My school life 

January 07 [Thu], 2010, 15:35

Last term, rmt-qa our school held a singing and dancing contest. rmt-news Each class had to prepare a

song and some news-rmt students would also dance or give us a performance with their relatives, but I’

ve joined in the chorus only.At the first time, we sang a song called “If you are happy”, I think almost

everyone knows the song well. It’s just like a children’s song. rmt777 Our class won the first prize that

time. Many classes chose children’s songs like the popular Korean song “Dachangjin” this time, but our

teacher, Miss Yuan, is always very wise. r--m--t She chose the kind of songs that other classes didn’t sing.

It’s known as “Molihua”, a folk song. All of us didn’t agree with Miss Yuan when we heard we were going

to sing such a song. However, we had to accept the fact. We practiced again and again, at lunchtime,

after class or even in class. At the very beginning, we couldn’t help laughing as we sang it because it was

so strange. The girls were asked to sing the song in our dialect and wear T-shirt and skirt. The boys were

lucky, but they also had to wear T-shirt and trousers in cold winter. When it was our turn tossing on the

stage, we trembled so much that we didn’t know whether it was because we were cold or nervous. In

spite of this, our show was a great success. Again, our class came first. It’s the second time and also the

last time for us to sing songs together on the stage in junior middle school. All of us have done a good job.

The contest makes us a happy and satisfied school life.

My class,arcadiasaga-rmt For most people, they only have one family,c9-rmt but for my 49 classmates,

and me we have a second family,dragonball-rmt that is our class, a big and warm family.I can still remember

when I first get into the class when I first met my classmates. It is just like yesterday. During the two

years, we 50 students have become a family. We care about each other, and think of others first. We

studies together, and help each other. We have the same object: to make our class better. I remember

that when we were in grade 1, we were good in neither study nor other things. But now because of

everyone’s hard working, we have become better.Once, I saw a saying in the magazine, it is: if you think

you can, you can! Now in our class, it has become: we think we can, rmt we can. I think we’ll make our

class’s outlook rmt brighter!

My dream home , ffxiv-rmt Someone said that Ideal life is the ideal of the life. rmt-cc I think my

dream home is not very large, but it must be very beautiful. There are at least two gardens. One is at

front and the other is at back. There arte many flowers inmy gardens. rmt-go Then when I'm near my

home, I can smell aroma from my flowers. there are many kinds of fruit trees, so i can eat fruits all the

year. In my home, there is a big sitting room.There are many sweet snacks on the coffee table. I can

share the snacks with my friends, and I can watch TV and eat sweet snacks at the same time. All my

rooms mst be tidy and beautiful. rmt Don't you think my dream is very good? It's my dream home, rmt

but I think my dream life will become true soon.

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