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May 17 [Sat], 2014, 14:48
Electronic coupon is a coupon in electronic form. In a variety of electronic media (including Internet, MMS, micro-wepull-bashing, SMS, QR codes, pictures, cards, etc) the production, dissemination and use of promotional vouchers. For example: get a discount at the lower right, QR codes and pictures released by integration of electronic coupons, which e-discount vouchers, e-vouchers as the main form. E-voucher is different from ordinary paper coupons features, mainly production and dissemination costs low, spreading effect can be precisely quantified.
Currently existing electronic discount coupons can be divided into SMS downloads search download and Internet search and the Terminal printed on paper and bound four bank cards in order to download most convenient SMS search.
Also, by using one of the new tools and channels of information transmission of micro-wepull technology-bashing (micro-contains references to Web content in real time-bashing-bashing (catching) the mobile terminals, and real time transmission to the two main features), used to implement e-coupons, used simple, speedy transport. Is now a relatively new application model.
Special forms of electronic vouchers as coupons, merchants must meet normal coupons issued laws.
Coupon (or promotional coupons)-denominated form is divided into two. (1) discount coupons, generally refers to the consumer (or purchase) occurs when the consumers (buyers) to expose a proof of discount coupons for merchants based on the list price of, as provided by discount coupon card discount pricing. 20 percent discount 20% discount is based on the list price. (2) vouchers, promotional coupon cards generally refers to contain a certain face value. For example 100 Yuan voucher, refers to consumption (or purchase) using the coupon card, you can apply 100 Yuan in cash.
Whether electronic or not, coupons are intended to assist merchants in certain short period for consumers (or buyers) in the form of rebate promotions. Merchant coupons, you must pay attention to the following two points.
(A) profit sharing must be moderate, so as to achieve the objective of increasing sales. That means profit margins need to be large enough to attract consumers, but also not overly discounted and hurt overall sales profits. If the added profits from profit (that is, new customers profit) than in the old customers lost profit, sales overall profits will fall. Such concessions, for merchants wouldn't let, but cut his pound of flesh. The so-called rebate, should be on the unit quantity of goods or services offered, but gross profit should at least not diminished.
(B) the rebate must be short-term. Businesses must give consumers that there are clear expectations. Otherwise, if consumer promotions, prices, profit from the short into a permanent benefit. Businesses think about in the future level of price increase back to the original question, because consumers have been put off by the price as a well-deserved. In this way, businesses operating became not no pins. Cannot sustain normal sales, and must rely on promotions to complete sales of permanent status.
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