2007年04月06日(金) 20時29分
it was a heart ripping experience, but i said bye to my bf

it was hard


2007年04月05日(木) 0時10分
I went up to Yokohama today to see my old friend from high school, and we chilled at TGI for like 6 hours. Yup, the waitresses were kinda annoying but i didnt give a shit.

We talked, talked, talked and talked.
I had fun.

in 2 weeks im seeing another friend, shes my bestest friend from high.

I cant wait

tough days 

2007年04月02日(月) 22時58分
im alive though.
only 30 weeks.
ill be okay.


2006年09月25日(月) 9時19分
baby had PT today so I woke him up at 0615.
He ran 2 miles in 10 min. Pretty good huh!

He came online when I came to work. We talked a bit and he went to work.

I'm visiting him again today. I CANT WAIT

Today he's gonna cook dinner for us (and maybe for Zack too. He's always there haha like ALWAYS) and clean. I'll just go there, relax, and take a hot bath with him! I LOVE IT

bestest weekend 

2006年09月24日(日) 1時06分
ive been visiting him everyday.
and he's been cooking for us every every everyday.
today he cleaned his room, and cooked.
His friend visited us and he taught me how to play their favorite game.
well im not a big fan of it, but i can have fun with the boys!

well, I said "babe, do you need help?" when he was cleaning and cooking and he was like "baby, just relax" nice bf huh

we have no worries anymore, no arguments, we care about each other lots, and we love each other.

Im still budgeding his money.
he has lots left this month haha pretty easy for me!
we are gonna save up money and go to Hawaii to get married.

we dont need kids yet cuz they are gonna be a pain in the ass while we are working our ass off. hopefully in 5-6 years.

I got a bike on base today.
I will post a pic later!
it's a nice one. It was like 189.00 dollars. I had to buy the lock and the light too. He lent me his backpack for my pc.
I will stop going to work by car from next week. damn I loved it, but yeah that's the way it is. Im not suposed to go there by car cuz IM FUCKING NEW (seriously, what the fuck is that reason? 10 minutes by car is 1 hour by train and working. Isnt it just retarded as fuck?)

well im off to bed now. it's pretty late and we are gonna chill tomorrow I CANT WAIT!!!!!


2006年09月10日(日) 15時55分
I think I'm really traumatized
I have nightmare everyday.
last night, I was with my baby, I woke up and realized I was kicking the bed. He was like "What's wrong baby?" and he help me from behind.
He doesn't do it often but last night, he held me all night.


2006年09月08日(金) 11時50分
well, SHIT happened, fuuuuuuuuuuck

but we decided to work this out together.

something good will happen soon.

Mai-chan, I lost your URL... let me know!!


2006年08月27日(日) 3時22分
nastiest fight ever on 25th over a pic bag
trust issue
depression started
about to kill myself

life sucks


2006年08月19日(土) 14時18分
just posting this not to forget

I think this is just one more reason for you to believe that he loves you. He chose you over his friend, and I know that's a heart-wrenching choice.

You should definitely encourage him to try the corman route and hope that they approve his request.


2006年08月12日(土) 1時30分
too many things happened and I don't even wanna write all.

My bf gave me a GREAT present: he took 5 day leave for me. I stayed with him the WHOLE week. We did lots. We went to the pool and stuff.

*racial discrimination happened to me
*hung out with his coworker cuz she needed to go to the embassy (she's such a cool girl! I like her lots)
*hung out with Rocky again, he's nice
*Mike came to the base for school, but didn't hang out
*he lost his ATM card
*I ate Tacobell mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
*played racket ball and it was so much fun!!
*got upset 1 hour before the time I had to leave today
*got the WORST phone call EVER from him..........................................

But yeah, we decided to stay together even though we have to go through lots of shit from now. I love him.
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