See ya guys... 

2006年08月02日(水) 21時57分

Adding to Ayano's Diary.......

Hey guys, how r u feeling now....
Vanessa, Ashley, Sofie and Mike... do you remember me and us?

As things passed too quickly, I've not put them in order yet,
suddenly you've gone to your country... suddenly, actually....
I've not felt empty, but I'm feeling how big your being were for me...

Time flies...

How did you guys felt in this long jerney?
Please tell about that

But before that let me tell somethin' I felt through being with you

If you had not come into my life, I'd have never felt things so fantastic.
So I really wanna say thank you.

I went to Amanohashidate with Bane-chan, Liz, and Aki-chan
for the first time although I've been in Kyoto more than two years.

If you hadn't been here, I would not have been to Gion wearing Yukata.
You enabled me to spend many things which I had not challenged but wanted in my heart.

I might have resigned many of those things. You saved me in that mean.

Ayano and me decided to join the Internship Program this summer.
and you guys also have to restart things in your own country again, as you know.
We have to be far from each other, from now on...

But we can believe u guys are having really fun, challenging and fruitful time.
So we can do our best one another, I hope you guys are safe and having fun.

This is my favorite phrase

"Friend in need is the friend indeed."

We never forget you and this special memoris, so hope you luck and fun...

See you☆ 

2006年07月28日(金) 21時44分

Our friend, Mike, has left Japan and gone back to America this afternoon.

I feel really sad.

I'm writing this diary, thinking of the time when we were together and having fun.

We really had a wonderful time with him and all the other international students.

We did a lot of things together.

I never forget you and the time we spent togeher.

I'm sure you're gonna be fine and working hard in your country.

So I'm gonna work hard as well

I hope I can visit you someday

I'm looking forward to seeing you when you come back to Japan next time

You're gonna be a good teacher

Anyway, hope you have a safe trip to your country.

Good News 

2006年07月07日(金) 2時15分

I hadn't renew the blog for more than 1 month....

Sorry about that..

Now we've got good news Guess what

Yusuke is going to take part in the Internship program

He applied for a Internship program and he was selected

He will talk about it in detail later

Anyway, Congradulation I'm very happy as he is

Then, what am I doing?

I haven't done anything especially...

But I have what I wanna do now

I wanna spend my time with international students as much as possible, because they will go back to their countries soon...

So sad...

I hope they have a good time for the rest of the days in Japan.

Also, I wanna have a good time with them and make good memories.

Tomorrow, we'll have a BBQ party.

I'm gonna have a good time with them. I'm gonna take photos so I hope I can show you some later

June 1st 

2006年06月01日(木) 2時32分

Time flies...

Look at the calendar, it's June 1st today

Time passes without notice. Don't you think?

It's been 2 months since the first semester started.

Half of the lectures & lessons of the semester have already finished

I guess I already skipped more than 5 classes although Yusuke didn't any

I'll never skipped the classes not to waste money that my parents pay for me.

We had many problems and concerns each other, but now we're thinking of many things more positively, I believe.

How hard life is, I wanna be smiling all the time, thinking of the future

Not to regret having wasted time, I 'll always do what I wanna do or should do

Tako-yaki PartyA 

2006年05月21日(日) 4時00分
We also ate so many foods other than tako-yaki such as potatoes(chips),
fried chikens , soba(Japanese traditional noodle, not Udon), and two cakes
One of them was the cake Ayano made for me, and the other Bane-chan bought for us Thank you so much Bane-chanand Ayano Both of them were delicious

After eating, Michael and Aki-chan washed dishes for us Thank you

Now Kacchan is sleeping in my room, and Ayano is also at living room,
and Hiromasa has gone to his room to sleep, there's no room for me …

We enjoyed very much today, I hope they enjoyed our party as well
I want to invite some more friends someday...

Tako-yaki Party@ 

2006年05月21日(日) 2時59分

Today, we held a party at home

We invited some foreigner friends we met at the Welcome Party held at University
and to be glad, 4 friends, Bane-chan, Aki-chan, Amber, Michael
came to my house We(Hiromasa and me) invited Katsuhiroand Ayano
so there were 8 people in our living room So many isn't it

When waiting for Amber, we were playing famous card game called "Asshole"
In Japan, it is called with the name of "Daifugo", which is also famous in Japan
and I was so surprised to find there're so many differences between Japanese rule and American rule Learning and Understanding cultural differences is very fun

They taught me interesting but difficult card game, and Aki-chan became the
champion, so we had to call her Queen , even after the game

After playing card game, we started to make tako-yaki
At first we couldn't make it well, but gradually it got getteing well


What a wonderful day!! 

2006年05月12日(金) 0時22分
We had lovely days yesterday and today

Yesterday, we had a party at "izakaya".

There were 13 friends of The Warwick members

One of our members is going to go abroad soon so we held a party for him

And also there was a friend who reached his 22nd birthday on May 8 so we made a surprize which was that we brought cakes for these two friends.

That was fun And they seemed to be very happy

We enjoyed very much last night

Today, I had a day-off.

My parents were in Kyoto for my dad's busines so we went to eat out for dinner.

I've told my mum about Yusuke so she asked me a lot about him....

She wanted to have a look at photos of him but I didn't have them then so I could
n't show her.

Next time I meet her, I'll show her the photos

Now I'm at my friend(she is also one of the Warwick members)'s house with Yusuke.

We are having good time though he is sleeping on her lovely sofa...

Anyway ,we really had good days with the Warwick members yesterday and today

We are all fantastic friends


2006年05月11日(木) 1時25分

Hi How are you

I've just started to write this page for the first time.

This is so cool So excited

Here are Yusuke and me(Ayano), and we're gonna write an article in turn on this lovely blog.

Besides, we're gonna write a diary in English

Isn't it very good !?!?

THis is for improving our English skills and having fun.

We hope that evryone can enjoy this blog


2006年05月08日(月) 1時21分

We start to write this page from now in English

We'll write about our daily lives as much as possible.

So please look forward to our funny articles here on this page
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