plate you make. And put a cover made with aluminum foil and cook till it's cooked in the oven. 5. After the chiken's cooked, get rid of the cover and put some cheese on top and wait till it gets nicely brown. And it's done! Hmmm, something missing? Well I made it with the ingredients at home, so it's not perfect, but... Anyhow, what was missing????? Probably some spice... Hmmm

Princess Julie 

April 21 [Thu], 2005, 21:57

I bought a kids Disney magazine for Julie the other day and there were some accessories of a princess for it,
and Julie was so happy to wear them She didn't want to take them off for a while at all But she was sooooooo cute as always


April 11 [Mon], 2005, 16:55
あ〜、今日は朝から一日中雨だよぉ・・・ マジ・・・BLUEです
なんかもっとしたかったなぁ 梅雨の時期なんてほんと最悪だもんなぁ。

OMG, it's been raining ALL DAY I really feel soooo BLUE
It's okay if rain just stops in the morning, but not ALL DAAAAY
When I don't have any transportations, it feels like I'm stuck in the house
Well I went out for a bit with my sister and Julie, but I wanted to do more...
Especially the rainny season REALLY SUCKS

☆ お花見 ☆ 

April 09 [Sat], 2005, 23:09
ほんとに良い天気であったかかったし、最高〜でした 桜は満開だったし、なんか人もいっぱいいて良かったよぉ

I went to see Sakura today with my family It was a great day and warm or even hot It was so great!! Sakuras were in full bloom!! There were so many people and it was fun

Julie's soooo cuuute


I asked somebody to take this pic for us

* Naomi *
* Age:28 *
* Blood type: O *
* Favorite place: Beach *
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