Silverstone suddenly thought

April 09 [Tue], 2013, 13:09
Fortunately, this time it is night, Silverstone turn a blind eye when the stars outside the day as usual, he was enveloped by the power of the stars of the day outside as the showers moisturize the meridians of Silverstone, so again tearing and healing between tough! Of course, after the fire, the origin of the grown up, Silverstone Original the meridians completely with the Longmai into one, forming a meridians, meridians top throughout the crimson! Just like a dragon! Knows how long, the Silverstone's all meridians are grown up finished May at the origin of the fire will be hidden meridians into the connection with the meridians in the pubic region when suddenly a the Silverstone space within mysterious fluctuations ... Heaven??? "Silverstone Dayton scared, he clearly immense feeling out, this time to the study and understanding of the Heaven fluctuations out with their daily great! The origin of the fire touched fluctuations immediately hear the call of the mother, never disregard other rushed straight into the Silverstone space within that faster speed than the previous very much! "Does it hurt ..." Silverstone perceiving hot all the way up, only one thought. "Bad, there is a" the origin of the fire to the fire at the Buddha, Silverstone suddenly thought, they do not shell it there are a million demon world spiritual fire? With the origin of the fire at this time, not able to this spiritual fire ignite? Before the split, Silverstone quickly spiritual fire moved to the origin of the fire, "Teng" look, the whole spirit of the fire is lit, showing an extremely pure red! Red and pure, almost transparent, and is so glamorous, that we should be able to generally delightful soul! "Good,Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses!" To see Silverstone spiritual fire lit, joyful hearts, the Spirit of fire back into the body far from warm and nourish Note 向那 the origin of the fire! Since then, he got endless benefits from the origin of the fire is already extremely meet, but, intuitively speaking, Silverstone feeling This is the origin of the fire and did not consume much, even, there is no excessive consumption of similar the! Since not consumed, the origin of the fire Silverstone how to bid farewell to it? Into space on it? A bad small yellow!!! My Lingcao! I Lingshi!! "Silverstone suddenly is thought that the origin of the fire so burning, as long as the one into the space, not to be turned into everything naught? "This may be how to do?" are all in the space of Silverstone's baby! Silverstone big hurry! Quickly to mind immersed within the space you want to first set aside within the small yellow since space! Everything is late, Silverstone mind when entering the space, the origin of the fire at the same time along with that fluctuations not into space! "Oh!" Silverstone sigh, prepared for the disaster of the space, "rumbling" Sure enough, are shaking up the entire space, a kind of the mountains shake the earth shaking, Silverstone's mind is invisible, can also swing endless! Then, I saw the dark collapse, from a small something gradually amplification, but it is also moving toward the space height, speed, a desire, a delight, a stable atmosphere filled the entire space! That dark little zoom fast fingertips Silverstone's mind will be flooded, and then proceeded to fill the entire space! At this point, the kind of atmosphere of joy disappears, another wild, burning, loudly, the pursuit of rampant will wreak havoc in the entire space to "This is fire! True origin of the fire!" Xiao gold thread in the Chinese blood absorbed by the origin of the fire, his mind is submerged in the origin of the fire, and extremely easy to perceive the true meaning of the thorn! All previous quench bone, condensed matter and red spiritual fire, just the appearance of the fire's origin, there is not the essence of the origin of the fire. The origin of the fire have become the origin, but the fire to give birth to the initial, which contains the will of fire, the fire of the spirit of the origin of the fire! It is the part of the Heaven, this is the most valuable part of the origin of the fire. If Silverstone had the benefits of previously discarded, the origin of the fire, it can be absolutely picked sesame lost Ling grass! Heaven to be the origin of the fire itself implied in the space of infinite zoom the Heaven Star fluctuations strengthening Heaven has turned into the origin of the fire will suck on among the stars, and space Heaven mutual Fusion! "Rumble" is shaking up the entire space, sudden fire, the whole sky lit! Silverstone's mind in space, he can even sense the burning Star in Heaven! His mind is like ants, and the rise of hope in the endless huge volcano! Although this volcano is far from hope to conquer, but ... That volcano is deeply engraved into the mind of the ants! Silverstone's mind also burning, burning painlessly, burning very joyous ... I do not know how long, Silverstone's mind suddenly woke up, it seems that Nirvana rebirth, and seems to be just woke up. that stretches the entire sky, the fire has long gone, the space above the Heaven Star is shining a lot,Nike Air Structure Triax 91, many previously obscure place, now there is an obvious running track between the stars also clear up, Silverstone and even a kind of own The feeling of the stars! "... The greater good!" Silverstone at this time is unspeakable joy! He has to understand some of the reasons. Origin Heaven is inherent in the origin of the fire, with Heaven Star Fusion, and the origin of the fire absorb the gold thread Silverstone blood Silverstone ideas or other things into Heaven, than Silverstone previously The only mind immersed Heaven practice stronger the pole. Of course, this just is Silverstone own understand As for whether it is true, his own, how can speak out? "Niangqin ......" Xiao Huang's voice sounded. Silverstone wake up at once, immediately is overjoyed, smiled and said: "Are you all right,Jordan Melo M8 UK? Small yellow!" "Of course, I would be all right, Niangqin you in. Why? Take me out to play it?" Xiao Huang asked. "Oh, you just do not feel any different?" "Ah, just came Niangqin, the earth began to shake, and then the day also burned up, and then ...... Niangqin asleep!," Niangqin sleep how long? "moment ......" Xiao Huang answered finished, Silverstone is the music, Ay, how small yellow may know how? "Walking, go out with Niangqin!" Silverstone said, laughing. "Creak to" small silver seems to have also listened to understand just said holding paws to stay next to the small yellow, and suddenly he went to a small yellow back! And so the Silverstone's mind out of the space, in front of all occurred changes. Previously his whole body lingering flame has been completely occult into the meridians of the body of a prairie fire the miscellaneous and still in operation, cultivation has reached the mid Lianqi 18 layer Moreover, the Dongling drugs Park messy irascible The world of Reiki has to calm down, kind of hot temperatures is disappear!
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