2006年07月18日(火) 2時01分
so my goals for this summer are

to wake up early!!!! become an early bird

yesterday i woke up at 3 pm! i dont wanna spend my summer like thisss
i actually wanna do something. ya know? make use of this tiimeeee

and yeah i wanna read lots of books! educate myself!

i was thinking of working but i dont think ill be able to do that cuz im a jukensei and all...

i also wanna meet new people. branch out. get to know the outside world.
become internationalized. YEAH.

god my english sucks like heelllllllll. its all togireteru. but oh well. thats how i am lol

my first entry 

2006年07月18日(火) 1時54分
hi everyone. i dont know if anyone reads this but i will introduce myself.

right now i am a senior at a high school in tokyo.
i used to live in California for about 6 years.
i love music and dance. i wouldnt be able to live without them.
i hate being ordinary and going by old rules.
i think i am sometimes nihilistic.
i am not religious.
and so on. there r things i cant explain about myself with words.
i think u'll just have to meet me and get to know me in person. lol yep.

i decided to make my own blog cause i thought itd be nice to see how i will change and i can write anything i want! haha a way to relieve my stress!
and its a good way to improve my english since i dont use it much here.

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