my new life? 

2007年12月13日(木) 4時38分
yep! my new life.....
is it like this ?
like the life im in?


im really not satisfied with it at all!!!!!!


yes i am, sometimes...

but u know i didnt expect that it was gonna b like this to live in Eastbourne....


i just wanna say that!!!!!!!!

i have no clue of what i should do.
i cant make a decision now coz i really cant choose the best way.....

anyway,,,im going back to Japan!
cant wait!!!!!!
only 5 days left!!!!!! i cant believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

long time 

2007年12月01日(土) 3時34分
long time no see~

hey! does anybody know what i should do?!?!?!?
ive got a shitty problem with my MSN account.....
my friends in my list receive weird URL from my account, which i have NO idea about............
its NOT sent by me for sure!!!!!

my friend told me that its because of a virus!!!!!!

was so stupid and opened the URL which was sent by my friend!!!!!

about 2 weeks left till i go back to Japan~
good good!!!

but the thing is that i still have 2 assignments to hand in by when i leave.
ill manage it anyway.

kind of upset..... 

2007年11月13日(火) 5時49分
ive been in England for over 1 year and have done a 3 months language course and a foundation course (to prepare for Uni).

to be honest, i believe that i have improved a lot with my English since i left Japan.
i know that its not as good as native speakers do, but im getting more confident at least in daily conversations.
i mean if i compare to myself one year ago, its much better. but im not saying that my English is good enough to talk to English people without troubles.
what i wanna say it that i just started to be confident in speaking in English.

but its just a misunderstanding, i just realised it.

how disappointing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!

i feel even miserable when i say "ive been in England for 1 year."

happy? happy! 

2007年11月05日(月) 7時47分
because i got the draft of the assignment ive been working on done right now!
actually it wasnt difficult that much, if i compare it to ones i have done in IFY.
what i need to do is only to produce a brochure and a poster.
the former is due to this Wed and the other one is for the week after next.

and the point is that ive done only a draft, in other words i still need to make a brochure using Pages which is a sofeware on Mac PCs.

as my laptop is Windows i got to do it at Uni. annoying isnt it!
i dont even know how to use it, oh well i never worked well using Mac PCs.
my BF's laptop is Mac and i have used a bit before when i needed, BUT!! its quite different to mine i mean Windows computer. i just found it complicated...

anyway, im doing it tmr morning until lectures start.
hope i wont get get much trouble with it....

let me talk about Halloween!!
i went to Flavar which is a bar and kinda disco at the night with my flatmates! we got there like 10 or something and were waiting for Carmen who was supposed to come and join us in Flavar.
at last she didnt show up though.... thats why we got to Atlantis which is where we really wanted to go and dance in at 23:30.
it was too late!! we missed the chance to get in!!!!!!! oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!
how unlucky!!!!!!!!!! there were too many people who were in the queue to get in.
what's even worse is that the entrance fee is free until 23:30, i suppose thats why so many people tried to be on time and it caused the situation.
we didnt really mind paying at the moment, but the security guys said to everybody there "just go back!! sorry but we cant let u guys in tonite coz of too many people!!!! "

we were like "what?!?! we cant?!?!?!"


so after that we went back to Flavar and started dancing.
it sounds awful doesnt it?!?!
but actually not!!! we really had lots of fun there.
i know, what ive written above doesnt show i was happy with that.
but sorry i just cant be bothered to write all of what happened.

so just want u think we enjoyed after the unpredicted incident.

the bar shuts at 2? 1? i dont really remember though,,
Korean guys asked me to join the after party that they were gonna have at home.
i was a bit scared to be honest, one of them is a lovely girl who takes Spanish lesson in the same class though. maybe its because i didnt really know about her before the home party.

in her house we had a couple of drinks and played Korean game which is called "stupid game" i never played before so u can guess how many of a punishment i had...
loads and loads, i think!!
the drink for the punishment was horrible !! just disgusting !!! was a mixture of red wine and beer.

went back to each houses around 4?? mayb~

lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats why i cant stop going out. nobody can!!
but i should do less~~~~ for money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >< seriously!!!!!!!!!!

muscle pains.... 

2007年10月26日(金) 4時02分
muscle pains.......
actually i didnt this term until i got this sort of pain with my legs because of the exercise we did last night...

that shows that i havent done any exercise since i came. like for over 1 year.

i used to play vollyball almost everyday when i was is high school, as a member of a vollyball club.
i cant say it was a good fun, but was quite important moment for me.
ive learnt a looooooot and a loooooooooooot!!!
i wouldnd be like me if i didnt join the club, u know what i mean?
i mean the team made me stronger and changed me to a kind of person who knows hard time, how to be patient, how to challenge an aim with mates and so on.

its really hard to say what ive learnt.

but hope u got what i meant.

my friend is having a B-Party for herself and her friend in Brighton.
didnt u miss the word "BRIGHTON"??
no, seriously!!
i dont have that much money to go and stay in a hotel over night in Brighton although i have my room in Eastbourne which is 30 mins away from Brighton by train.
but anyway, she invited me :-)
so i should goooooo......
hope its gonna be soooooooooooo great night!!!!!!


2007年10月24日(水) 3時03分
yea, im gonna have a Spanish lesson tmr.
its soooooooooo complicated and quite different from English.
coz i expected that Spanish would be easy to learn, am getting a bit bored.
i just found it interesting when i was studying it yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!
as time goes on, we learn more, yea?
at the same time, something i couldnt understand got a bit clearer.
anyway its just very beginning.
languages are always not easy, no i should say its difficult!!!!!!!! and tough to reach high aims in the area.
i heard that "languages are living"....
yea its true isnt it?
if u think about Japanese and compare to the past, maybe 10 years ago.
u probably didnt use what u say in ur nomal life now.
like vogue terms, u even didnt know 10 years ago, i suppose.

it might be boring for u to read, sorry if so.

i really need to find a parttime job!!!!!!!!!!!!
the reason is that ive been spending lots of money since i came.
all the money is my parents, well,,, its the point.
u know what i feel. obviously its one of important things i should do in the UK, which is hanging out with my mates.
otherwise i would die with these boring Uni things.
the most important point i think is to make nice friends!!!!!!!!!!
and having nice time with them, right?
so i feel like studying.
dont u think so?
at least for me, it is.
its a kind of balance, i think.
if u wanna go out u need money but u can have a good time and build relationships with ur mates.
if u just go out like every nights, then u will just lose ur money. yea of course u can have great times, but i dont think its what i should do.
u know what i mean?????
getting confused though. haha

so!! what i wanna emphasise is that u should thank to ur parents all the time and should never forget why u are here in the UK.
after that, u can have a lot of funs with ur friends, being careful with ur money~~~~~ haha

im off!!
c u tmr.


2007年10月23日(火) 5時07分
i havent written anything on my blog for ages~~~~~
so just wanna write sth in English~~~
i dont know why, oh maybe ive been checking my friend's diaries wirtten in English.

anyway!! its my new blog!!!!!!!!
started right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dont b lazy~~~~haha

when i got here in Eastbourne i was just missing everything in Japan....
was less confident in being in a new environment than when i started IFY course in Guildford.

but now im getting used to the Uni life.
ive got many nice friends and they always make me happy and less worried about anything.
like hanging out things are very important, for sure i think.
cos u know u can know more about them and be in the same atmosphere~~~

just just i dont know what im talking about,
mayb u found me weird to write these stuff.

cos i dont know what exactly im gonna say,,,, its kinda messy~~~~
doesnt matter tho.

ill finish for now.
c ya tmr, yea?
who im talking to~~~??? haha
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