Conditioner to do well with a good skin care hair remover work

March 15 [Fri], 2013, 10:50

The attention to detail of the woman is really beautiful, a lot of people just focus on the surface of the work, often forgotten many fatal dead ends. Today stylist the Lu election Ming, the Kerastase Northern District Training Manager Zhuang Xu and share with the scalp also need to "make-up remover, let all your scalp problem solved.

A scalp problem of the origin of

Lu Xuan-ming: head confusion bodily functions

It is someone complaining about their dandruff hair love oil, even taste some poor, these problems are most likely to appear in the body of a female friend. The root of the problem is not just because of work pressure, seasonal, including where environmental impact. The most direct cause scalp problems, suffering from functional chaos, endocrine disorders, which leads to dandruff problems headed.

Many people have questions, Is the bodily functions chaos, only scalp problems what? Fact not suffering from functional chaos, the overall skin will be a problem, but first apparent problem is the scalp, because the scalp is also part of the skin, blocked by hair will accelerate the manifestation of the problem. When your scalp problems, you have to pay extra attention, we must first body nursed back to health, and deep cleanses the scalp, so the problem under control, if you do not make the appropriate "rectify" the next problem is that you facial skin.

Zhuang Xu: head problems caused many bad habits acquired related

Scalp problem is divided into two kinds of congenital and acquired. Many people hair is naturally sensitive, dry out oil ...... the scalp, problems can be basically reference facial skin problems. Background caused many cases, bad habits, such as staying up late, excessive alcohol and tobacco; frequent hair dye, and modeling related to chemical stimulation; the stage scalp problems generated by the seasonal change; side effects as well as drug use brought .
Second, how to deep clean the scalp

Zhuang Xu: Select a professional head oil care products like facial select Cleansing Oil

Is critical for personal scalp and seasonal cleaning products I recommend that everyone should always carry 2 cleaning products, respectively, for the scalp and hair problems. Once every 2-3 days cleaning the head of the consumer, it is recommended that washed twice each cleaning head deep cleaning effect.

The same time, the daily To develop good routines and eating habits, focusing on clean and care steps dye nutritional supplement before dye hair core, dye care products to remove chemical residue and odor reducing chemicals stimulation of the scalp.

Daily styling products do not stay overnight, oil products can be used in the cleaning before the massage, deep cleansing effect as cleansing oil reached. Of course, the choice of oil products to be cautious, scalp thinner than facial skin and oil glands, sweat glands are more developed, relatively more sensitive to oil care products, be sure to choose
Editing something to say: How to correct her hair

The first step is to deep cleaning shampoo normal shampoo is the need to to clean twice scalp, if you only clean it again that you have to correct.

First pass cleaning: remove the small amount of shampoo, the his hands Qingrou foam circle in the top of the head clean hair roots and scalp, decomposition scalp secretions and rinse with warm water, there will be a sense of tension in the water temperature is too high after washing hair. The second pass Clean: Remove the right amount of shampoo, his hands gently massage the foam, do deep cleaning on the scalp, this time you will find that the hair on the bubble will be very rich, homeopathic clean hair scalp clean hair only need again that can. The next step in the smear of hair care products, do not to touch the scalp (specify the scalp use of products except) stay for about 90 seconds, rinse with warm water 8-9 into clean after shampooing the hair with a hair dryer blowing dry, so that the scalp was not because of the moisture for a long time been "soaked" becoming more and more sensitive.

Scalp skin how day-to-day protection

Lu election Ming: learn to scalp a SPA

Everyone in daily life will give yourself facial skin, even body skin, apply skin care products that you ignore the scalp, do not forget the scalp is also skin sub-part of the normal care also needs. Now there are a lot of professional theaters the scalp SPA products, scalp hair clean after smear scalp skin full of moisture, while slowing down the rate of aging of the scalp, relieve scalp problems at the same time, contribute to healthy hair growth.

Get a good hair and scalp care must not be taken lightly, and if your metabolism is slower, scalp exfoliating product can not be less Oh. The only way you smear the scalp nourishment products to absorb better.

Zhuang Xu: hair dry or drying is a key issue

First need to choose the professional hair care products, and pay attention to the frequency of cleaning and care. After cleaning, choose suitable scalp care products, such as the essence or disposable spray

In addition, after cleaning must be promptly hair, scalp not a long time to keep a wet state, but should keep cool, otherwise it will cause all kinds of scalp problems, such as allergies, fungal infections.