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October 17 [Fri], 2014, 10:46
Different brands have different size patterns!  How this is happening in women clothing?  There is size standardization but the sizes differ by territory.  An English size won’t be a fitting size for an Asian.  Mainly due to the physical characteristic changes.  Different brands will have different sizes on a particular number size.  For example size 40 of a cloth will vary on its fitting when tried with a different brand.


When planning for a shopping either online or offline it is imperative to know your size.  If you don’t know your size then start measuring your size before you think about a shopping.  If you know your size things would be easier for you to do the shopping.  So is the case of searching for a women clothing.   Keep ready your measurement and memorize it.

women clothing measurements

Select the top with simple tips!

How do you measure for women clothing?  When you are planning to buy a top, take measurement of your bust.  Remember to take the measurement over the tip of the nipple area to get an exact measurement of your chest.  The size measurement will be between 30 inches to 44 inches.  After this take the measurement of the natural waist.   The smallest portion of your waist is the natural waist otherwise known as midsection.  It will be never the hips!


You are done for women clothing top shopping.    With the numbers in your hand you can check through the size chart provide in the show room or online store.    Things would be easy for you to do the shopping as there will be enough combination that matches with your natural waist measurement and bust measurements.   Against the combination a number will be provided and this number is your size number.  Thereafter, whenever you want to do a shopping you can refer to this size number if you select the women clothing from the same brand.   In some brands, there will be general size such as small, medium, large and extra large.  Even though, check through the size measurement what you are having and find out your measurements falls in to what category.  The thumb rule while buying a readymade dress is that, never buy a tight size.  Always do shopping with a loose size.  That may help you, incase if you would like to do some alterations. Here are  50's dresses sample that you can try to access it and select custom option,you can try to measure your body!

1950s vintage style missy floral dress

Buying pants made easy for you!

Again with the help of personal measurements in your hand, you can do a perfect pants shopping.   Now you have the natural waist measurement in your hand.  Next, take the full size of your hip. How do you find the measuring point of your hip?  Try seven inches below of your natural waist.  This position will give you the exact location of your hip.  Take the measurement from the natural waist to the leg side of your body.  Then take the measurement of the in seam from the crotch to the bottom of the leg.   The inseam length will help you to find out the perfect fit women clothing – pants.  For a confident online shopping that matches with your measurement please visit ReoRia.
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