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May 18 [Sat], 2013, 16:09
The 172nd chapter mines patrol spring returns to the good earth., the recovery of all things, the new grass green, green. The weather in February, although a slight wind blowing, a chill, but sun exposure on the human body, warm. The roaring sound on his ear, smoke billowing, just listen to the sound operation of the machine, accompanied by a burst of crackling Qiming, so loud. Here is the distance a town thirty-six kilometers south of a desolate mountain area, except for some small coal mines and the surrounding areas to run transport vehicles, could not see what people. Around the mountain, cold wind blowing, some cold. In the large open area, number of visible excavator and the rig is operating, they are a piece of open-air iron ore area surrounding will dig up the iron ore loading into the drive to where the car, then shipped to the mining area, the reciprocating continuous. At this time, a Grand Cherokee, a king of the wind, and a couple of Mitsubishi, or other types of off-road vehicles in a fleet to sail this piece of iron ore mining area stopped, let those who are the workers who are curious to see, do not know which leader here to inspect. Naturally, a sunlight down the Grand Cherokee the handsome youth, it is Xu Linyuan. Then the king of the wind the son also along with the car,Air Jordan 9 UK Sale, and other car a few middle-aged or young were out of the car, will protect Xu Linyuan came to the mining area. These people, it is some labor contractor, they have no ability to mines and mining rights, all with a group of people, and some mechanical vehicle designed to undertake some mining transportation business, earn a fee and the cost of equipment leasing from. This part person is few atoll circle of friends among the more reliable, know too much, so it is also at ease, they bring the personnel, vehicles and equipment costs, the son also to keep everyone happy. In addition to these small foreman brought personnel and machinery, the son ordered a number of mechanical equipment, also recruited a group of people to be responsible for the operation, so that the iron ore soon started running again. The iron ore mining has been carried out for three or four days, all very smoothly, and the first batch of after processing the screening and processing of iron ore has the testing data and results,Women's Nike Jordan, tracing and debugging operation of mine engineering pontoon bridge group offer after they stay technician, also no failures and run any the problem. Xu Linyuan is in the engine factory affairs to deal with, after the daily operation management and production test by Wang Ni and Cheng Zhengshen, this just and son went to a town, has been investigated under the iron ore mining. The international iron and steel import and export situation has not been very stable,Coach Handbags Sale, coupled with the iron and steel industry losses have continued, so that iron ore prices have been fluctuating constantly, even in slow down. But after the mineral company began mining operation in the mine, but also can be received from some iron and steel processing enterprises in the iron ore business orders, although the amount is not large, but at least it is a start to the year. But several ore source original mineral company agent since the mining side of the mine gradually mature, mine >
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