Remove air bubbles in the glass

May 21 [Tue], 2013, 18:19
It is through the artifact has some shortcomings, the glass contains a large number of fine gas Ma Ma although does not affect the use, but seriously affect the appearance. (& ^ ^ the load in gt; in fact completely colorless, truly transparent glass products, at any time in the 17 century is not exist. Early glass products have partial color and bubbles are common phenomena. Even the modern glass products, is not absolutely free of bubble, but very few inconspicuous. For used to see through the transparent modern glass, the material is still a little rough. So the next step is to remove the bubble work again. Remove air bubbles in the glass industry, the term is "clarification",Women's Jordan Shoes, remember people vaguely, clarification is to join the clarifier. But no one knows what specific clarifying agent. In addition, remember mixing technique is removal of bubbles, two may be used in combination. People remember vaguely, arsenic appears to be a clarifying agent. This highly toxic drugs are very hard to come at any time. Fortunately, before Guo Yi according to Department of agriculture requirements, have Guangzhou city of arsenic to purchase an empty Wu Nanhai intended to use it to for seed soaking. The so-called white arsenic to clarify, molten glass and arsenic, arsenic into glass liquid when, due to high temperature and generate steam,Nike Jordan 13 Shoes, the steam is the existence of a large bubble in the glass paste, will gradually absorb scattered in the surrounding small bubble bubble in mixing glass paste, will eventually small bubbles. This method is indeed feasible, is adding arsenic glass liquid burning,Oakley Sunglasses Active Cheap, sublimated into vapor process toxic pollution of awesome. Glass research group took several masks and respirators was the first test. Liquid glass after glass melting, workers who first threw some crushed saltpetre to go inside > decolorization. And then begin to keep the glass paste mixing, pot with a lid, stir bar can only be carried out through the hole, the cover is very laborious, soon tired of people sweating. Each stirring for an hour, put some arsenic in and continue to stir. Clear glass is finally obtained, but the consumption of raw materials is so suddenly tongue spent almost a whole kilogram of arsenic. Kg of arsenic, the whole Guangzhou city pharmacies arsenic did not come nor five or six kg. According to the efficiency of mass production, they also need to set up an arsenic industry to support the glass industry. However, this approach is not economical. Group to give advice and suggestions after group also some people proposed the past from novels seems a clarification: Blister upright forced boiling method. The steel for vesicular wood forced into the molten glass. Bring it to a boil away the bubble. The so-called bubble wood is good than arsenic. Shop Bo shore bubble rotten wood very much. She went to. Steel poke brutally to the glass liquid down. Then the situation according to the presence of said like fireworks. Red glass liquid suddenly fly open. Sprayed everywhere. Thanks to the site were clad in steel workers to asbestos protective clothing. Or to someone in the hospital. Suggest it was you criticize half an hour of course he is very grievance ground this is not he >
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