Nervous wednesday 

December 28 [Wed], 2005, 16:32
On wendsday I went to belitz. That day's teacher was kerry. He is australian.
And Ms kanako was second time lesson in Montreal. So she was little nervous.
At the first Kerry spoke little first for us. So we asked him speaking more slowly.
He is a good teacher, strict at grammer & sensitive about pronounciation.
But sometime he spoke little first & move next step too first.
I think studying should be moved slowly as well as we can catch & understand.
It's no mean for us that more quick studying and less effect.
In basical level we should go slowly.
B:seafood Rice 1
L:simmered fish 1 vegitables 2 egg prin 1
D:rice 1 baked fish 1 simmered whale 1
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touchy tuesday 

December 27 [Tue], 2005, 16:27
On tuesday I was running about 45min because of my work.
However I know it's only explanation.
That day was make-up-lesson in Level3. Teacher is George.
He spoke sllowly comparing the week before the last week.
Howeve there is his value in loudy word & and funny communication.
I hope he can speak separatively for beginers and not beginers.
I've forgotten.
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all directions monday 

December 26 [Mon], 2005, 16:19
On monday I went to my medical examination. It take 2:30 hours.
That was the first time that examined my stomachs by a supersonic wave and X-ray.
It was very hard for me that move with lieing down on the bed.
In working Today is start day, that is very busy myself.
I've forgotten.
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lazy Sunday 

December 25 [Sun], 2005, 15:34
On sunday I got up at 10:30 & I watch TV to 14:00.
That day was dull day. I went to sports gym and swam 800m. I want to be able to swim in more relax.
After swimming, I slept for 3hour. It's nice time!! I went & slept in osaka-city
Because of my yearly a medical examination.
I've forgotten.
・crawl 350 @ 25min
・breast stroke 350 @ 15m
・others 100
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Sweety satarday 

December 24 [Sat], 2005, 15:14
On satarday I went to belize in tennouji. Today's teacher is Jane.
She is cheerful. That day is the last lesson for 'KOUICHI'.
That's too bad for me. However there is new commer.
I don't know well about her. She isn't good at english but has a blight.
I'm looking forward to know what she is.
Today is chrismas eve, thanks to staff in belize tennouji.
Merry chrismas!!
I've forgotten.
I went to sport's gym. & I played squash & trained cirkit three times
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Cold Friday 

December 23 [Fri], 2005, 11:58
On Friday I went to the national museum of western arts in ueno
& Tokyou metropolitan park museum in sirogane.
the former have a balance 'still life, senario and others'.
this display western arts in historical and many claude monet.
However I found charmed one picture, that name is 'Mater Dolorosa'.
Artist is carlo dolci. It have a contrast by dark & blight and
misterias blue. It's a most big fruit in this visiting.

The later is good scene and big garden and good modernism.
It's fine. I eat lunch at restaulant in museum. that's good.

But I can't remenber detail by that one picture.

snowing thursday 

December 22 [Thu], 2005, 11:40
On thursday, This was snowing day. All of Japan include nagoya, niigata,
sikoku, and kyusyu were snowing. However Osaka and Tokyo were not
snowing so match. So I could go to Tokyo by plane. Ofcorse that wether
effected our flight, but not so terrible. At least I live in osaka.
After PC replacement, I went meeting about our section & told to our HR boss.

After working I went to drink with friend in tokyo. We open to bottle of wine.
One is sparkling 'POMERY' Shanpaneu one,
another is red 'BARBARESCO' Italian One. that's good time.

cold wednesday 

December 21 [Wed], 2005, 10:48
On Wednesday I went to Belize english lesson. The lesson was chap.7.
Teacher is Olivia. She is cute lady. I couldn't continue concentration
about lesson. When I tell something in english, I couldn't make english

B:meet & vegita
L:Rice bawl with law fishes 1 miso soup 1 steamed egg prin 'TYAWAN-MUSHI'
D:Rice 2 griled beef meat 1 boiled blocory 1
Push-ups 30
sit-ups 60
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supprising tuesday 

December 20 [Tue], 2005, 10:14
On Tuesday, I went to BLZ for Make up(Level3). I was afraid to be Level unmatch.
But it didn't need to worry.
The class level is good. I could catch 80% of all lesson in first time.
I could do the rest in second time.
Trainer was 'William'. He is an american, I think he is good teacher.
He speak slowly as student speed. He didn't cram the Eng.skills.
Especialy he has a some technics for contenuing student concentration
and making student understanding to be more deep.

・Question is slow and reflection
・Make a student asking to the other
・He has a thema(Yesterday is 'unlucky number')

It was great!! It's like a his stage.

I thank to the staffs, especially 'miura' & 'tsuji'.
Their service is able me to concentrait on only Eng.

B:Baked Noodle 'YAKI-UDON'
L:Fish 1 simmered veg. 1 harumaki
D:rice 1 ODEN 1 simmered yellowtail & Japanese radish
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December 19 [Mon], 2005, 9:40
On monday I Worked untill 10PM. So I didn't have enough free time.
I only read a book & watch two program on TV.
One is NHK about 'TOKYO - DAIKUSYU', it means bombing to TOKYO in WW2.
It was very sad story. However I didn't understand why the timing we saw TV.
another is 'AKASHIYA-DENSIDAY'. The master is 'SAMMA'. He is one of most
favorite & famous commedian in JAPAN.
B:Rice ball with meet
L:Meet ball 1 Deep fried chikin 1 pork miso soup with vegitable
D:a rice bowl with Beef & pork 1 'SUKIYAKI'. <= it's too match!!!
push-up 30
sit-up 60
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