especially the developed countries make

May 21 [Tue], 2013, 16:29
Approaching Spring Festival, the annual taste has become increasingly concentrated. When the Chinese traditional festival is coming, the whole world of Chinese China Joe prepares to celebrate the Chinese traditional festival and cheerful busy. Drive in such an atmosphere, as well as the development and rise of China in recent years, those foreigners all over the world, also started on this holiday, paid attention to, especially businessmen, emerge in an endless stream of various marketing means, makes the whole world had a thick atmosphere of the spring festival. But in this thick atmosphere, a shocked the world,Nike Air Jordan 8 UK Sale, especially the developed countries make some surprising news, since China swept out, the sensation of the world. This day,Air Jordan Flight The Power UK, sunny, cloudless blue sky, breeze one or two. In the Chinese capital city hall square in front of the national flag, all over the sky, the ball, the crowd surging, but from all over the world famous multinational are flocking media focused on here, made a very grand grand buildings. But this time, in the national assembly hall, representative and more domestic and foreign aircraft manufacturing enterprises,Air Jordan New School, and the media were sitting in the front row. Xu Linyuan, Bonnard, Beaudoin giants such as level character also sit in the front row, staring at the table of those leaders. Can say, in all the people's attention, see the leaders of Brazil, China's leaders, and the leaders of the three party on the Canadian common standing in front of the venue in a huge hall, three separate out a hand, put a crystal ball above as large as a basketball in a foot, as if to start the ceremony to launch. At this time, all the flash media immediately madly blinking up, almost the entire venue mapping become Aurora world. In these from the world of the media, and the representatives of the witness, the crystal ball suddenly lit up a ray of light, the three leaders at each other to see one eye, have a tacit agreement to jointly push the crystal ball. After the press in a crystal ball, see the above immediately shine a splendid lighting effects, lifelike, followed in the foil under the shadow, will see a big sign slowly from top to down down, with a shock like effect, to show in front of people. And the presence of the media have see this sign, although is very confused, but this sign, they have never seen, but this is like a dream to assemble a hand and a white dove, below it, and identifies three flag, as well as the 'CFBUCS' such an eye-catching logo. Pa! Pa! Pa! And when this eye-catching logo with a dreamy effect show in front of people, there was an enthusiastic applause. Then, after the three party leaders are down, just to see a Chinese representative as the speaker walked slowly on the next to the podium, he bowed to the venue, began to talk about China these years in air transport, as well as the development of aviation manufacturing industry, as well as Canada and Brazil between countries in the field of aviation career development, as well as the breakthrough progress made in this respect of cooperation of Three Kingdoms. But reporters hear these speeches, >
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