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June 04 [Mon], 2012, 13:06
Need not think, Air Jordan 6 Air Jordan, this person Air Jordan Pas Cher would be green Long Yi Zu's great king-green Long Wang.

"You good hand segment!Don't know my green Long Yi Zu where gave offense to you, be still you want to act Air Jordan 2 wilfully and take my green Long Yi Zu of strong fiesta chain method machine!"Green Long Wang is obviously suppressing own wrath, however B Jordan Spizikes wood spiritual influence that had already started undulating from the surroundings to see, he has already all had the possibility to make moves at any time.

"The useless talk is little to say."See green Long Wang, obvious flash across of the face of cloud Nike Air Jordan, innocent gentleman a wisp of hand that hate an idea, raise a hand and is a hide Jue in a sky!

"Does you see to the right and wrong being being with my green Long Yi Zu an enemy?"Looking at a true dollar the big hand that shows to turn, green Long Wang didn't the slightest fear to an idea, " and my green Long Yi Zu are enemies, would Air Jordan Chaussures, be and the whole fairyland is enemy!Does you fix to contend for again how profound, you Air Jordan 3 thinking personal dint with you, canning Air Jordan Pas Cher, with the whole fairyland, and our whole green Long Yi Zu!"

Answer green Long Wang of, is that big hand in white to bombard more domineeringly!

"You acts wilfully!My green Long Yi Zu necessarily can not permit you today!"Green Long Wang's complexion a dark, all over the body B wood Air Jordan Retro, spiritual influence turns to make to cover with green Yan, as if the dark cloud press city, suddenly is dashing the whole courtyard.

The green Yan is swallowing to vomit, unexpectedly turn a green dragon again outside green Long Wang Shen, all over the Nike Air Jordan body green burning curl up, in a flash, in the forest endless B wood spiritual influence, exert to this green burning fuel.

In the growl of this green dragon, that white only turns to make of huge hand unexpectedly not the shot turned to make to order to flow Ying dissipation from the Kui.

"Is surprisingly you unexpectedly fix fairy emperor!"The cloud innocent gentleman felt deeply about a , however action have no of stagnation,

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